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At the moment I have but two roleplay Characters. Let’s hear about my most commonly used one first, shall we?

Eclipse is a part of a Military force of spec-ops Soldiers founded in 2092 known as Tactical Enforcers and purpose built for covert operations known as Tactical Enforcers. The Enforcers, could also be used boarding Enemy vessels. He stands roughly 6ft 10", is somewhere in the 20-30 age gap and dons a layered polymorph form of Armour that compresses when struck by a heavy force such as Gunfire, which renders effectively all projectile and solid weapons effectively uneffective. It has an almost biological appearance because of the way it covers the wearer. The helmet on the other hand, looks very much mechanical. A narrow cyan visor provides the Enforcer wearing it with a HUD, displaying time and mission objectives. A crest of the same fabric as the body Armour gives them a good deal of head protection and the ‘jaw’ of the Helmet can be removed by the wearer and exchanged for a more suitable piece of equipment e.g. An oxygen tank or an air filter.
By the 23rd century, Earth had begun to establish civilisation off world, colonising their own Moon and Mars. The Military unit Eclipse had once worked for became more diverse. Having an upped version of the original Armour used centuries before that could now prevent burns from Plasma weaponry. This was down to conducive pannels that now lined the exterior of the compressive plates. This gave the suits which still retained their original look a darker tint. Improvements were also made to all standard issue weapons, which now had two modes of primary Fire. A Plasma Launcher functioned as the main mode of fire and mirrored how real weapons functioned, firing ‘bursts’ instead of a continuous beam. The bavk-up form of fire relied on conventional Projectile weapons launched by expanding gasses in the event the Plasma fire malfunctioned. An Enforcer of the same callsign of Eclipse operates within this time period, however wether he is a different person, a clone or the same person is down to speclution.

Marines: The Marine Corps of RP-1 are a bunch of NPCs’ equipped with a bulkier less organic looking and less effective version of Enforcer Armour, their helmets do not hide their face and they’re equipped with the same general weapons as Enforcers. They emphasize on ‘homefield advantage’. Having their base of Operations hidden under RP-1. A series of elevators hidden around the Island allow them to spring up at any given location, allowing them to flank the hell out of any invading forces. They can also be deployed over-seas. Respectively, as the Enforcers advanced in the time gap between their birth and the 23rd century, the Marines grew too.

Important notes: Technologies recovered from [undisclosed] have been reverse engineered and reproduced to create alot of non-combat used by the Enforcers, three such devices are Parrotech, Revival Chambers and Recovery Canisters. As the name implies, Parrotech can mimic many devices within reason, however when used to copy other machines found in [undisclosed] no results were yielded. Scientists believe it is more of a learning tool than a weapon.
Revival Chambers can completely recreate any recently deceased organics with their memories from a nescessarily large sample of DNA.
Recovery Canisters are just glorified Bacta Tanks.

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