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About me. And stuff.

Eh, stuff.

And thanks to Noctu for drawing the avatar.

Anything else, just ask me.

And the obligatory meaningless quotes section…

TechSmurf: B is what they’re referring to when they say “stay in school, kids”.

Rensworth: James Murphy, I Love You But You’re Breaking My Heart.

Valkyrie: Kongregate is my prozac.

jeremy007: Hugmonster, are you the love child of Bdog and qwertyrobot?

“Dear Adam Yauch I hope you’re doing well, I know a lot has happened and you’ve been through hell…” -Unknown. (RIP, MCA.)

worish: I think I said this before, but I’ll say it again, I think scribbles is the sole reason I get good marks for no spelling mistakes and a good vocabulary in English.

“…Pretty soon, it got to the idea that knowing your product and knowing the technology was more important than gray hair…” -Nolan Bushnell

knio: I used to be a Bdog but then I took a modem to the internet.

lucidobscurity: i saw codpiece. why did i see codpiece?
Bdog2509: Because, penis.
lucidobscurity: for once, b is relevant when saying the word he always says
lucidobscurity: i don’t want to live in a world where b is relevant

“97% of kongregate users want to become moderators…The other 3% know what’s better for them.” -KillerOfTheGods

“You have been silenced for 60 minutes.
Reason: User requested. Because kong is like hypnotoad and will never give you up, never gonna let you down. "

Stev0: Trt, I’mma let you finish but bdog had one of the best original penis milking jokes of all time.

kaosfury: BD, the fact you are asking for a big bird costume makes me not want to know.

“The video game industry needs to take a lesson from the bottled water industry and worry more about branding and prestige than “lost sales”. Every glass of tap water is a “lost sale” for a bottled water company, but you don’t see them slamming the DCMA on municipal water systems, eh?" -Simon Ludgate

Anonymous friend: "And now, a reading from the Book of Memes, Chapter 22, beginning at the third verse:
…and the Lord did sayeth unto the people:
‘zomg wtfbbq? I is teh god, and I is teh only god, eat it up, bitches.’ "

“In any poll where meh is a choice, the answer is always meh.” -A friend of Darxzero

PwnBl0ck: I will not be sucking anything in your presence ;(

AnorexicShadow: See, this is why I like you so much. I can chew on your testicle nonsexually, and more than once.

knio: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you fowe. never gonna tounf around and desert upu@

Bdog2509: You would jerk me off with your knee? O_o
AnorexicShadow: ^
AnorexicShadow: LOL no
Bdog2509: Best timing ever.

Tola: Bdog’s business slogan: Stay awhile and listen! And buy crap!

hotbabehemp: Before you came along anorexic i was hungry. now im FED UP!
DoubleTragus: weak
Bdog2509: You’re amazingly clever.
AnorexicShadow: Oh aren’t you about as sharp as a ball?
hotbabehemp: Balls aren’t sharp.

worish: There was a dog of B, who said he’d marry me maybe? I bought him a ring, he said it was a silly little thing, So I turned him into a zombie

“An important and scientific collection of anything, cannot be formed unless the collector is intensely interested in the subject and willing to devote much time to the study of all matters close to the line he has selected.” -William Woodin

Anonymous: On Dateline: To Catch A Predator, when they ask why they’re carrying condoms to meet an underage girl… They should just answer ‘I wear a rubber at all times it’s a necessity’.

Devillocks: bdog was in scribbles hall / he seemed to do nothing at all / but he replied to a post / and he made it the most / by adding his penis of lawl

“man you know your food..”-JesseMH8

worish: Newtons 6th law, if it exists, B will rape it

“Why be normal? And what is normal? I don’t know what it means.” – Domino Harvey

Rensworth: Aw. I put it in the microwave for too long and it went hard. Now I can’t fold it and I’m getting mess everywhere.

KanadianBaycon: …Good morning, Scribbles. That was quite a frightening thing to walk in on. “TechSmurf: I’d never trust Bdog with anything I didn’t want soaked in semen.”

Darxzero: How long until they realise the best way for them to milk more money is “Call of Guitar Hero: Modern Music”?

Guy to Knio: “Mountan : your a moderator you made the game GUNBOT

Deeauty: I swear, Bdog. I wanna lick yo’ miiind.

AnorexicShadow: Bdog, corrupting the penis of multi-lolz and smacking people on the head with it like a mace or a scepter. He is good hearted, and animal sex makes him tick like a time bomb. Oh bdog, I have to know which animal you prefer.

Everlovely: deep fried soul?! do want

AnorexicShadow: Bdog, humping last night’s turkey to make tomorrow night’s stuffing, the best family pet around. If I eat this please make sure the gravy isn’t white.

Darxzero: I’m not a mod! That’s a lopsided N, with a line attached.

Rensworth: i see you driving / round town with a girl i love / and i’m like haiku

ThomasMarik: Jesus christ, my pubes.

AnorexicShadow: Bdog, flying by the seat of his pants as he bounces up and down on a cloud of chipped ice. Sing, o bdog of the rain, sing of heart wrenching pornography and how it was lost. Sing, o bdog of the Llama, sing of the lost opportunities to fap.

Razzi3l: Played with in episode 23 when the qwaser of gold performs a Bare Breast Blade Block.

Equips: “Bdog is in the lead. With his tongue, fork technique he eats the spam as fast as possible to avoid growth of it in the gardens of Kong.”

ThomasMarik: Urbandictionary: Mute Spree: For you, it’s 5 people. For Bdog, it’s 2500.

greg: How do you load this site?!

Kyru: cough
Kyru: I think I might be coming down with swine flu.
Kyru’s Girlfriend: So you’ll be bacon?

Rensworth: Note to self: fall asleep around bdog for molestation happy fun time.

AnorexicShadow: I got an e-mail from my old pre-school .-.
Bdog2509: ‘Join now! Only 5.99 a month trial!’ crap mail?
AnorexicShadow: No
Memorystick: “how are you doing? remember us?”
AnorexicShadow: T
Bdog2509: ‘Viagra, 5$ a pill!’ crap mail?
AnorexicShadow: er ^*
AnorexicShadow: …NO
AnorexicShadow: god damn it /b/
AnorexicShadow: that carat was at Mem, but you just made my pre-school sound like preverts

Darxzero: …
Darxzero: …
Darxzero: …
Darxzero: I ellipsis in your general direction.

Worish: Wanna play Barbie?

AnorexicShadow: hi guys
Worish: Err…I can explain, well no I can’t.

restlessfox: I was raised on pepsi and mario. (RIP)

TechSmurf: I’m a sexy woman, I’m a butch woman. Hell, for the right price, I’m a dolphin.

Stev0: Not very long though
Bdog2509: Much like my penis.
Munchlax: I heard it tastes better in Australia
Munchlax: Thanks for saying that before I finished

worish: That was one huge complaint people had, you couldn’t make a sexy girl character
knio: Download a mod.
Rensworth: downloads knio as per his request

Rensworth: Oh, man. I just imagined robots about to have sex, but the male can’t get an erection. So the girl says his penis is offline.
Rensworth: I blame you for these thoughts.

Igfig: ‘I find it kind of ironic that when I first created Obok Meatgod, I set out with the intention of making a name for myself with the most evil dwarf ever. Now I’m terrified that I’ll always be remembered as the guy who used DF to rape a little girl.’

Rensworth: So, Whackoff marathon, huh?
Rensworth: Um.
Rensworth: That actually was the wrong chat.

notthatJack: anybody ever tell you your mouth is made for cock-sucking?

Anonymous: you’re English is so impeccable, especially seeing you’re an American. You deserve to be worshipped.

“We live, we die, we replenish the earth. You have to accept this as an inevitable fact.” -CSI

worish: B, I’ve a serious problem, I should be reading my book, I have to read my book for school, I like the book I’m reading, yet whenever I go to read it I keep thinking about how much fletching experience I could have earned in that time
worish: I blame you for this

Followed by..

knio: Oh taboo! I cut my Philadelphian finger on the Flying Spaghetti Monster piece of toilet paper paper! Now, my flipping taco is falling off, and it hurts like George Bush’s second cousin, twice removed.


PwnBlock: Rensworth: I also have an eclectic porn taste!
Rensworth: I fancy a bit of 10,000 fists.
Rensworth: That was probably NOT the best thing to say after what Pwn said.


Rensworth: Due to her new music video, I will henceforth refer to Katy Perry as Creamy Tits. That is all.

stayoutsuperlate: “stop talking about jizz when i am trying to teach you” is a sentence i thought i’d never think

Rensworth: So curiosity got the better of me and there actually is a bunch of movies called Black Tranny Whackers 1, 2, 3, etc.

“I was too shy, though… Yeees, quiet. I just took the blows, said nothing. But it hurt deep down, yeees… Scarred me, like a keen knife carving gracefully through the flesh of one’s pallid forearm…” -Moric, Mardek Chap. 2

Sariana: I gotta be at work at 7
TechSmurf: Any meaning you follow in life is that which you chose to follow. Submitting to the ideals and goals the world thrusts upon you is boring and unoriginal.
TechSmurf: Basically what I’m getting at is that you should blow work off and talk to us.
Bdog2509: You should talk to work and blow us.
TechSmurf: Just don’t do both at the same time or they’ll be all like “Sarah! Sarah! I don’t know what you said, it sounded like ‘omghblobblemorshblagmmph’!”
TechSmurf: And yes, I did sound that out as I typed it.

Rensworth: Linktoprogram
Bdog2509: Size?
Rensworth: 9 inches, and I think you’re a little too forward.

Iron_Wofle: And YOU are going to die in a fire after you write down your will, stating I shall have your console collection after you die.

“I feel that staying Catholic as a woman would have been more than a little like staying in the KKK as an African-American.” -PureDoxyk

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