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------RL Stuff------ My name is Alex and i have no life. Now that thats out of the way there should be some other stuff here but I am too lazy to think of anything. -----Quote of the day----- I like standing on the edge, you can see lots of things here that you can't see from anywhere else. -------RP Stuff------- Name - EkNaCanEl Race - Dark Angel Class - Shadow Fighter Wereform - nerkenel Job - Demon Hunter Gold Income - 500 per day ---Appearance--- Skin Color - Shadowed White Age - ??? Hair Color - Jet Black with White Tips Height - 6' 7" Wing Color - Jet Black ---Stats--- Level - 30 HP - 160 Strength -25 Dexterity - 50 Intelligence - 20 Wisdom - 20 Endurance - 30 Luck - 10 ---Race Abilities--- Fly WereForm Uber Hearing Can See everything in shadows Rune Magic ---Race Disadvantages--- Wounds made by silver take much longer to heal Blind ---Skills--- ---Equipment--- Leather Armor Gold - 169 2 BlackSilver Falchions 2 BlackSivler Long Knives 1 Blade Rope ---Background--- I came to this world a very long time ago, about 5000 years after I was born to rid this world of demons and follow them back to kill them in their home deminsion. When I got here I forged my weapons and enchated them so that they were unbreakable and absorbed light. I also made my blade robe so that it would cut through most things and break spells. ---Race Information--- Dark Angles are actually not related to Angles, they just look like them. They have black wings and their backs' and the upper part of their arms are feathered. They use a rune system of magic and their body's are covered with runes. When they are born their parents inscribe their name rune over their heart and some other minor runes that allow them to put runes on themselves. They don't that and their pale complexion makes many mistake them for vampires. They have a much lower body temperature than most other species. That, and the fact that they are blind during the day makes them dislike going outside at daytime. Their low body temperature and the fact that they need very little oxygen allows to to fly very high. A very long time ago demons invaded their world and killed many of thier people. The survivers took an oath to destroy all demons. They devised a way to follow the essence of a demon back to it's home deminsion and then kill it perminitly there.

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