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Gaming since before Nintendo. XD MH quotes I approve of:. . waynetan: it was named, C.N.D. for cold north dominion, then some natives started calling it C eh, N eh, D eh, hence the name Canada---- Danohk: I like pronouncing "psychology" with a "ch" like "choo." failpanda: thats because u r a tool, dan Danohk: Standard, or metric? Yamiro: metric. failpanda: wow clever -----ThirdParty: Also I have a relative who's a racist, so no racist jokes -------Shadow42: I had alison capitalize it for me Danohk: How much did you have to pay her for that? Haskey96: Dan, she paid her in...special favors... Haskey96: She cleaned her fridge-------Danohk: The internet likes fat people. xirmi: The internet is a perverted pedophile. Danohk: That likes fat people. xirmi: And... other things.------tawn: i have pubes in my eyes?------Assassin1504: any one here emo Danohk: I'm emu Danohk: I can choke people with my neck.----DeathCaptainSin: And wives usually are female GormeltheMighty: And communists.------Danohk: Stalin called the bulk of his followers "useful idiots." GormeltheMighty: And then he killed them. GormeltheMighty: What have we learned? Danohk: Don't hire Stalin as a sloganeer? GormeltheMighty: It's alright to kill millions of people if they're not Jewish.---- Stankus: I think I will make food, that I bought with money I earned through the sweat of my brow, then consume it without sharing. It's the American way. Danohk: That makes you greedy, stankus Tadaoraider: Capitalist pig Danohk: Or something. Tadaoraider: I hope you choke on your well deserved feast. Stankus: Actually, it makes me full. Danohk: Don't cloud the issue with facts. Tadaoraider: You're racist. I am sitting here...at work...all hispanic...and hungry...while you eat.-----Danohk: Set something on fire and hold the meat to it.------Ryan002: Indeed Hojar. Why the USSR was like Eden, and the people like Adam and Eve. No clothes, no car, no money, and a stringent belief they were in paradise.------hojar: I now have a sweet potato, a pound of beef, and... peanut butter-----Danohk: Could you imagine trying to poop a synthetic sponge?-----Danohk: /w pincon7 You're not still mad about me dumping you for that hunky twink in Vegas, are you? Danohk: mt---Danohk: Would you characterize yourself as "a depressingly one-dimensional constant downer" ? 1up_: No I wouldn't 1up_: I am fart too inconsistent. I0wrld3r: LOLFART.------Danohk: Need to take syphilis to get a haircut.Danohk: Maybe a good shampooing.tallstar5: I'll take em.----Takumashii: you're kidding, Dan Takumashii: I honestly can't tell.----Shirow: ...i'm frustated Yamiro: i'm lonely Danohk: I'm comfortably superior.----ktrout42: I just beat the soviets Danohk: In Soviet Russia, beat Soviets YOU!!----BluntPoint: Hang on, MH is a nudist colony? pincon7: No. Danohk: Though, to be fair...since it is just a chat field, everyone may as well be naked. Danohk: And extremely hot lesbians.----Cal010: I ran away from Seder. Indix: Then how are you on the computer? Cal010: Cause Passover is downstairs.----Danohk: Hey I just thought of a good joke. Danohk: How do you know you're too late with a witty rejoinder? Danohk: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!! Danohk: hahahahahahahahahaa 1up_: :/ BluntPoint: -crickets- rick2411: /Not funny Danohk: It wasn't for your entertainment. Danohk: I really....REALLY...like seeing myself type,.------xanderoth: ... you get ass paints from being unable to hit retards?-----Danohk: Rape-themed consensual rough concupiscence? 1up_: No 1up_: ty-----Danohk: The only way to hit someone in the face with class is whilst driving a schoolbus.-------Danohk: And for anyone wondering, yes, it is difficult to play the piano with boobs in your face.-----------Danohk: Can you imagine what it would be like to pee brains?---------Yamiro: This is retarded, and I love you all.-----------------Danohk: Proof is from when geometry mattered in drunken asshattery-------------- hojar: In England it's illegal to have large sharp things Danohk: Like wits.----------------------------------- Danohk: I don't know much about the history of Australia. dan_dare: First there were Aboriginals, then there were white people. Everybody white is now an inhuman monster. the end.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------chyna9buter: shut up little grl befri g ham on u ugly ktrout43-----------------------------------------------------------------{daiglemama:} hello everyone {Danohk:] And by "everyone" I assume you mean me. {daiglemama:} no i just mean everyone {Danohk:} Your unwillingness to feed my colossal ego is distressing.---------------------------------------------------------------------------hojar: So apostles were prophets on steroids Danohk: Stairwaytoheavenoids maybe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Frendlier: I woujld be deeply homored if the gesture works both way-----------------------------------------------------------------Danohk: You're so wrong all the time that I'm wrong about you being wrong all the time just typing about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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