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Makin bitches butthurt since July 21st 2010

rehm123: So reverse is when you go forward or is that first?

-Ayrus: you know what they say about assumptions

Ayrus: it makes an ass out of you and mptions

Ayrus: wait

Ayrus: what about a bisexual shemrance?

Ayrus: o_o that made no sense

-bobdob10: neither do i, all ive heard is something about gangbanging nigerians or somethin.
-DETHSQUIRR3L: im gonna mute clutch DETHSQUIRR3L: cuz hes a doucheshit
-ace1263: I bought TF2 like 2 weeks before it went three.
-(Kitezer: If there was a bunch of rice in the middle of a plate
Kitezer: And on the rim of a plate there was one piece of rice
Kitezer: It’d make me flip my shit i guess.)

-bigdude40: i really really really dislike Noisebot when he talks or even open his mouth. he needs to headbutt a ram and get knocked the **** out or some shit.

anshul1234: and im not retarded my
mom had me tested-_-

- DeathclutchMMA: TheLovelyWoman: I didn’t mean it, I just get upset, all I wanted was a friend, but ever since I got AIDS when my dad raped me nobody wanted me. (reply) TheLovelyWoman: It was my Uncle you self-centered idiot

-DeathclutchMMA: pada teet teet pada teet teet pada teet teet pada teet

DeathclutchMMA: pirates of the carribean
bobthebunnie: Pada teet teet pada teet teeet pada teet teet teet teet.
DeathclutchMMA: teet teet pada teet teet teet teet teer

tvleror: sharpen your horns on my scaly thorax

Chuck_N: what you dont eat your semen

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