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Jan. 17, 2013
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    Aug. 20, 2011

With Kong dying , here’s my Discord info:
Username: Charbinger#6684
Server: https://discord.gg/e4Ss26C


3DS Friend Code: 0001-3980-6984

Always looking for PS3 suggestions. The more obscure the better.


Memorable Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stots: Zard is pretty gangsta

Stots: Charmod is being a Charjerk :c

MindSpawn: Everyone takes turns with Char

MindSpawn: He needs the attention

MindSpawn: Just be gentle with him

DEMonFoRLIFE: My Pokemon brings all deh boys to the yard! Damn right, I’ll trade with ya’ll dam right! Just not ma char-i-zard!

MindSpawn: You are the Char!

DarkRainyKnight: They don’t make a lot of Italian TV dinners :/
ridgeyboy: Char… I love your name :P
ridgeyboy: Not sarcastic at all haha!
ridgeyboy: I just farted and the noise woke up my puppy :3

Bran: Also, I caught a Ghastly in my room… Who the **** died?
GreninjaEvolved: Well, at least Sega got thier dick based system right.
GreninjaEvolved: Omg disk*
GreninjaEvolved: I hate my keyboard.
Smokescreem: I’d argue that you’re an oddity for a trailer-dweller for an example
Smokescreem: for some reason I read that as pokemon lapdancer….
Smokescreem: something’s wrong with me
benltolte: I misread Violet Cliffs as Violent Cliffs
APR 2 – 2:56AM
Shiro96: Requesting name change to VIOLENT CLIFFS
Smokescreem: we’re sociopaths irl
Smokescreem: Me and Char
Smokescreem: he’s a American Trailer Lurker and I’m an Indian
Miniyawn: thats why your sober self needs to take care of your stoner one, always have snacks
AODQ: char who?
NDNPride: Charizard! The Legend
MindSpawn: Oh cmon, a convos not a convo without the infamous charizard

MindSpawn: You’re so pathetic you have to trick people into your private chats.

MindSpawn: Are you sure yours has developed enough to be demented?

frankiesmum: Charizard is barely anything. ;)

MindSpawn: i can deal with the creepy, but thats just bad taste
TheBroski1: Charizard95, always in the shadows, always around, yet never showing presence, he stalks his prey, waiting for the peak of twilight to strike.
Roolet: sock money makes a great makeshift weapon

Lt12345: and im just seeing how many haribo i can swallow without chewing.
MindSpawn: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re gonna get to breed with anything char.
HappyAlcoholic: There’s no harm in letting him fantasize, MindSpawn.
MindSpawn: I don’t want him to get his hopes up
Charizard95: like I usually do ;-;
MindSpawn: False hope is bad
frankiesmum: But its so fun to watch the crash and burn…
HellsSerenade: I just sit here and watch. Im like a more perverted NSA but for kong

endofline: I’m stalking you
endofline: And playing a game XD
HellsSerenade: Story of my life right there.
Docter_Ted: is there a doctor in the house?

tacentTsigani: Or…maybe death just doesn’t like you. She swiped left, man.
tacentTsigani: I was dogsitting! =D No drugs needed!

Walrus_Party: ‘Unintentional furries’ ‘I slipped, and fell into this fur suit’

Walrus_Party: Next question: Why do the crabs climb the trees? Probably incest.
Walrus_Party: insects*
Smokescreem: or both
Walrus_Party: Inbred insects are the tastiest.
Smokescreem: redneck crabs **** yeah
Charizard95: insect incest
Smokescreem: And then my punchy friend and my dog can kill the rats for me
Paulverizer11: Don’t worry, I’m not a kiss-ass…you bitch. <3

eb395: have a random charizard95
eb395: hands
eb395: it’s free of disease, cleans up afterself, cooks for itself and sleeps during the night

MindSpawn: Like anyone would be able to have fun with char here anyways
Charizard95: Hmm. Slow night on Kong
lissa93: You
lissa93: Are s;pw
lissa93: Dammit

Im_Sorry: You could go for the easy and the hard, AKA Char. ;)
Charizard95: Hey now, I’m super easy
Charizard95: Wait…that’s wrong
eb395: xD
eb395: puts ad up on craigslist
eb395: “Possibly between 5’1 to 5’9, maybe 110 to 220 in weight. Brown, or possible blonde, maybe black hair. Prefers men in speedos, but a girl in a bikini works too. Text asap if interested.”
Smokescreem: It all started when an inbred hillbilly got internet
emanpdzille: i love furrys :D
Charizard95: How can you not?
Docter_Ted: there’s Char
tacentTsigani: We found him!
HellsSerenade: Had to talk ab out furries.
Charizard95: Also, I always love the convos I enter into in Pride.
HellsSerenade: Thats how you summon him.
Charizard95: lmao
HellsSerenade: I assume your furrosa is a… bad dragon. eye brow wiggle
Smokescreem: still jarring to see char as a mod
Charizard95: Right?
KaiJai: Someone seems a touch … green?
KaiJai: :P
sryenkhan: at least when he becomes annoying when can return him to his pokeball…….
Charizard95: :/
Smokescreem: I’m actually glad he’s a mod, for a number of previously-mentioned reasons
Charizard95: Those aren’t as comfy as you’re lead to believe
sryenkhan: lol
Charizard95: lol Smoke
Smokescreem: But it’s like seeing that one goofy friend get a position of power
Charizard95: All these reasons that I conveniently wasn’t present for
Smokescreem: Don’t worry, they mostly involve things you wouldn’t appreciate.
Charizard95: I’d probably appreciate them about as much as I appreciate you
amberthejewl: Stick a can of beer up it’s butt and put it in the oven for an hour
TheKingOfGay: Wait, why all the weapons?!
TheLinkToThePast: …
Charizard95: …
Charizard95: no reason…
TheLinkToThePast: goddamn it now I’m imagining a Charizard with a whole bunch of weapons and it’s a bit scary.
TheKingOfGay: Suspicious but okay lmao

TheLinkToThePast: Just kinda having a charizard shoot you in the kneecaps
TheLinkToThePast: it’s a glorious mental image
TheKingOfGay: I read that as why are we eating game and I honestly got scared lmfao
TheSpeculator: That.. Can Be Taken A lot Of Ways
terrathepan: anything is squishable if you try hard enough

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