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    Aug. 30, 2008
-18 1i 18 1i,-i 1d -1k v,35 7i 1a 89,r a5 r 9k,-1g bp -1d ao,e gm 2 h3,g gq p h0,-1k k4 -i kj -d jl,-3h s3 -2b qd,-7f vh -72 104 -66 106 -5p vr,-f0 13q -d7 153,-ce 153 -be 148,-gk 16a -g1 15q,-gk 16a -h2 165 -hi 15f,-53 1fg -4d 1fj -3j 1fr -2l 1g5 -1n 1ge -q 1gm 4 1gt 12 1h2 23 1h3 38 1h2 4j 1h0 64 1go 79 1gc 82 1fl 8i 1eo,g3 1ar gl 1b4 gv 1aq,gt 1am h2 1a7,du 1cu fi 1e1,hg 1h3 jd 1hc,nm 1q7 nh 1p4,qq 1uv r1 1v7 rd 1v4 re 1uo,to 1vr uk 1va,tm 1vk tt 1vu,t5 236 tj 23o u5 23j u8 22s,sr 234 t2 234,p2 2a9 pb 2a1,vc 2f1 vp 2fl 10d 2gd 114 2h1,17h 2p4 17b 2pr 170 2qh 16j 2r5,160 2rl 156 2s2,14c 2s8 13h 2s8,16i 2r3 160 2rn,159 2s1 14b 2s8,r2 2t2 vd 32u,vd 32s 11v 34v,21k 3j6 21f 3jq 20m 3jq 20g 3jb,1d1 42h 1df 41o,191 43n 19b 433,18e 43o 17l 431,14h 41g 182 3um,15s 474 16c 47e 172 474,13r 4et 14h 4ff,14i 4fe 151 4f1,19q 4en 19e 4eb,1fc 4i1 1fv 4ie 1gl 4il,1le 4kd 1lo 4kp 1ma 4kc 1m8 4jt,1m9 4k0 1ma 470,1iq 4pi 1jh 4q4,1rj 509 1r7 506,1rj 509 1ta 50p 1tc 50c,224 4rd 237 4s1,2bi 54b 2dr 53t,2fp 57b 2ff 56n,2fr 5g0 2gf 5ga 2gr 5g8,1to 62q 1u0 63k 1ud 64f 1up 65d 1vh 66a 20f 672 21n 67r 233 68i 249 699 25l 6a5 27j 6as 29i 6bi 2bh 6c9 2di 6cu 2fi 6de 2hn 6dp 2jf 6dp 2la 6dh 2n5 6d5 2oo 6cq 2qh 6c7 2rs 6b3,3dd 63n 3dt 63i,3qt 5uo 3qv 5v6,4gf 5lr 4i8 5o6,4ie 5tf 4im 5u1 4jh 5ts 4je 5t9,4kq 60u 4l8 61b 4lv 60u 4lp 60c,4jr 63i 4jt 643 4km 63v 4km 63c,4rm 789 4s3 77q,4rp 7gd 4s9 7gb 4se 7fl,50f 8u8 513 8up 51e 8uh 51b 8u8,51o 8u0 51v 8uc 52q 8u7 52v 8tm#1m2 50h 1lr 50m#B 4uh 86u b4,B 4rd 83d 8,B 4q5 81c c,B 4qk 7ps 7,B 4j9 64f 44,S -d0 13v,B 2t8 654 b7,B 2sl 67d i,B 2qf 6b2 10,B 2sk 68q u,B 2sq 659 b2,B 2rf 65v 6,B 2r3 68s h,B 2pl 6am 16,B 2lr 6c5 26,B 2nv 6bk 26,B 2p6 6bf 1a,B 2ko 6br 2i,B 2j4 6cn 23,B 2hn 6da 2o,B 27p 6aq 32,B 2ag 6ag 3g,B 26m 69q 34,B 2g5 6c8 34,B 2e6 6c7 2u,B 2b2 6bh 3a,B 25j 696 3l,B 22p 67d 3r,B 20j 65v 3u,B 1ve 64b 4l,B 1v3 63a 54,T 20m 3jn,T 216 3jo,T 20s 3jq,T 20u 3jl,T 21f 3jl,T 21a 3jq,T 21j 3jd,T 21e 3jb,T 210 3jb,T 20l 3j9,T 20h 3jb,B 2gp 5h4 8e,T 1t8 50h,T 1iv 4pc,T 1ls 4kj,T 1fb 4hu,T 19h 4eg,T 14o 4ep,T 16i 46v,T 15t 40o,T 18v 442,T 1d9 41p,T 1g4 3u6,T 1sd 3hs,T 1eh 3d1,T 11e 341,T sj 2tj,T 16i 2pm,T vj 2e7,T p7 29r,T tq 235,T tu 1vd,T r5 1ut,T o0 1pe,T ib 1gl,T eq 1cq,T gf 1aj,T 4s 1g9,T -4c 1f1,T -er 14e,T -gs 15a,T -de 14e,T -dq uo,T -6i vn,T -2s q1,T -n jr,T e g9,T -c 9a,T 2a 6o,B 1tb 50u na,B 1me 2ia s5,B 1mj 2kq s5,B 1m6 2jp s5,B 1me 2j1 s4,B 1lg 2j1 ru,B 1ll 2iu s3,B 1m8 2i2 s6,B 1mt 2i5 sb,B 1n6 2i2 s4,B 1nl 2ir sb,B 1mi 2j3 s4,B 1mg 2gl s4,B 1md 2hr s2,B 1mb 2ju s3,B 1mp 4fg mk,B 1mq 4ir mh,B 1mu 4ge 11o,B 1ml 4cp mi,B 1mp 477 11o,B 1mp 4ag 11m,B 1mk 49b ml,B 1mn 4be mh,B 1mn 4du ml,B 1mp 4he 11n,B 1mp 4jf 11o,B 1mi 4ku oj,B -72 ve 1c0,B -e2 uv 162,B -d7 14r 1ce,B -hs 16r 14f,B -f8 16e 1cb,B -4r 1f2 14t,B -2g 1fj 14v,B 18 1gi 146,B -10 1g0 14p,B 2o 1gd 13s,B 5d 1fc 12v,B 6q 1de 12d,B u1 24s 13d,B p8 2cm 13c,B vi 2dg 16e,B sa 2sr 167,B u4 2vj 16a,B vo 32a 15o,B 126 344 156,B 172 37e 1cu,B 1ag 3au 1d0,B 1dd 3cn 1ca,B 1fs 3dv 11v,B 1l1 3fj 1c2,B 1qe 3h6 1cp,B 20o 3lc 1c4,B 204 3jv 1ca,B 1di 3hn 132,B 1am 3ir 12v,B 1ev 3ou 139,B 1g5 3ur 1bt,B 18c 455 1bo,B 173 47m 1a6,B 157 4g9 13d,T 1mi 2lh,T 20t 4ut,T 1vu 4u6,B 2eh 5c3 m2,B 2ch 5c5 ba,B 2e0 5c2 mg,B 2b7 5c8 c0

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