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    Jul. 26, 2011

Rest in peace, Adam. We miss you hooker. :’(

Sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit and I can prove it.

>-Epic quotes from my peeps in BC-<

~speakno3vil: erin, i wan’t to breach your shields with my photon torpedoes and beam my red shirts into you :D
Bat_Country: I bet you speak thought of that on the toilet all day waiting to say it too lol

~rconnrocks: What did the mountain lion say after the tiger told it a joke?
rconnrocks: omg you are gonna make me puma pants.

~DeviousErin: i just sneezed and peed a little :O
DeviousErin: my bladder is getting old and decrepit.

~SpookieTooth: Jesus doesn’t like it when you pee in church.

~Rockefelon: boobies are the best pillows

~rconnrocks: Grab your boob and say “this is mine and I can play with it if I want to”

~PenguinArmy: how bout this wwe: you’re like a pair of my socks, baby: i want to use you to jizz in

~ffyAttorney16: watevs im sexy as ****
Bat_Country: Is that what your mom tells you?

~PenguinArmy: i like to make my entrances with dp

~Bat_Country: heres a question
Bat_Country: so after someone eats your butt is kissing awkward?

~Zinoff: i feel like i should get a jumbo box of condoms before i go anywhere with Erin.

This is by far my favorite so far lmao! 1/20/14 >.<
~DeviousErin: just burped and startled mia.
DeviousErin: whew
DeviousErin: that was…unexpected.
SpookieTooth: Ha!
DeviousErin: i am not a heathen!
MariusNoquar: heathen!
DeviousErin: nor am i a truck driver! lol
SgrSwt14u: shit
SgrSwt14u: i am
MariusNoquar: nothing wrong with burping and farting
DeviousErin: >.<
MariusNoquar: unless the farts are bad enough to make your eyes water
funguscrotch: except in elevators
MariusNoquar: then take that shit outside!
DeviousErin: xD
DeviousErin: oh shit rich, that is WRONG
funguscrotch: 2 people on an elevator…one farts…every one KNOWS who did it .
SgrSwt14u: deny deny deny
DeviousErin: ^
DeviousErin: “i did not have sexual relations with that woman!”
MariusNoquar: it was the elevator that did it
SgrSwt14u: exactly
DeviousErin: >.< just. deny.
SgrSwt14u: " i think the elevator maintenance man did it"
MariusNoquar: lol
DeviousErin: lol
funguscrotch: “Ahhh it smelled that way when i found it”
SgrSwt14u: “elevator shafts are air tight, i think we hit the fart pocket”
MariusNoquar: farts again to push the first one somewhere else
funguscrotch: inversion layer…yup i didnt think of that …its so obvious now
DeviousErin: ok guys. i’m going to have to piece this whole fart convo together for my profile lmao.
DeviousErin: i shit u not! (pun intended)
MariusNoquar: lol
DeviousErin: lol fart humor is funny to me lol
SgrSwt14u: yay!
DeviousErin: i’m 30 and it still makes me giggle :D

~Omblugato: wats the strongest muscle in erins mouth?
DeviousErin: my tongue.
Omblugato: my dicck
DeviousErin: goddamnit jared
Omblugato: lol

~DeviousErin: you shat yourself?
Sonofthefire: a lil
Sonofthefire: it was a beer fart/sha
Sonofthefire: shat
DeviousErin: lmao
DeviousErin: i’m sorry to hear that haha
Sonofthefire: im scared that ill fart in bed n start shitting
DeviousErin: that would most definitely be a problem lol.

~MariusNoquar: i once thought about inventing a device to go over the butthole, it captures the natural gas, emits a pleasant scent, and produces musical sounds

~kaiturbate: looks like i need to keep talking about farts
kaiturbate: i might get on erin’s wall

~Hail_To_The_King: I hope all the atheists get reincarnated as trees. Then get chopped down, and have the bible printed on them.

~ModelP: I immagine Erin as this really sexy chick that would like to sit around with her hair in a messy bun, her Pjs slippers and her cats and just chat with us on her laptop.

ModelP: and her cat just sits at her side and she takes a sip of a warm drink of her choice.

~wevdvfan619: Is Erin old enough to be a cougar yet?
wwevdvfan619: I’ll be her first kill

~SgrSwt14u: good thing im a glitter farting 6 day old jolly rancher
DeviousErin: lmao wow. just…wow.
DeviousErin: that one’s going on the profile. brb lmao.

~WrestlingFanatic: You ever face the other way when pooping
WrestlingFanatic: eat some cereal
WrestlingFanatic: have a salad
SgrSwt14u: sometimes
SgrSwt14u: usually i lay my tablet on it and play games
DeviousErin: LOL
DeviousErin: you guys crack me up seriously

~coquist: Sometimes I forget Erin is a girl and thus has the power to silence us men with a simple sentence.

This is one of the reasons why my peeps are so epic.
~MariusNoquar: It isnt a disability erin, its just super awesome random fits of breakdancing that sometimes go seriously wrong
-Thank you Mars. Rin loves you, man lol.

~SgrSwt14u: erins ass is the only ass where sun actually shines

~Joeymurda87: Whats the difference between Hail and a refridgerator?
Joeymurda87: The fridge don’t fart when you take out your meat

~Hail_To_The_King: I can’t wait til they cure aids. Once they do…W00T SEX WITH MONKEYS IS SAFE AGAIN

DeviousErin: tonight is lesley’s first softball game and her father is going to miss it
SgrSwt14u: boooo
DeviousErin: he “just can’t make it”. asshole.
DeviousErin: she cried. it broke my heart.
SgrSwt14u: make that son of a bitch go
Heracleon: Erin sorry
SgrSwt14u: Erin me and u can drag him there
GrungePuppy: What a D-Bag
SgrSwt14u: use his nuts for home plate and do feet first slides
DeviousErin: word kay!
DeviousErin: he lies and gets their hopes up. let me get a hold of him.

~uzukiichan: im so glad music exists
Sonofthefire: me too
SgrSwt14u: i bet music was invented when they realized farts have more than one sound

~SgrSwt14u: When life gives you melons, you have dyslexia

~iffyAttorney12: erin i think i got me a date tonight
DeviousErin: yeah, iffy?
Bat_Country: iffie’s mom is in town
DeviousErin: xD
DeviousErin: chest bumps wyn
iffyAttorney12: im getting all swagged up
DeviousErin: lmfao

~DeviousErin: grabs mic and hops on the coffee table again
DeviousErin: oooooooooooooh yeah…..you and me baby makin love like gorillas…
hgamab: lol erin why did that remind me of R. Kelly goin
hgamab: damn R. Kelly. lol
DeviousErin: lmfao idk jew
DeviousErin: c’mere and lemme pee on you hiram.
hgamab: I feel like he is a blotch on the history of black people.
DeviousErin: he really is hiram lol.
SpookieTooth: (imma piss on you)
hgamab: not wuite sure my kink level is THAT maximum.
DeviousErin: xD
DeviousErin: puts a toilet seat around my neck
hgamab: use yo body…yo body….as a portapotty

~SpookieTooth: In anime, penises are absurd root looking things, quite terrifying

~SpookieTooth: I have no dick :(
DeviousErin: offers sandy a dildo
DeviousErin: :D
SpookieTooth: wait have you used it yet?
DeviousErin: of course not
DeviousErin: i saved it for you
DeviousErin: it’s brand new, see?
DeviousErin: holds up the dildo
SpookieTooth: eh, keep it then
DeviousErin: oh shit lmfao
DeviousErin: good one chica lol
SpookieTooth: :P

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