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You think that spitefully trolling, harassing, and putting me down over the internet will effect me. It did. It taught me that I’m better than your horrible, mean, tyrant ways. You’re reading this now thinking “Trying to be tough over the internet, pathetic!” well I got news for you. You’re the really pathetic one, YOU ARE! I’m trying to live my life and my social media second life in peace and harmony. You’re poison. I’m the antidote. I’ll eliminate you by destroying your trolling ways. come at me! I got the flag and report abuse button on your profile. I’ll be waiting, you piece of crap troll.

Think of our debate as in Pokémon. You’re team Galactica. As you’re Cyris using propaganda to change peoples minds and steal their opinions as thought they were pokémon, and by taking that, you gain help and do evil plots with their stolen minds to justify yourself. You’re trying to not only takeover, but create a new mind field in which you are always in the right. It will not work, we have people like Bari and Dawn in our world helping me take down your evil plot of justification for the wrong. Am I not correct? Now, after trying to stop you, you seem to go into insulting force. This convinces me to think that you not only are a tyrant, you’re also a lunatic. Nero, for example. We aren’t rome, we’re now the common eras. Your whole bloodline that is causing the fall apart of society today, and we are now making a stand with this post. By stopping thou ill-breeding Flap Dragon, we can, no, we will make society of the next generations wonderful!
Don’t breed with that (Insert word here).

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