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Feel free to call me Dia. Other names are reserved for people I actually like. ♥                                                                                                               I am the user formerly known as "Boobzilla™". For months I ravaged the lands of Kong with my massive rack until one day I was slain by the mighty banhammer. Thankfully I was allowed to keep my account as long as they changed the name for me. Now my jahooblies are retired from the gaming world.                                                                                                               The username "Boobzilla" was reincarnated and is *NOT* me --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I've been asked quite a few times, my current username "Diabolotry" was the result of a late night conversation with some close friends (online). My friend kept saying that I was 'diabolotry' when trying to call me 'diabolical'. It became a running joke and then a fall back username for me when 'Zilla wasn't appropriate and/or available. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UltimateChaos: I flirt the boundaries, I don't hump them --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recurveninja: if a pedophile got into a fight with an illegal immigrant, would that make the fight Alien VS. Predator? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: So even if you have no respect for yourself and have no problem looking like an idiot to an international audience... Then at least do us the favor of pretending to be Canadian. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tj2mag: I can't help it if I'm a mystery wrapped in an enema                  tj2mag: *enigma! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: Dia, I heard you got arrested at the G20 protests because you turned around and gave concussions to the entire Canadian police force. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Razzi3l: Who woulda thought our Boobz would grow up so fast... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: Unicornion doesn't even sound like a union of unicorns, it sounds like a single corn kernel stuffed into an onion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JylmuRaouls: Madagascar- home of the ragequit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JylmuRaouls: I think dia's just popping in from time to time to scold someone. Then leaving again. Like a chain-smoking preschool teacher. *enter* John, knock it off! *exit* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Storageheater: it makes a change to be using Wikipedia for something that isnt obscene ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mkelican: I just realized the absolutely staggering ratio between the time I am actually active in chat, and the time I am sitting back going through insane imaginary power trips involving destroying things. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: My commas are renegade whores right now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fnar3221: "OH YOU SEXY BEAST OF NATURE! FOREHEAD ME! FOREHEAD ME WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- slayer122678: diaphobia, the fear that somewhere, somehow, dia is watching you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alexiothemidget: Excessive use of the word 'it' is sexcessive, isn't it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: (Via voice on TinyChat) Luckily the closest thing I have to barf on is my cat. So my barf will run away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: (Via voice on TinyChat) Rawr I rawr.. I can do claws. I do claws. You can't see them, but I do claws. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apocalypstic: Well now that someone I vaguely know over the internet has complimented my abilities at giving head to myself, I feel as if my life is complete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: Dia's so female, she makes other females insecure about how manly they are in comparison. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: I happen to enjoy meat of ambiguous source. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- weirdguy: all i did was bring ranch dressing to liven up the body of christ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FuzzyBacon: Everyone has a unique perspective on life, through which the whole world makes more sense. And if that view happens to be through your underpants, who’s to say that’s so wrong? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pieoverload: also i learned russian women are serious when a kid makes fart noises ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GetThatThing: It's like some lame 80s movie, except I haven't fallen in love with you and I don't own a ferrari. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- quindraco: Hence my offering Dia dinner, which is much more valuable than penis. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- damijin: and he was my boss so I just pretended to have not woken up by the CEO stealing my ****ing blanket ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- damijin: if jesus finds the eggs, the terrorists win ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheIdleProphet: My favorite thing about finding old classmates on Facebook is that you get to go through their status updates and prove yourself right when you said they were gonna grow up retarded. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- forgotten_dage: Da, Dai get's 1,000's of kills just by swinging her breasts around. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- forgotten_dage: ~Achievement unlocked, You've earned a spot on Dai's profile. You gain 5 attack power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- damijin: Putin would kill a polar bear with his bare hands and turn it into a rug to make love on. He's a gentleman. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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