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Latest Activity: Played Bloons Tower Defense (May 26, 2022 3:45pm)

Points needed for next level: 259 Level

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    somewhere where a computer is..........
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    Mar. 23, 2008
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TOWER DEFENSE GAMES RULE!!!!!!! ive finaly broken 2000 points!!!! WOOT! it has happened. btd3 is off the top 3, and sonny and gemcraft are not battling for 1st any more. it is.... the APOCOLYPS!!! not gonna be on much now cause im joining the swim team! -18 1i 18 1i,5i 4g ol bd 1av 99,sm 8q sl c4,so aa r4 a9,te ah rd ah,tj ak re ap,t0 ar r6 ao,r4 al qn aj,rl ai so ai,sq ai q8 ac ru ac pd a0 s4 a1,s4 a1 pc 9u,pb 9u s7 a5,ne 9d ot b5,pe ba nt 9p,pn 9g ng ar,nc an pa a7,pb a8 ob b2,mr 9s od a2,mu 9v o9 aa,mn ab oe al,np af om ac,nj 9o ps b7,pr at o5 9o,nu 9l pv aj o7 9u,o5 9n pb b2,p8 b1 o0 a3,p4 9u qc aq,pv ah m4 a8,4v 5 2g -1a,44 -12 3c d,17 1m 5j 4g,1at 9a 1dp 8s,1i1 8g 1ft b8,1fp bh 1cp bh 19e d6 17v f9,194 a5 14l e1,-u 3e -1e 2i -20 1l -2g r -2j 2 -20 -m -19 -u,-u -34 -1q -2u -21 -2a -1d -2o -25 -2q -2j -20 -2o -13 -2l -6 -2b o -1r 1j -15 27 -g 2m 5 33,180 fa g8 16o -7g 1e8,14s do ec 14s -8o 1aq -8e 1bo,-7q 1aq -76 1be,-6s 1a6 -5u 1bo,-5u 1ei -84 1ei,3o aa 50 bi,-8e 1be -7g 1e8#-42 -2g 18 -1s k -k 3o 1s 50 2q 5k 3e 5u 42,5k -2g 2q -3e,3o 2q 5a -18#T -68 1d0 hard as hell but possible. helecopter must be used, post yr time in mi shouts :) go here and register for this really cool game!!! it helps me out too!!!

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