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    May. 22, 2009
I enjoy playing video games and guitar. My two favorite bands are AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. My favorite TV show is Hell's Kitchen. Line Rider 2 Code (in progress) -18 1i 18 1i 3p 2v 6h 46 9l 5q,3p 2v 3p 5t,-19 1j -19 4b,18 1j 18 47 3o 5q 6g 7r -70 7t,19 2v 3p 2v,-19 2v -3q 2v -3q 5p -aa 5p,-3q 2v -1a 46,-3q 2v -6v 47 -ab 5o,-6v 47 -6v 7s,-3q 5p -1a 47 1g 47,-1a 47 1 1j 17 46,-3q 5p -3q 7r,17 47 6i 47 6i 7s,-1a 47 -6v 47,3p 5r 9m 5r,-ab 5p -6v 7r -3q 5p,6h 7s 9m 5s,17 48 17 7t,-19 4a -19 7r,3p 5r 3p 7q 6i 5q 7v 6t,3p 7q 17 5q 1 7r,6i 5q 3p 47,3p 5r -3s 5p,1 1k 1 7r,1 47 -19 1i -3q 2v,1 45 17 1i,17 47 3p 30,3p 46 19 30,-19 30 -3q 46,3p 46 17 5q,-3q 47 -1a 5p 0 7r,0 5q -19 7r,1 5p 17 7r,-19 47 1 5q 17 47,-19 5p 1 47,1 46 17 5p,3p 5r 17 7q,3p 5q 6i 47,-19 5p -3r 7r,-1a 7r -3q 5p,-3r 7s -6u 5p -3q 47,-3s 5o -6u 48,-70 5q -8e 6u,-1d -c -e2 5m,17 -c dj 5d,dj 5e 6n bb,-e2 5l -74 b9,-3r bg 3l bg,0 bf 0 h6 -3q bg,-1 h5 3k bg,-74 ba -2g hv,6m ba 2a hr,0 h5 0 k8 1 lj,44 od -47 od,-1 k7 -47 oc,0 k7 43 oc,-2o ns 2c ns 3 lj -2o nr,-48 oc -2p nr,2b ns 42 od,-2h hv -2h j5 -77 o1,29 hs 29 io 6m ni 6m q6,-78 o0 -79 q9 -2r q9,-3 of -3 s3 -3 15f,-2n 15f 2l 15f,-1e -c -1e -57,16 -c 16 -57,2j 15e 2j q6,-2n 15e -2j q9 -2s q9,2i q6 6l q6,-1f -59 -e3 5k,15 -58 di 5a,-1e -55 -1e -e0,15 -57 15 -e2,-7r -k7 6o -k7,-46 -79 -dd -n2,41 -7i c1 -n7,-47 -7a -ir 62,40 -7j hq 56,1q -tp bv -na,-de -n3 -21 -u3,bs -nc c3 -n7,-23 -u4 -23 -1mk,1q -1mq -24 -1mq,-24 -1md -24 -1mq,ho 54 ai c2,-iq 62 -a0 d8,-76 b9 -2i j3,-2i hu -78 nu,6l bb 29 ip,29 ht 6l ni,6p i8 9o m0 9o pv 9o 15e,-73 if -ah mh -ah ps -et ps -et 98,gu pj gu 1g8,-j0 q9 -j0 1g5,gu 1g5 -j0 1g5,6n i7 ai c2,-a0 d7 -73 ic,9m ps d9 ps d9 9f,-ai ps -ai 15d,-79 q7 -2o 15d -3 17v 2i 15f,6m q7 2k 15d,-2 1c7 -iv 1g4,-2 1c7 gu 1g4,gs pi gs 95,-j2 q8 -j2 92,9m 15e d9 pu,-ak 15b -et ps,d9 15e gt 15c,-eg 15c -j1 15c,-ej 15c -j1 q4,da 15f gq pg,-ej 15c -2 1c6 da 15c,gr 95 q9 95,-j3 90 -sf 90 -ai -7c -ku -on -6o -10o -6o -1in,qa 94 9c -7q im -q2 6l -10k 6l -1io,-23 -1mn -7 -1p5 1o -1mq,1o -tq 1o -1mq,6j -1io 6j -1p7,-6p -1io -6p -1p5 -3g -1ti -78 -22i,-6p -1iq -6p -1p2,6i -1p8 3h -1tf,-7 -22i -7 -278,3e -1ti 63 -22k,-7b -22k -6p -1p8,63 -22n 6i -1p6,-44 -278 34 -278 -5 -22i -42 -278##G f3 ou b8,G ea p5 b8,G -gk pk b8,G 3h -1nk a0,G 53 -1ok 9v,G -3v -1nh 1a,G -5f -1on 1a,G -hd pi b8,G -13 -1m3 s4,G r -1m5 s4,G 1e 152 11k,G -1d 150 11o,G -cl a4 ci,G bk a4 l3,G -c1 9d ca,G b3 9k kv,G -45 i2 fm,G 3j i2 ic,G -94 ov e5,G 8m ov jm,G -8b ou e6,G 7t ou jr

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