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If you're reading this you have too much free time. Philosophy: I look at things in terms of opposites and yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other because if it was able to to do that as we could not differentiate between its sides. The change from the opposites is more of a transition for example: Hot and Cold, Hot has to lower the energy to be considered cold. Another thing is the absence of one element destroys the existence of the other. If there was no light there would no be darkness, or if there was nothing strong, there would be nothing weak; therefore there would be a balance that is neutral. greg: I still am a nerd. 1/10/09 R00T: hi bradenzard! brandenzard: u can call me toby. R00T: ok toby TeK94: thats my name you bastard brandenzard: looooooool! TeK94: what brandenzard: i knew root was gonna fall for that. R00T: i always do brandenzard: and i new u were going to say that toby.(toby = TeK94) ================================= Malachi ditched us malfunctioners for hentai! The room is belonging to other people such as squall and Marh, and probaly not malachi. Its ironic because i once saw on his profile that he is the owner or MalFunction, but i don't see an R next to his username! how ironic LOL Het, I have a childhood of great cartoons anything like your user name will trigger back my childhood laz. In an Arguement or dispute the one in the Wrong does the most talking. ------------------------------------------------------------- THE.....MalFunctioners.... (motto) TITS OR GTFO! Chaotic: brandenzard, R00T,Mpchick2424,liltripxox,koloz,Garozerg Destructorz: TeK94, Tehpwnsauce, Murdvac, irey, M4YH3M, Looper,Quickpaw, Other:87minidude Arses : Malachi I play games on wi-fi and brawl but mostly brawl. I have rock band 2 for wii. my favorite games are pokemon and nintendo related games. (people list) I HATE MALACHI LIST: Malachi I'm pretty sure you knew his name was going to appear right?

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