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    Jan. 03, 2008

Retired from playing on Kongregate.

Why? Just been very busy with life and I just don’t feel that same enjoyment from games here anymore compared to when I was a child. Perhaps it’s because I grew older or maybe it’s a force that cannot be described. Life moves on without letting you catch a breath and my attempts to just pause by writing this message…just feels difficult.

Random people or friends that you meet/make on the the internet can just disappear. Happened to me, happens to everyone. Each time they log off, there is a chance that you might never see them again. When it happens, maybe they themselves moved on as I did.

It’s not really thought of when you’re a child, but to me, it’s almost like experiencing the death of a friend in real life. A person who had a big impact on your life and personality might just suddenly become nothing. By leaving myself, it worries me that I’ll inflict this same pain to other people or maybe you’re a random person that randomly stumbled onto my profile and just don’t care.

I have no regrets. Had a great time meeting the community here, especially the peeps from War of the Web. Maybe I’ll stop by this website every now again. Maybe…

Just make sure that if you’re not enjoying the game that you’re playing, don’t play it. Don’t be afraid to take on leaps and try something new. Good luck to you all, have fun.

About me… Usually, I wouldn’t even want to post anything in this section. The name deathkknight was made up when I was a child searching for a username that I could use often. I started playing on Kongregate when I was around 12 and I developed a taste of flash games which eventually led to playing many MMORPGs. Boredom, however, would always bring me back to this site to play games and earn badges.

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The key to this is the name other people know me by.
Hint: AG

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