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Follow me on Kongregate, Neoseeker, YouTube, Facebook and Fanfiction.net! Impossible Badges Earned: 33 ----------------------------------------------- RICH QUOTES FROM CHAT: Fricknmaniac: I probably just hate HoG more for being the first real MMO to get badges. darkxideX: brb for awile BlizzardHedgehog: I hate it BECAUSE its an MMO/PBBG. Kong has seen WAY TOO MANY of those lately. Shalderave: PBBG? Fricknmaniac: Agreed BlizzardHedgehog: Persistent Browser-Based Game. Fricknmaniac: Publicly Bogus Bullshit Games. BlizzardHedgehog: Frick's is better. ----------------------------------------------- bladewing650: I'm missing one...damn...coin. BlizzardHedgehog: blade: I'm quoting that. BlizzardHedgehog: That was gold. bladewing650: So is the damn coin I'm missing. ----------------------------------------------- Katare: Trying to fix this country is like trying to make a house out of piss SuperChick7: Smelly! BlizzardHedgehog: ...I'm quoting that ----------------------------------------------- pheonix_keeper: what did i miss. i was on facebook PyroticTiger: DFO, it's kinda fun. EatinCheez: pheonix, stop playing Farmville. Death7396: Farmville is so boring. dowork88: farmville is so gay it makes tiger woods look loyal to his wives Death7396: Yoville is much better. ----------------------------------------------- arkdestroyer: All i'm doing is trying to form a community on my website, (I don't even put all my members on Admin for your info) and my site has videos and other stuff kong doesn't have PinkE: News tab is very annoying, template is bland and not much to look at, text is all kinds of different colors, it's like a cat with Parkinsons got into paint. arkdestroyer: typical Fiuros: Heh. Nice, Pinks -----------------------------------------------

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Play The Blue Ship - OPEN BETA
The Blue Ship - OPEN BETA

I got Flash CS3 the other day, so I learned how...

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