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Please rape my face. It says it in my profile, too. What’s that? You’re annoyed by me not keeping my irrelevant B.S. to myself? What a troll you are.
(Quotation from Asqueroso)
Lil is now The Fishy Virgin Spinny The Cori Ninaj Jesus Ninja, Leader of the Third Reich (TFVSTCNJNLTR)
NightWind: Tact is an attribute which I choose voluntarily not to excersize.
UnhelpfulUnicorn: Oh shit
UnhelpfulUnicorn: I was about to make a joke about your username backwards
UnhelpfulUnicorn: Yeah, be my guest. (reply)
SilenceIsGolden: Ash, just because you can’t, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
im_a_winner: but wait
im_a_winner: eman
im_a_winner: what else do I eat for breakfast?
Emanresu_Derised: Scones.
im_a_winner: This is america.
Emanresu_Derised: XL scones.
kitty99: OMG
kitty99: YOUR NOSE
kitty99: IS PERFECT
Arachnofang: well. not surprised his parents dont approve. I dunno what my parents would think of me If i told them i want to **** a dog.
1shawn1: Amen, eman.
Serenity_Levi: All your grammar are belong to us.
lucarioaustin13: what
Serenity_Levi: I said you’re smart, austin.
lucarioaustin13: wait ARE SERIOUS OR KIDDING
lilninja__14: I’m The Virgin [Spinny The Cori] Jesus Ninja.
SuperDragon468: That’s the worst part about being me. Your resistant to fire everywhere except the flammable part of you x.x;
DrunkenMonkey_: I think that’s the worse part of most things.
Kittymania24: Does anyone here know why pussy lips would sag? o,o
(Thanks to Spinny The Cori XD)
lilninja__14: Spinny necks…
Caruhi: /stares at boobs
Caruhi: mmm
Caruhi: squidgy lumps of flesh and tissue…
Kitty99: i have plenty of hearts
Dreadwing17: Whatever you say, Link.
Sparticus117: That’s what this shithole of an internet has turned us children into.
Sparticus117: Sex-Hungry virgins.
Marco357: I am not in denial, or am slow.
DarkChaosFire: thats not english fool
DarkChaosFire: thats grammar
SalazarBlake: Mr. Fancy pants was the boring version of Mr. Fancy Pants.
DoesNotCompute: I would enjoy it. ;3 [heart]
DoesNotCompute: O_O
Emanresu_Derised: PM fail, Compute? o_o’
DoesNotCompute: Nods slowly.
DoesNotCompute: It’s not what you think, though.
Lolas_Luck134: Isn’t it?
Emanresu_Derised: raises eyebrow
Lolas_Luck134: ^
Burningundead: Well, I’m going to bed.
Burningundead: drags Eman with me
Burningundead: does bad things to him in the dark
Burningundead: le stroke (reply)
Burningundead: pass out (reply)
Burningundead: Put the part where I dragged you off after saying that I went to bed, as a quote on your profile… oh and PMs too. :D (reply)
(…I’m confused too. And flattered)

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