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    Dec. 13, 2007
Very challenging course for free rider i designed - 18 2g 18 3e k 3e k 2q,0 2q 0 3e -u 3e -u 2g,1i -7q -2q -7q,-2g -7q -36 -7v -3q -8c -4b -8u -4o -9f -5c -a2 -60 -ai -6k -av -7i -bk -8f -cf -9c -dc -af -eb -br -f7 -d4 -fl -e5 -fn -f6 -fa -g3 -ek -gs -dq -hr -cq -j2 -bs -k6 -b5 -le -af,-n4 -do -ns -e6 -ok -em -pd -f8 -q6 -fm -r9 -g3 -sc -gd -tg -gk -uk -gm -vn -gi -10m -gb -11m -g4 -12u -fm -143 -f0 -15e -e1 -16j -d3 -17s -c5 -19b -bb -1as -ah -1cf -9r -1e7 -9d -1fv -96 -1hg -99 -1ip -9h -1jt -a5 -1l1 -aq -1m0 -bh -1n0 -cf -1nm -d7 -1ob -du,-2km g8 -286 g8,-2va i4 -2ve hb -2ve gf -2vd fo -2vh f0 -2vm dv -2vs d2 -30c c7 -312 be -31v ak -32r a0 -33n 9d -34q 8m -35s 7s -371 6u -380 62 -391 54 -3a3 44 -3b6 33 -3c9 1t -3da k -3e2 -r -3eh -2f -3eo -46 -3ei -5u -3e6 -7n -3dj -9f -3co -b2 -3br -ck -3ap -e7 -39l -fq -38c -hh -37f -is -36j -kp -362 -mi -35l -oa,-4oq -3dm -4oq -2o4,-4tg -2bk -4tg -29e -4mk -29e -4hu -29e -3ki -uu,-35i -130 -4eg -2ri,-3dc -li -3im -li -6es 2iq -6os 2iq -6os 2hs,-4oq -3dm -4og -42u -4n8 -42u,-3dc -li -35s -o2,-744 606 -73o 615 -72u 622 -71m 62r -70d 639 -6uu 63d -6td 637 -6ro 62p -6q3 61s -6op 60o -6o8 5vj -6nr 5uc -6ng 5tc,-710 630 -70m 61o -70c 63a -6vo 61e -6ve 63a,-6ve 630 -6uq 61e -6ug 630 -6ti 60g,-6ts 60q -6t8 630,-6ts 630 -6su 60q -6su 62m,-6s0 62m -6sa 60q -6su 62m,-710 62m -71a 614 -71u 62c -71u 60q -72s 622 -72s 606 -73q 61e#-71k 60q -71k 62m,-71k 60q -70c 61o -71k 62m,-6vo 60q -6vo 62c -6uq 622,-6ve 61e -6vo 61e,-6vo 60q -6uq 60g,-6t8 60g -6ti 622,-6t8 60g -6sk 61e,-6t8 614 -6su 614,-6sa 606 -6sa 61e,-6sa 606 -6r2 60q -6sa 61e#T -4o6 -2r8,T -3gg -m6,T -2i6 fk,T -6i0 2i6,T -6iu 2i6,T -6js 2i6,T -6kq 2i6,T -6lo 2i6,T -6mc 2i6,T -6n0 2i6,T -6nk 2i6,T -6o8 2i6,G -4o6 -2p2 5k,G -21k -vs 5k,G -236 -vs 5k,G -2jo fk 8e,G -202 -vi 5k,G a 3e b8

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