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Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055215860

Alt: Deathomatic

Anime Interests:
Naruto Shipudden (gets better later on)
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the shell
Gurren Lagann
(in progress)

Videogame interests:
Rome Total War
EYE: Divine Cybermancy
L4D (1,2)
Half Life 2
Civ 5 Vanilla :[
Payday (1,2)
Witcher 2: Assassin of kings (computer too shit to run)
GTA 4 (ep from lib city)

I spend most of my time on reddit now although i come back to kong occasionally. Post count means jack shit to me, always has. OT has seen better days but its not as shit as most of the regulars make it out to be.

Im trying to think of a basic script for my story, what life in my story is like, who the protagonist is, what will be his obstacle/goal, what will the climax be, how will it end, what perspective should it be in, and if i should really plan all this shit ahead or should i just start at a random point in time in the protagonists life and wing it from there.

Ive also yet to decide who everyone’s name should be so i decided to give them labels in brackets for names until then.

> The story would take place 1000+ years into the future where almost the entire human population is made of cyborgs who live almost entirely in this fantastic reality called cyberspace. Its kind of like the internet only its three dimensional and entire populations live in it. Cyborgs are people who entirely replaced their bodies with machines (like in ghost in the shell) that can enhance the average length of their lives by about 40% (180 years to 250) and allow them easy and nearly unlimited access to cyberspace while still having a body in the real world. The cyberization of their bodies usually funded by a loan from a company they choose to work with for the rest of their lives upon becoming an adult.

> The story would mainly focus on a male protagonist [Male 1] who is a half cyborg, with prosthetic limbs and enhanced organs whos job it is to maintain and protect the physical servers in the real world that help make up cyberspace, with the help of state of the art surveillance equipment. The Protagonist (28 year old male) spends a considerable amount of time in cyberspace (8 hours in one day being the limit of his body and mind without deteriorating) but spends most of the time there watching others socialize in pub game-rooms (public rooms where people play and spectate lighthearted competitive games like racing and sports like American football and soccer).

(to be continued)

> At the same time in the real world he had actually made friends with an almost pure human being [Male 2] whose job it was to move dense digital memory containers from place to place. They had become friends when [Male 2] tried to converse with [Male 1] about their lives and parents which is how we find out that [Male 1]s parents both had jobs in the military which required them to move out of the solar system shortly after the moment they decided to spawn him and the only thing they left behind for him was a copy of their Cyberspace avatars, and a series of video logs of them leaving and also encouraging him to join the military and travel with them except [Male 1] had already subscribed to this contract job and couldn’t go with them until the contract ended with would be about another 60 years and they could be dead by then. He also explained how he always wanted know what it would be like to explore new solar systems with their own virgin planets and their own life forms, and what it would be like to experience that with his parents. [Male 2] being significantly older than [Male 1] decides that he could use his connections with other people to see if he can make that a possibility. In the mean time [Male 2] introduces [Male 1] to his friends in cyberspace which he regularly gambles with.

The story would be about his experience with his new lively friends and his internal debate to either stay on earth and become a full cyborg where he has plenty of friends to have fun with and amazing places to visit and things to do every day, or become a soldier and go out of the solar system to explore and new life and untouched planets with his parents?

Half cyborg and lonely youngster wants to meet his parents in space. Cool guy with cool friends says he can help him do it. But does he want to leave behind his new friends and the amazing cyberspace to do it?

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