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Hi my real name is Michael. I’ve been a Kongregate member since 2010. My birthday is on 09/10. This account is my new account for specific games. (Now to my about me). I’m a Programmer and Game Developer. I’m always here to help so you can just send me a PM and I’ll respond within the hour. I’m on every day and can be found in “AAA”. I play TDP4, TDP5, Contract Wars, and more.
Happy Gaming!


Original TDP4 ID (That I remember): 462628
New TDP4 ID: 12023199
I hold the TDP4 Record for 2v2s.
My purchases in TDP4
My purchases in TDP42
Special Characters that can be used in your name (TDP4):
1) ♋
My matches:
I’m now an attendant on the TDP4 forums – 07/15/2016


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I will not buy you kreds, nor will I handle your private info, so don’t ask.
Don’t feed the trolls. Mute. Report. Move on.
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Found a Multi-Account farmer or hacker in-game on TDP4, PM me your video proof and your ID, what reward you want (cash/coins) and if it’s valid, you will be rewarded!
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