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27 November 2012 - Frat officially became more awesome. -------------------------------------------------- Bens_Dream: PM is /w USERNAMEHERE Bens_Dream: so /w bens_dream YOU MY FRIEND ARE A ****RON Johanna_T: YOU MY FRIEND ARE A ****RON (reply) Johanna_T: oh ok, tried it vote4cheese1: haha Sir_Fratley: YOU MY FRIEND ARE A ****RON (reply) -------------------------------------------------- moses78: whenever i go poop, but don't end up having anything come out, i feel like such a girl for having just sat down to pee moses78: :( -------------------------------------------------- devilgurr666: NO Bens_Dream: YUS devilgurr666: NOOOOOOO Bens_Dream: YUSSSSSS devilgurr666: nope Bens_Dream: nooooooooooooooo.com/ Bens_Dream: YUSSSSS devilgurr666: no.jpg Bens_Dream: Yep.avi devilgurr666: no.png Bens_Dream: yep.wmv devilgurr666: no.gif Bens_Dream: yep.mp4 devilgurr666: no.exe Bens_Dream: Yep.dmg blahblahblub: no.docx Bens_Dream: Yep.tar.gz devilgurr666: lol Bens_Dream: I will win this. devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: yep devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: yep devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: yep devilgurr666: now in spanish.. no Bens_Dream: Oui devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: ouais devilgurr666: NEIN Bens_Dream: Iie devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: Ouep devilgurr666: now in black people.. nah Bens_Dream: Yarr devilgurr666: no Bens_Dream: Mhm devilgurr666: nuhuh Bens_Dream: OOH YEAHHHH devilgurr666: I"LL MURDER YOUR FAMILY i mean.. no -------------------------------------------------- asmodous: Why the hell do you keep jizzing on chat Ben? Bens_Dream: Hnng is my way of expressing emotion Sir_Fratley:Expressing emotion all over the chat -------------------------------------------------- Sir_Fratley: Cuiled, you've never been banned or silenced Sir_Fratley: Here's your complimentary cake Bens_Dream: 45 silences, 1 ban here Sir_Fratley: You can't see, but I'm trying to push it into my USB port to send it to you Bens_Dream: Please tell me we're talking about the cake, still Sir_Fratley: Things are not going in my favour Sir_Fratley: Uh.. Yeah, sure. The cake. Cuiledhwen: what sort of cake? Sir_Fratley: Urinal Sir_Fratley: It's got icing on it Sir_Fratley: It looks like icing, at any rate. It could be mold -------------------------------------------------- Sir_Fratley: Loooooving you Sir_Fratley: Is easy 'cause you-... Sir_Fratley: 'cause you've got a bubbly personality and stuff -------------------------------------------------- asmodous: I* love* your* mother* (reply) -------------------------------------------------- Sir_Fratley: I* love* asmos* mother* (reply) -------------------------------------------------- Aetheraenn: Owls are so creepy. Aetheraenn: The barn owl looks like it has a face only an expensive kitten, that became expensive, because it got punched in the face, can have. -------------------------------------------------- asmodous: I* love* you* (reply) (It's mutual) -------------------------------------------------- REDEMPTION PRAISE THE LORD HE SHALL SALVAGE US BAPTISE THE DUCKS --------------------------------------------------

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