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My Time Machine. My embassy. The corpse of my Hellspawn. It is now all gone? I can take a joke, but you lie too much, she can't just be gone! The wars that were fought! Battles won and lost! Lives made and broken! The Time Machine is my home, and you say she's gone? Turned to dust at the roadside? I cannot believe you. The Time Machine is not dead. The friends made, companies formed, weapons launched, blood spilled and lives defined, can't just be gone. The first day I stumbled through your doors... It was raining, my clothes were soaked. It had materialised before me and invited me within... The marshmallows we cooked over the Time Core... My Time Machine is not dead, not while memories of her live in my heart. The memories swell within and scream at me to think of her alive. My arrival... The Cake War... The Embassy... The Arrival of the Golden Age... All memories fresh in my mind. The memories... Why must you... *The Time Machine lives on in our hearts.* ------------------------------------------------- Pronounce my name as; Button Nine Six Six. I know the following people enough to mention them here; Thetoastking - Undeniably my best friend. I know him irl as well. He's rather insane and will most likely destroy the Time Machine before the end of the Decade. Ninjakangaroo - Panda-Loving insane bloke. He talks to himself and we seem to clash in opinions every now and again. Friendship is difficult to break however. I know this bloke irl too. Lavenderstar - Lavender is a pretty great lass to chat with and a considerably good friend. Tends to rp pretty well, whenever the TM comes down to rping. Moorsy - Not a human. Is in fact a dictionary, encyclopaedia, calculator thing. Inspector Moorsy is awesome. No denying it. AgentLampshade - Probably a god. I'm not too sure. A pretty awesome bloke whom does some stuff. Yeah, he's difficult to explain, but is awesome. Very. Twistedsurgeon - He's a surgeon. Yay. Surge is another awesome bloke who deserves a mention. He's a pretty good ally to have in times of need. Deev64 - Deev is a Deev, I believe. (Shoot me, that rhymed). Deev is a great guy to have around and I've trusted him for a long time. I won't stop now. Maybe later... Kidding. Mody633 - Mody is another great person who deserves a mention. An awesome rper. I'm not too sure of his intentions on stuff yet, though. Quote: "Humans at the top, classified as 'sapient'; creatures; then me. A monster. Seriously, it's embarrassing when pond-life is respected more than you." - Narsabillia, about her species being classified as monsters. "First I’m a traitor and now I’m insignificant. You know you’re really going to hurt my feelings." Lester to Cutter in *Primeval*. "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff." The Doctor about his Timey-Wimey Detector in *Doctor Who* (Episode: *Blink*). "We'll see who'll be laughing when you end up dead on the 200th anniversary of me becoming a hermit!" - Myself in response to laughing about my refusal to risk my life. "Do you take pride in being a massive prick?" - Vicky to the Guide when he states his pessimistic view on the former's survival rate in *Terraria Adventures*. "You do not fear the thing itself, but the pain that the thing could inflict or hide." - Anon. "Any one of these could kill me, THERE IS NO REASON FOR ALL OF THEM TO EXIST!" - Tobuscus/TobyGames upon viewing many monsters in a cave in part *208* of his *Terraria playthrough*. "I'd only kill a man if he killed me first!" - Mardek about the ethnicity of killing people in *MARDEK Chapter 2*. "Made by the English! ... Let's not get our Hopes up." - Salaman to Blackbeard in *Pirates of the Caribbean 4*. Time Capsule Edit: This was added in on the 03/11/2010. Page last edited; 13/01/2013. It's not my fault I get Hyperspace Sickness. It's more of the fault of the Universe for not making an ounce of sense when you stop existing in it.

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