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    Aug. 05, 2010

I love to play Tyrant & Transformice.

I stopped my badge gathering for approximately a month to fully concentrate on Transformice but now I’ve sort of almost semi-retired from that game now because I was sick of losing due to hole lag, cheese lag, level start lag, lag spikes, and a whole bunch of other lagging stuff among a whole lot of other factors that has caused me to stop playing. But now, I’ve got a better computer again, so I play it sometimes, just not a lot.

I IS NEEDZ MOAR BADGEZ!!!!! HRRRNGG!!!! I’m a badge collector. I wan ’dem all no matter wot! Badge…. BADGE….. BAAADGEEEE!!!!! Hurr… :3

Also, I think I have multiple personality disorder or something… I mean I can be highly sensitive, and then switch to overtly pissed off and loud-mouthed, then I go back to being phlegmatic, and then the process repeats. It’s quite troublesome really.

I probably have some form of OCD too. Why else would I want to collect useless digital squares with pictures on them called “badges”? Oh wait, I’ve been doing that since I was a very young kid, when I had to do well in subjects I had absolutely no care for. I see…..

Btw, in-case you were wondering if I am a buffalo or just some person pretending to be a buffalo, I’m definitely a buffalo. You can tell because my avatar shows a picture of me. C: I’m very handsome and speceeyul as you can see, because I have 2 baby wings. Yey. :)

I inherited a beautiful meadow and I live on the tallest hill in the entire meadow, and I like to play Kongregate with my other buffalo friends while eating grass all day long and occasionally graze the meadows. OM-NOM-NOM! Rly oresumz laif. FTW, YOLO!

Mice fascinate me and Transformice helped delude me into believing I’m part mouse that eat cheese all day and never become fat. It’s weird. Sometimes, while eating grass, I think it’s cheese and think I’m a mouse again and then once, while this occurred, I ran into an elephant and I thought I would scare the shit out of it (‘cuz everyone knows elephants are scared of mice, duhr), but it just kicked me and I got hurt. >:"( So now I have a huge grudge against elephants and anything elephant ’cuz it hurtzted my ’wittle fee’wingz. AGUGUGUGUUGU.

Oh yeah, and I use a special keyboard to type and play things ‘cuz I tried to use a human keyboard once, and it kept mashing multiple keys at once, and then once, I tried to kill a mosquito that flew onto my computer screen and broke the glass. So I use this specially built bullet proof screen that’s transparent to play.

One day, I hope buffaloes rule the world. That would be awesumz!

~/ Le Buffalo.

Btw – Dun take the games I’ve rated highly under the “highest rated” section seriously, because I don’t take that much care and consideration when I rate games. I really only do it for points. :p

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