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This is a memory of all of the years I had of my childhood on Kongregate.

Feel free to explore around.

Current avatar is of the Ottawa Redblacks, the best team in the CFL with the only half-way modern looking logo. Fix your logos people, this is not 1987

dylantherabbit: did you see bacon’s discord

CTDL Season 777777’s changes to dyurkor fouls: https://pastebin.com/U2cL5i3V

Nuopo Origin:

An ice species called Nuopo diadens once lived on world_58, and then evolved into a new species called Nuopo lakyars, those new people live a somewhat normal history, they go to space, a company called &Labs takes over and delays technology to the people (which is why they’re not all hiveminds), Nuopo deities decide their time is up, a different company named Cuontilaon is hired to help the deities, and their leader, Hyureani Loppokida destroys the leader of &Labs temporarily and the deities do it permanently, and now even more highly advanced technology’s starting to get across and will next couple anoukidia.


From my past messages:
dylantherabbit: Nuopos are cheering as the popular sport of dyurkor is played, basically Nuopos of various elements hitting a ball (known as the zoxklodu) through hollow discs on sticks (ballilliai) and getting it through laps on the round field to the scorer

dylantherabbit: every lap and successful handoff to the scorer gets the team 1 point*

dylantherabbit: it is played over 6 periods lasting 1 Nuopo seroyuramon, basically like their hour, each

Dyurkor facts and figures:

1st, 4th, 7th, etc: ice & cold elementals (body temp. below 0 C)
2nd, 5th, 8th, etc: temperate elementals (between 0 and 200* C)
3rd, 6th, 9th, etc: fire & hot elementals (above 200* C)
*200 in the CTDL, may vary dependent on leagues

For the regular season, 100, 150, or 200 games may be played over a 120 day season. In some 150 and 200 game leagues, games are shortened as to allow for double and triple headers whenever needed.

Typically the top 32 teams get in, but in some leagues it can be different numbers allowed (12, 16, 24, etc.)

In 100 game leagues, every series is played best of 7 while in the final you must lead by two games to end the series, except when the series has to go to a game 15.

In 150 and 200 game leagues, the series must go at least seven games and any team must lead by at least two games, indefinitely or until the deadline game has reached (varies from league to league, and round to round)


Rusher (Doglanai): will try and get open to run the ball. Will typically score by spinning. Catching skills vary. Like an HB in football

Catcher (Mondtohpkerinai): Is the one, well, who can get wide open and catch the ball. Like a WR in football

Commander (Sarpowiyde): This is the one responsible for getting the ball from the scorer unless the player who got the ball to the scorer is nearby. This person will typically show the other players where to go beforehand, and whose main job is to get it to other players in several ways. Similar to a QB in football

Wellrounder (Xacckyimicalo): The player who’s good at everything. Like a Center in many other sports.

Passer (Nuxuilando): The player who’s goal is to just pass it from one player to the next. Not much to it.

More coming later!


Muanocu: pokes Nokojai
Nokojai: “Yes?”
Muanocu: “So now that the forces that were meddling with us are gone.. I don’t think we need your pantheon all that much… you’re dismissed from helping us, after you do 3 tasks for me…”
Nokojai: “And what are those tasks?”
Muanocu: “First, morph into an infinite number of spaceships and scan every universe, then add it to our database.”
Nokojai: “Got it.”
Muanocu: “Secnnd, erase most of our population from the timeline so our number goes back to the way it was 10 anoukidia ago.”
Nokojai: “Mmkay.”
Muanocu: “Finally… put back the universes you’ve consumed, then grab the entire pantheon and leave our civilization. I don’t care where you go, just don’t come back anymore besides occasional visits.”
Nokojai: “…I shall perform your tasks.” he hugs Muanocu, then disappears as he starts Muanocu’s list

JAN 9 – 8:05PM
To gtetr2: reported me? 50 pages left to go on your essay? did you call an airstrike on me? dog booked a flight to Jamaica? :P



NOV 28 – 7:13AM
nz02_: Noted. What do you think of the upcoming technology the human race have in store?
FemalePie: Downloading Pie
FemalePie: We will be able to freely download pie
FemalePie: and eat it
FemalePie: I hope

NIGHTMARESATANJX: * i stretch a little and i fly to a demon store* * when i go inside the lady greets me and i tell her is there any baby supplies*

Catz: (My keywords are “That” “Shit”
Izen: okay now this is making even less sense
Izen: i’m out

Trump won. I’ll be on Kong for a while longer now, until I get sick of it.

Alex at 1am in a Nutshell (contains swearing):


RP-1 Mornings In A Nutshell:

OCT 19 – 9:12AM
Jackie_Rainbows: I love you 5ever babe
Jackie_Rainbows: Dat mean I luv u more dan 4evuh
WizAndrea: lol
OCT 19 – 9:16AM
WizAndrea: I see I’m now listed as in your squad
OCT 19 – 9:17AM
Jackie_Rainbows: Dassright!
OCT 19 – 9:21AM
ildfugl: ree
OCT 19 – 9:26AM
WizAndrea: AAAA!!!


Jayuqo Pirusquali: http://pastebin.com/pY48PWTz

SEP 24 – 9:45PM
gary3334: Guys I have bad news i got evicted
dylantherabbit: why gary?
SEP 24 – 9:46PM
gary3334: me and my girlfriend were having sex and my girl friend screamed too loud.
dylantherabbit: of course

Arodku Labs RPer since 2016

Zaquero: not noticing the asshole brigade, I fly off



Hello! I’m Dylan!

Check out my profile, OC descriptions are below. Proud member of The Void – chatzy.com/VoidRP

hey guys if anyone wants to play tetris, just let me know, make an account on tetris friends first, then tell me, then afterwards PM me when you want to play if I’m on and I can set up a competition, if anyone wants to see my win-loss record then please check out http://tinyurl.com/dylanwebgame (i’d be up for playing other webgames also)

Thank you all for reading! And yes, I have proper grammar when I try. I didn’t worry about it, though.

Zaquero Description:

*Level & XP (does not auto-update): http://www.flippity.net/pi.asp?k=1pbkD8khpThYOSRakaS6ieSyzDHzx8bNtBxuKeoZXiBY *
*Is a winged humanoid about 15’5" tall, with a chartreuse magical headband. It acts entirely like other world-58ians’ headbands, if you take it off they die, you can rip it up and free her soul or put it on anything or anyone and she’ll possess them! She is able to easily make almost anything you wish for easily, it just takes MP from her. She loves helping. She is a total pacifist, attempting to stop any fights that she sees. (she also has the ability to stare into peoples’ souls even if they persist.) It is due to her backstory – she was born on a space colony about 50 magic cycles ago (380,000 Earth years), and at the young age of about 400 Earth years (age 11 equivalent as a human), her space colony got devastated by war. She opened the airlock to fly to another ship, and spent 43 minutes in the cold vastness of space before arriving. She still doesn’t know how she survived that. She now lives on world_144, living with her clones in a donut-shaped home that extends all the way to space and covers the area of Moldova, with an urban city inside and roads leading under the home in and out, with lots of traffic. Inside her home, it is incredibly beautiful. She also usually visits people on Earth too, no need to go to world_144!"

Now, time for NUMBERS:

Max MP: 7500
Max HP: 100
ATK: 0.65
DEF: 25/atk
Speed: about 35 mph maximum, although she can teleport (takes 100 MP a piece, and needs to be at 90 HP or higher to do so)
Wall Material: (2) Kukonulium
*Is a green material with the strength of Polybenzoxazole and a flame resistancy up to 5500 F.


Major Radius: 35 km
Minor Radius: 25 km
Area: 34,543.62 km^2
Volume: 432,000 km^3
Size of city inside: 314 km^2 (tons of high rises and crap though)
Zaquero is a hyper-builder, Rocema used magic to make a paradise in a wasteland dimension and cannot leave there, and Loufin has a percentage chance of fail, coma, and death

‘kalikamurins and mendiours..’

My First Descriptions:

Renufora: is a nature elemental with 2 wings that branch into 6, and 2 legs which branch into 8 and those 8 go down 18 inches before being on ground, those moving independently to get her to move, but each one branches into 6 others all around

I’m Dylan, your friendly neighboorhood rabbit (shirt guy). Unless about 90% of RP’s after 12/25/2015, when I’m mostly a mecha (my human character killed by the at-the-time synth MakingPain.) My character is Dylan Mosk, the last baby born on August 1991 in that timezone in Fargo, ND. I currently run MechaOS 15.4.7 (as of 12/1/16) and my personality is more toward the good side, that is unless someone hacks me. I’ll help you out with nearly anything – just ask! I also run a nice business with some high rises and have a potion/armor/weapon/stat gem/spellbook shop that sells stuff between tiers 14 and 40.

Check this out for version schedule of MechaOS:

Muano, a flame character. Half spirit, half matter. She’s more than a hundred millenia old, and yet still feeling young. She stands nearly 14’3" tall in her true form (7’1" usually), with 2 furry, black-colored wings. She’s not from this dimension though, she’s actually from a dimension codenamed world_58. You better not mess with her or her friends, she can channel more energy than is measurable by man. She has a weapon called Leokorazuyona – a mini-bomb, harmful potions, a knife, a sword, and a scythe – all in one! She also has a brother named Auppok, 4 years younger. Auppok speaks English, and he’s a water/energy half-spirit. Muano and Auppok also speak world_58’s main language, Kallar, and are in a species titled Nuopo lakyar. Muano’s home address: 6229 Bennington Durak, Aberdeen, Púylar Nófaar, world_58 - Muano is 14’9" and 336 kg

Muano’s BAD RP score: 10% Stupid, 18% Godmode, 11% Cliche, 20% Sue, 9% Obnoxious, 0% Plagiarized, 5% Edgy, 0% Belt, 2% Underdeveloped and 13% Total!

NOTE: Muano’s name comes from Kallar language “muanocusúq” which is the name of an orange flower which only grows on world_58, literal translation “flower of flame.” (muan- oc -usúqan)

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