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    Sep. 18, 2009

Nija Kiwi – look at blue wizard games, see how they integrated their applications.

SAS FIX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnDGqI2uawk
38 min 3x boost apoc ice http://prntscr.com/jq73jw 6-3-18
firsttime 53 min in ice apoc 5-28-18
I will 300+ carry these people individually: http://prntscr.com/jkusn7
black key always from boss bounty? everyone gets black key? http://prntscr.com/jkav65 5/20/18
bb in nm public http://prntscr.com/jelue0 5-6-18
earned fist badge ever http://prntscr.com/ja6qm8 4/25/18
bb in nm public http://prntscr.com/j75h2a
VERSUS and he won http://prntscr.com/j5ftio how he get PIERCE JAGD?
my skills as of 4/10/18 http://prntscr.com/j3l7zd

pinottes123: 25fm 25 adren, 25 killing spree, 15 bae, 15 crit, 1 stim, 1 extra somwhere

APR 10 – 5:16PM
FayeAldridge: 25 Adrenaline/KS/CritS, 15~25 BAE accordingly to your equipment, rest in FM or FR depending of your preference for movement or reload speed and 1 on Stimshot

lucy begone https://prnt.sc/j3joms
3rd time geting bb in pm melt but 1st time with hr http://prntscr.com/j15mdw
fuzzy catching up http://prntscr.com/j01fbx
2nd time getting BB from PM no HR out of 2k + games http://prntscr.com/iw0idr

I have: black R4 Guardian Vest. 6 * black medusa vest no augs, 10 * red dfly vest no augs, 10 * red rubicon heat resist, and no aug, 8 * black graphene no augs, 10 * red graphene no augs, 10 * red titan tesla no augs. WHICH VEST WEAR IM 100 ASS

lithe nk
vod build http://prntscr.com/ivz5av
first time rank so high lv 6 http://prntscr.com/iplazq 3/10/18

Paladin999: If you don’t have any health regaining augment or skill, bionsynthesis. If have, get adaptive.

click f12 after you open tab
: go to network and click on the offline button
after you are in sas
go to apply your elite core on your trident
if you cant apply 11th ,then close tab and open new tab and repeat
if you can apply 11th, apply it, then uncheck the offline box and play a single player game to save it

Gillero: http://topper64.co.uk/nk/sas4/ go to armour calculator, and you’ll know what augs you will put, even before you get the gear
FEB 22 – 5:12PM
Gillero: so just refill like 4 million ammo = 80 million cash

FEB 21 – 6:11PM
Gillero: so when you start record, do things in this order
1. open collections, go to assault rifle, choose black and select the trident
2. craft it, it will be added to your inventory
3. go to elite inventory
4. use elute agument core on a weapon
5. select trident
6. click increase number of augmentation slots by 1 (max 4)
7. click apply elite agumentation
yes, it will start with 3, you will use 2 cores to get it to 4
8. do the same with increase grade, do it until you get 12
9. do the enhance weapons base stats by 5%
do it exactly 9 times
when you have done it 9 times it will say: current 45%, next 50%
when it says next 50% DO NOT APPLY MORE CORES
so when its 45%, its safe
then you can go back, clicking close
and equip trident
and select augments
1. main weapon for bossing = deadly overclocked pinpoint capacity 2. main weapon for all around deadly overclocked pinpoint biosynthesis OR deadly overclocked capacity biosynthesis 3. trident for mobbing only deadly overclocked adaptive biosynthesis
mine is 1. deadly overclocked pinpoint capacity, go to private id 123


HIKS 3100 fully cored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuEh4tGw8aU
PIS_DarkBeat: deadly, overclocked, pin, cap/bio ask for scrn shot 11 base core

came up first in nm400 game first time http://prntscr.com/hsqbtq
bb in apoc http://prntscr.com/hlsvcp
fstorer1 is from nk and i will add him if i create account
Elusive as they come http://prntscr.com/h60rbc
Funny Chat NSFW http://prntscr.com/h235az
25 body armour expert (reply)
Gillero: 25 adrenaline 25 fast movement 25 killing spree (reply)
tjallison92: is the new spiderman any good?
To Gillero: i like ur current skill build
To Gillero: is that it?
Gillero: 7 critical hit 1 stim shot (reply)
Who is Shadow Chino hahaha http://prntscr.com/gna36i
100 MADE IT http://prntscr.com/g1qf9n
Andilite: aug in this order: dead, OC, enlarge, pierce, tenacious, race

About My Char
lv 100 http://prntscr.com/g4k666
lv 95 http://prntscr.com/fwwor5
I begun augging armor at lv 77 and went from aug reward 1 to almost 10. At lv 90 I opened my fourth BB and got another glove armor. (black: got glove armor at lv 68, ronson lbm at lv 78, vest at 81, and luft at 87). Opened a nanto at lv 93 and got a core. Opened a bb at lv 96 since I reached limit and got T 102. Opened another bb at lv 97 and (limit) and got hardhthorn. Now i still have 5 bbs but no keys. I haven’t begun augging weps yet, waiting for lv 100. I am already 100 got a key and opened and got ronson flame. Down to 7 bbs now.
First time hearing about DESYNCS http://prntscr.com/fzwd7c


LV 100 http://prntscr.com/g4k5q5

LVL 95 http://prntscr.com/fwwq62

LVL 85>https://prnt.sc/fptwjm

First Respec 8-4-17
25 gme, 25 bae, 17 kill spree, 17 adrenaline, 3 health regen, 10 fast movt, 2 reload, 1 stim

$602,371,224 SAS Cash and 860,721 alloy

$474,452,572…..used $26 mil on prem ammo had over $500 mil
600K alloy
http://prntscr.com/fwwt2p 7/17/17




Guns in my Inventory

Prt Scrn of Weps http://prntscr.com/g4knlz
10 * red sub com 2 with race mod aug
6 *
HIKS S3100 with adapt aug
8 * sub com 2 and pinpoint aug
7 *
red T102 Jagdf no augs
10 * red prop 10 no augs
10 *
black luft no augs
10 * red Ria T40 with deadly aug
10 *
red cm giga with with overclock aug
10 * red thorn with dead and adapt aug
9 *
red hornet with pinpoint and deadly aug
10 * hiks 3100 with pierce and over use dead accord general strax

Wish List

HIKS 3100 dead and adapt
HIKS S300 dead
shoes machine assist
helmet target assist
medusa vest haz
25 bae
25 movt
25 adrenaline

25 crit
25 speed
20 regen
15 bae
1 stim

Don_Diablo: i don’t advice it, but it would make aug easier. It’s just that its totally useless ingame and u have to spend respec points to change the points after ur finished auging. However, it does make u spend much less cash on aug skill

Don_Diablo: but aug rewards take time to get because u run out of stuff to aug
and no u don’t lose aug reward points if u do gun mod expert in fact it makes u achieve aug points with less cash so it makes auging easier to some extent. The point is that u need to keep auging on a regular basis as u need a lot of aug points to level at higher aug reward stages
JUL 12 – 3:47PM
Don_Diablo: but is it worth spending skill points on a skill that does nothing for you in game? I’ve heard of people just hoarding cash, then spending 25 points into the skill and auging like crazy and after that respec their points to useful skills

ADD ON NK: WEEBLLIKESPIE lv 99 assault davidtriune lv 100 assault

To Andilite: u still calculating?
Andilite: yea (reply)
To Andilite: rlly? what are u doin?
Andilite: adding prices (reply)
To Andilite: oh
Andilite: damn, falls a bit short. (reply)
AUG 4 – 7:46PM
Andilite: augging all of ur weps is 266 mil, and u need around 274 mil for lv 15 (reply)
Andilite: so getting, say, another prop or the like would get u there (reply)
Andilite: whelp, gtg (reply)

kent14: well repect get aug skill to 25 1st then gug guns get to lvl 15 or until u run out of money then join my carries in nm (reply)
JUN 13 – 11:13PM
To kent14: i currently have only that black 10 * luftpla no augs and red prop and hard thorn 10 * no augs do that for just that, or should i wait until something better drops at like lv 90 with my current skills and stuff?
JUN 13 – 11:14PM
kent14: not unless u have lvl 15 aug reward u just want to make it to lvl 15 (reply)
To kent14: and what happens if i make it to 15? i get better? or i get all the cores, keys, and what not?
JUN 13 – 11:15PM
kent14: u get those 5 skill points (rep
and 3 cores which is really nice (reply)
To kent14: oh, so i could get it right now? with 350 mil and a million alloys ?
kent14: dont waste your alloy (reply)
kent14: just fine random weapons in boxes and aug then sell them (reply)
To kent14: oh ol
JUN 13 – 11:17PM
To kent14: ohhh so only augging weapnons i can sell them for a higher retail value?
To kent14: no wonder i was like wtf this armor price still the same
kent14: no just want to get aug rewards to lvl 15 (reply)
kent14: it will still sell for 10k (reply)
To kent14: if i do what u say, then am i the only low high level to finish all aug rewards ASAP?
kent14: i am saying waste your pointless cash for great sh*t (reply)
kent14: yeah i had my aug rewards i believe at lvl 60 (reply)
To kent14: oh ok and that great shit would be the bonus skills and the cores
To kent14: and with that shit i can use it on the good guns
kent14: yep (reply)
To kent14: so for now, aug all the crappy guns like ronson lbm and what not and sell them
JUN 13 – 11:21PM
kent14: yep (reply)
To kent14: oh yea, and that black ronson lbm 10 * no augs was my first black wep at lv 78 i havent augged it yet either :P
To kent14: ok i will do just that then and get back to u
To kent14: was it a good idea to aug my armor tho?
kent14: yes (reply)
To kent14: great!
kent14: augging anything helps u get closer the aug skill just makes it 2.5 times faster (reply)
kent14: at lvl 25 ofc (reply)

Alloys and SAS $$ as of 1-12-17 http://prntscr.com/hzrmfd
Cores (collect nvr use) as of 1-12-17 http://prntscr.com/hzrmnm
Elite Inventory 1-12-17 http://prntscr.com/hzrn6b
Elite Inventory 4-22-18 http://prntscr.com/j8rjzu

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