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I’m just your regular old PC gamer, that just does it better. I’m very friendly, and love to help others, and if you’re against that, you’ll probably end up on my bad side.

I’m obsessive-compulsive. Everything HAS to be perfect. I love writing, be it a novel or some poem. I also LOVE cooking! My affection also goes out to every piece of computer technology that exists, I just can’t get enough tech man!

I’m always on the look-out for genuine friends (none of that back-stabbing drama bullshit!) to have an intellectual conversation with, friendly banter, or just some good old plain gaming sessions. You think you can handle that? Then hit me up! Do it! Do it NOW!

Clicker Hero Quotes
A tribute to the awesome people in Room #4

[24/10/2014] RoscoMalachi: Everyone fell for Dead’s setup from the beginning…

[24/10/2014] randomkid95: I have no clue what it is, Dead.

[24/10/2014] JadelynnOpal: Nope, blew my load already.

[24/10/2014] Shello: If I send you pics, will I get pregnant, too, Dead?

[24/10/2014] XuTPblu: Dead, there are girls, that literally go free-of-charge out that.

[24/10/2014] xXNightReaverXx: dead at times its even easier than that

[24/10/2014] Shello: You can’t just stop starting with "Dead, " now!

[24/10/2014] JadelynnOpal: You know, now I have this sudden urge to troll you and act completely androgynous now.

[24/10/2014] JadelynnOpal: dead said he was going to milk you, that’s obviously a fetish porn setup

[24/10/2014] Yawner: the only time i went to a criminal case, i left the accused crying

[24/10/2014] Yawner: i have a rule about never paying for Vaagur

[24/10/2014] randomkid95: I’m pretty sure the case was that I had burrowed my ant hill in the heart of opal jade mountain.

[24/10/2014] Yawner: did you walk in on the chicken and he gave you a cucumber?

[24/10/2014] RoscoMalachi: Dead, you would make an awful lawyer…

[24/10/2014] RoscoMalachi: Dead Defends no-one.

[24/10/2014] Yawner: guuuyyyyss… are you harassing Jade?
[24/10/2014] Yawner: if so, wait for 5 minutes plx, i have to upgrade my heroes and i’m off

[24/10/2014] Shello: God dammit dead
[24/10/2014] Shello: If you’re going to make dairy jokes
[24/10/2014] Shello: At least bring up the dairy yourself, not diaries :c

[24/10/2014] erk155: so may we commence the foot licking?

Some fun quotes of years past:

“I’m not stupid, I’m female.” – xtweetsx

“It’s called insomnia for a raisin.” – Confuzzledmaniac

“TheUnfortunate1: o_o Bob…drugs are bad m’kay?

Bobart: that’s why im sellin dem."

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