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cdawgs: mooo milk

iowndeath: Hehe..

iowndeath: Moo..

CrystalVampire: I thought…

NeoNinja: heh it has a picture of a cow on it heheh moo

CrystalVampire: Who discovered milk and what was he doing to the cow a the time?

NeoNinja: …. thats awakward to think about o-o

cdawgs: XD (funny aint it)nighteyes59: I’m all. “OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry!!!” / “It’s my fault! I leaned my head into your elbow!” / “No, it’s not, it’s my fault, I’m the one that stuck my elbow up in the air!”

cdawgs: …

Noisebot: You’re right to cry, what is a girl without her nose?

Noisebot: Nothing, that’s what.

cdawgs: lawl

Noisebot: Just a sniveling ball of fears and insecurities.

nighteyes59: Lol, Noise.

tuck552858: im not troll im an artist of the trolling art

masterwriter42: translation: tuck552858: I’m not an alcoholic, I just drink until I can’t see or feel anything
you are super joe the perfect boy to snack on pokemon

run run quick or u will die by the lost screams of your dignity-my new quote

Nien1: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me. So tie me down and shut me up and show me that you like me.

nighteyes59: Do not feed or molest alligators. 500 dollar fine

cdawgs: damn i owe thousands of dollars then

cdawgs: it sad i dont feed them

Lakeviewbeotch66: im dirty Iowndeath: Go take a bath. Lakeviewbeotch66: im not talken about that dirty Iowndeath: I’m not talkin about that kind of bath.

mud and blood 2 notes
all a purple heart means is that u were smart enough to make a plan dumb enough to do it and lucky enough to live:P

wow 6 guys officer 4 spec ops and sarge with bars =absolute ownage on the 4th degree.

nazi fear sarge nazi die from sarge with bar
AAAs have explosive rounds

bar is very strong but short clip
wespe=death to the 4th degree

blitz mean super hard waves(most of the time)

always never quit cause then it makes the game easier and u lose braggin right for going to wave 122

some medals are broken

the pie is a lie no joke-_-

my best score in mud and blood 2
Time:69 mins and 20 seconds
Shots Fired: 20393
Average soldier life time: 50 minutes and 20 seconds
Overall Score:10967

(fav devs)

and last but not least(okay maybe least)

IF IT AINT RANDOM IT AINT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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