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NicholasA507: And the good Lord gave unto thee, great hair, but the ****ing heathens had to spray that shit ----- KillerCyborg: When you hit yourself with a hammer, you learn to appreciate not hitting yourself with a hammer. ----- gavin85: sadly im probably one of the only people here whos not a virgin so im pretty sure i outrank most of you jcgasparro: humping socks and pillows don't count ----- kingofsniperz: ciurleoc has the fastest hands in the wild west,and the other people have gfs... ----- borinsorin69: my taste in men is short, fat, hairy guys and lots of people think they're ugly but to me... they're irresistible ----- LaborPains: I trip old ladies in the grocery store ciurleoc: Nick likes said old ladies NicholasA507: I enjoy your perspective. ----- jikaxi: As a Jew I can assure you, we are completely fictional ----- AndyR26: Also it is awful that you pay for healthcare in the US. Better to move to South Sudan where there is just a pirate with a sewing machine ----- BiologyMajor: all these webcam girls keep listening to bruno mars and it's nauseating ----- ayaaninatl: being yelled at by my grandma LaborPains: you tell your grandma I will kick her old ass ----- LaborPains: ayy my dad got it christmas gift in the mail early LaborPains: he said it sucks and is stupid NicholasA507: You got him a whore? ----- nySun: I already ruined a mouse playing this game nySun: There was some serious stroking in the begining. Meisitu: Someone say stroking ~*wriggles brows* ----- sirpimpalot69: my first lay was 32 and i was 17 she was fun af NicholasA507: Old enough to stand, she could use a hand D: oh no, why!? ----- PinballMap: Thats a rolecall for y'all anyone worth a ***** Nich for his cut and jibe. clurleoc for whatever the nebulous depths of Hyades meant. As for what, we humans do not know. ----- NicholasA507: Ciurleoc's girlfriend is the square root of negative 100. A solid 10, but also imaginary. ----- NicholasA507: Was a performance, nonetheless. PinballMap: So is betting on which thai chick can squirt a table tennis ball the furthest. ----- Sunfyre: I studied a broad, then she slapped me.

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