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    In Hello World, getting muted
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    Aug. 07, 2008

Kong Life
The names Ryan. How I got to join Kongregate was purely by luck, however I think that I would have eventually ended up on here one way or another. I joined this website on August 7, 2008 because I was tempted by the Kong Hat that was rewarded to me by Platform Racing 2, so yes, I ended up on this website because of PR2. I start my journey with a game that I will forever hold dear to myself, despite it being almost dead to the point where I’d be happy to see 40 people on at once. Around 1 year after joining, I was hacked by one of my closest friends on this website and quit the website for about 2 years before finally meeting this friend again and he got my account back for me. I never fully gotten back into the website as there were other MMORPGs that captured my attention. I come back here and there to this website to relive the past glorious years however I never fully capture those experiences. It depresses me how Flash games are losing their relevance as compared to other games on Steam or other games like Overwatch or League of Legends. The popularity of Kong has taken a hit since its peak around 2010 and has been steadily declining since. I definitely have been taking long breaks from Kongregate and my activity has been declining but I will come back to this website one way or another.

After 8 goddamn years, on April 28, 2016, I finally got the impossible badge for the first game (that wasn’t PR2) I’ve ever played on this website, Amorphous+.

An ex-mod, who retired to join a life of trolling and injustice
Total Amount of Kongregate Support Warnings/Reports/Butthurt People Who Reported Me: 9

Amount of Perma-ban Threats: 1
(Un)Funny quotes I made/received while chatting:
guitargod211: glad to see no one can answer my question
guitargod211: fking children
chumtin: Can we all ignore guitar god to make him angry?
JoeTheSpy: Sounds good to me.
chumtin: He muted me so he can’t see this xD
JoeTheSpy: Oh that is just evil
JoeTheSpy: I think I like you
Lloyd_Majere: It’s actually funny seeing chum ahead of the chat a bit. Rare, but funny. ________________________________________________________
chumtin: I think stan has an abnormally large penis.
chumtin: Does anyone else think so? :/
SerenitysEnde: I prefer not to think about it Chum.
stanwise: I will not dispute the truth of this statement but I will ask you to keep it pg-13 please chum
chumtin: I was talking to myself
DakuRaita: if you talk to yourself, do it in your head
chumtin: Do what in my head?
chumtin: Myself?
chumtin: That’s weird.
NewOrleans1226: chum I want you to know I really enjoy you being in here
Tek27: facepalm trying to get yourself muted is despicable behavior.
chumtin: Not if you’re chumtin
chumtin: Then, its a hobby
XD4RKL0RDX2: LAUGHS ________________________________________________________
zanvien: let chumtin magicaly shove eggs up ur ass
chumtin: That sounds so weird out of context
chumtin: Like someone that muted me would say “wtf”
Tek27: it sounded weird in context, too.
eli15: its sounds weird IN context
eli15: oh you beat me to it
Tek27: lol
FreeFallHero: I was about to type that but two persons ninajed me.
FreeFallHero: **** you all.
Hate Mail/Mutes
Feel Free To Leave A Hateful Shout On Their Page

1. GamerGirl270: I just muted Chumtin so idk whats going on
2. RabidLightning: Let’s both mute chumtin.
3. FreeFallHero: Muted.
4. Lexi_Boots: muted… phantom and chum….
4.5. Lexi_Boots: desperate children.
5: eli15 has muted you
6. LightclawGaming has muted you.
6.33. LightclawGaming: Madison, I wouldnt talk to chumtin
6.66. LightclawGaming: They are jerkbags.
7: ForlornEndeavor has muted you.
8. Malexo has muted you.
9. SmokinBuddha93 has muted you.
10. Soaponarope1: I muted chum
11. bgranger03: chumtin muted…
11.5. bgranger03 has muted you.
12. Tek27: I’m muting you now, chumtin.
13. AtomicCrown51 has muted you.
14. XD4RKL0RDX2 has muted you.
15. Littledog09 has muted you.
16. DarrinH2: is there anyway to filter the word Chumtin from the chat lol i have him muted but could use not to hear about him, causes so much trouble in this chat (my favorite)
17. Antigaprime has muted you.
18. guitargod211: muted you ****
19. FTLcaptain has muted you.
20. rawahyf: Does chumtin notice I muted him a long time ago? XD
21. lumilucy: i muted him now
22. 13irth: and now you’re blocked
23. bl865ood: I blocked chumtin a while ago
24. DakuRaita has muted you.
25. DarkBlackMomba has muted you.
26. dakotacardoso: I just muted chumtin
27. Quintastico: I’m just gonna mute him
28. Nutmegg has muted you.
29. clnorthway: and this room is going to get blissfully quiet .. muted kiwi.. and now chum
30. Guezt_024234: i muted chumtin a long time ago btw
31. Joaqox has muted you.
32. ArcanineVG has muted you.
33. Rammy07: chumtin has been muted by Rammy07.
34. Too_ManyCats: I muted him.

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