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You know what… I think this convo best describes me:
Blizzard2000: Eric has Kongai hard?
Ericzander: yeah
Ericzander: I played it when it was cool
Ericzander: #anti-hipster
MyNameIsNothing: Eric like never gives up on hard badges.
MyNameIsNothing: and den imps he’s just like “nope.”

Hey everyone! Ericzander here and I’ve been a member of this website since 2008 (see above). Over 99% of the Points that I have, I have earned from playing games, earning badges, rating (I don’t spam the system, I only rate games that I play and only on that day), and doing things like a Google a Day. I’ve invited many people to this site, but only about 2 of them have been actually “referred” by me (who didn’t really play). The reason being; I like to earn points myself and I don’t want to rack up points because of what other people do.

As of 12/05/2012 I obtained every Kongregate Mobile Badge there is and ever will be.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of this site and my ultimate goal is to get to level 65 by way of badges and BoTD points alone.

The only badges that I skip are the “impossible badges” and I intend to get back to them once I gather up all of the others. I suck at rhythm games but I am confident that I have the skill to get any hard badge on the site. Just… dem imps…


PS: 100% of everything that I’ve achieved on this website was done legitimately. I never hacked or stole someone’s save files or anything. If you don’t believe me you can add me as a friend and check my high scores for any game that I’ve done. I give you my word everything is legit. I wouldn’t feel right bragging if I ever cheated and I hate that people feel the need to do so!
Ericzander: ok i went down the hall, took a crap, came back, ate some jerky, sat on my computer, and you guys are still talking about this?
adv0catus: Eric, ew.
rawismojo: What?
rawismojo: Jerky’s delicious.
Ericzander: What? Jerky is tasty
adv0catus: not that.
XXPOEXX: Jerky is amazing
adv0catus: lol.
Ericzander: Adv0 hates jerky? RACIST
adv0catus: I SAID NOT THAT
adv0catus: GOSH
adv0catus: GOSH IN HECK
adv0catus: DARNIT
Jaskaran2000: Getting 6 easy badges faster than getting 1 hard.
adv0catus: Should I stop? :(
Jaskaran2000: I only have one easy left though.
Ericzander: no don’t
Ericzander: my OCD makes it so that I need all badges in a game before I continue, so I can’t do that lol
Jaskaran2000: That is not OCD.
adv0catus: lol.
adv0catus: Ah.
Jaskaran2000: OCD is a medical condition, you all make your own meaning and overuse/misuse it.
Ericzander: Don’t remind me of deleted games. Makes me sad, badges I won’t earn
Jaskaran2000: ****ing people
adv0catus: My OCD wants all Easy first.
Jaskaran2000: ;-;
adv0catus: Then Medium, etc.
Ericzander: My OCD is hungry
Jaskaran2000: THAT’S NOT OCD
Jaskaran2000: OCD*
Jaskaran2000: OMG STOP IT
adv0catus: CDO*
adv0catus: Actually.
Ericzander: My OCD is telling me to get a snack
Jaskaran2000: …
Jaskaran2000: STOP IT
adv0catus: Yummy.
Jaskaran2000: DDDD:
adv0catus: My OCD is telling your OCD to get me one too.
Jaskaran2000: OMFG
Jaskaran2000: …
Jaskaran2000: Can we please stop?
Ericzander: by stop do you mean kill the chat?
Jaskaran2000: NO
Jaskaran2000: Stop the ocd ****.
adv0catus: CDO
Ericzander: My OCD doesn’t have to poo…
Jaskaran2000: …
Ericzander: Any you know what I’d do in a zombie Apocalypse?
Ericzander: I’d do the same thing that everyone else here would do.
Ericzander: I’d be turned into a zombie.
Hoole: XD that’d be my luck
Ericzander: So everyone can do all the prepping they want. You aint going to survive
Ericzander: And I read we have more people alive today than have ever died combined.
qazzaq251: Ericz
qazzaq251: im looking at the scenario as
Ericzander: I’m thinking of those freaky vampire zombies from Omega Man or I am Legend. Without the whole only out at dark thing
qazzaq251: the nuclear explosion hit the largest cities in the world
qazzaq251: in a strategical strike
qazzaq251: and i just got lucky but majority of the population prob 4 bil or so is still alive
Hoole: You see, thats the kinda zombies that would win.
qazzaq251: think about this im a pot head and if someone could breed a form of marijuana that made u insane u would be quite zombie
Hoole: That i definetly dont count on in my time.
Ericzander: A nuclear war won’t turn anyone into a zombie. We’d all be dead.
qazzaq251: High = Lazy Resistance to pain Extreme Hunger
qazzaq251: now add a lil mix of pcp or angel dust
Hoole: What kinda pot makes you infectious and want to eat people.
qazzaq251: and u can eat fake
Hoole: ooo i get your meaning.
qazzaq251: Pot + Pcp = High hard to kill = Lazy Resistance to pain Extreme Hunger now add a lil mix of pcp or angel dust
qazzaq251: remember the main who cut his face off and fed it to his dog that was pcp by itself
Hoole: And it still has the common weakness for zombies, a shot to the head
qazzaq251: ^true
Ericzander: Yeah…. Or if you mix that stuff your body will flip shit and you’d just die
qazzaq251: ^that possible
Ericzander: My body would be like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OH I QUIT
qazzaq251: Lol
Ericzander: just like a zombie invasion, I’d just die
Hoole: XD
qazzaq251: u see nuclear war wont create zombie it will create mutants
Ericzander: No it’d create dead people
qazzaq251: Erc when anola gay droped the bomb on hiroshima they mutated
Ericzander: Yeah but into weirdos
Ericzander: Not superhumans
qazzaq251: children where born with 4 arms 2 faces all kinds of ****ed up shit
qazzaq251: I didnt say superhumans
qazzaq251: i just said mutant
Ericzander: Oh… Well they wouldn’t be much of a threat
qazzaq251: Mutants vs military vs Mob
Ericzander: BUt it’s ok. It would be mutant vs military vs mob vs dead eric
Hoole: Lol dead eric.
qazzaq251: ^ u wont die those who want to live will die those who want to die will live
qazzaq251: its called sadistic irony
Hoole: I feel ill die.
qazzaq251: Im not sure what will happen to me only time i will tell
qazzaq251: But if i am alive…I will eat people
Hoole: I say come at me zombies. If i die, im going to die taking some of them with me
Ericzander: I’d say that. I’d be like “OK ZOMBIES BRING IT ON! I’LL WILL AVEN…” then I would die.
Ericzander: About to start Cactus McCoy. Anyone like it?
T6salt: Hate it
Maik50: It’s ok
Blizzard2000: Cactus McCoy is awesome.
Ericzander: well damn…
NotDeadTupac: Yeah! your in Trouble now.
adv0catus: Who’s Trouble?
adv0catus: I’d like to know who I’m in.
Ericzander: No adv0 don’t be an idiot. Trouble is a place.
adv0catus: Oh, right.
adv0catus: My bad.
adv0catus: Where’s Trouble?
LethalMutiny:Don’t you like.. have school? Lol.
Blizzard2000:Homeschooled :P
LethalMutiny:Oh, lol.
racefan12:freaking homeschooled nubs
Ericzander:OOOOOH That explains it.
Ericzander:I wondered why Blizz never left


MaistlinRajere:I have a fancy script that helps delete friends
Blizzard2000:What does it do?
racefan12:It helps delete friends, Blizz
Ericzander: Unlike Blizz I don’t have the luxury of not learning stuff. I gtg to class now.
Ericzander:See ya
Blizzard2000:But what does it do? :P
LethalMutiny:It. Deletes. Friends.
Ericzander: ^
Ericzander: ^
Ericzander: Hey all. Strangest thing ever just happened
Tecnoturc: what’s that
Ericzander: I was in a lecture hall, learning music stuff. Then suddenly my teacher has a shocked face.
T6salt: And then?
Tecnoturc: why?
Ericzander: The whole class looks back and we see a guy in a banana costume panting heavily.
T6salt: LOL
Tecnoturc: lol
Ericzander: We are stunned, he says “What? GO on, I’m sorry”
Ericzander: still panting.
Ericzander: And then the door behind him opens and he screams “OH SHIT” and runs through our classroom with a guy in a gorilla costume chasing him
Ericzander: I swear on my life I am not making this up!
Ericzander: He is running screaming “THIS GORILLA WANTS TO EAT ME HELP!”
Ericzander: And then after doing a lap around the huge lecture hall, he runs out. We all are shocked until we start bursting out in laughter.
GotterakaThing: …
Ericzander: The teacher, after picking himself up said “Well… That happened.” and went on teaching.

Wiggles96: It’s nice to have new people that chat and aren’t terrible :D
Ericzander: ^
MachuPichu: And have interesting names
Ericzander: ^
Kwadwo195: Ikr.
Ericzander: ^
Kwadwo195: ^
StyrofoamCup: ..^
adv0catus: When I say your name, the first thing I thought was “PaperCup” alt.
Blizzard2000: ^
braves055: ^
Ericzander: ^
LethalMutiny: Lol
Ericzander: ^
Blizzard2000: PaperCup’s alternate personality.
Kwadwo195: ^
StyrofoamCup: No Plastic Cup though :o
adv0catus: “Papercup alt.”*
StyrofoamCup: Oh, is there a real PaperCup?
LethalMutiny: He makes great games.
Ericzander: ^
Blizzard2000: Needs badges 5/5
MachuPichu: Score multiplier 6x!!!
StyrofoamCup: Ooh, cool.
Blizzard2000: Someone comment that on all his games. :3
adv0catus: His games are the best on Kong.
Ericzander: ^
adv0catus: He’s such an underappreciated developer.
StyrofoamCup: What games has he made?
adv0catus: It’s really sad.
Ericzander: ^
adv0catus: Truly a tragic tale.
Ericzander: ^
LethalMutiny: Eric broke his keyboard and all that works is the shift and 6 keys.
adv0catus: mmhmm.
Ericzander: ^
adv0catus: Wiggles is the rager. EGnub has Multiple Accounts Disorder. What am I? :3 /ego
Blizzard2000: The nub.
Ericzander: The nub
Blizzard2000: Who went out in round 1.
MyNameIsNothing: nub
adv0catus: Blizzard, Eric, EG.
Kwadwo195: LOL
adv0catus: It’s so nice of you to request a week ban so you can spend the holidays with your family. – Seigeengine
They were talking about SSL2. I figured I’d take it out of context
volsportsfan865: wanna play with me?
adv0catus: obby
adv0catus: I thought you’d never ask.
aturtledoesbite: shush salt
T6salt: you have like 10 mins yet
aturtledoesbite: SHUSH
T6salt: well 13
aturtledoesbite: WHY DO YOU NOT SHUSH
T6salt: well now it’s 12
aturtledoesbite: SALT Y U DO DIS
Ericzander: WOOT Planet of the Apes marathon next saturday faints
MadJedi: The movie happens in a future Earth
MadJedi: /spoiler
MaistlinRajere: Goddamnit, Mad.
MaistlinRajere: I haven’t seen it yet.
EnCFusion: GG
EnCFusion: Spoilers too strong
Ericzander: Mad u hax!
Ericzander: not fair
Ericzander: now maist won’t understand it!
MaistlinRajere: Now I don’t want to watch it anymore.
Ericzander: MJ, you’re disrespectful. Like when you told me snape dies and Bruce Willis was dead the whole time
MaistlinRajere: Snape dies?
MaistlinRajere: I thought he kills Dumbledore.
EnCFusion: Spoilers strike again!
Ericzander: Dumbledore dies!?
awein999: WHAT
precarious: Wiggles would take the Subway, followed by the Segway
Raelito: those turdmonkeys
MaistlinRajere: wat
MaistlinRajere: You can’t call people turdmonkeys.
MaistlinRajere: That’s my word. GTFO.
Ericzander: yeah you turdmonkey
Ericzander: don’t use maist’s word!
MaistlinRajere: :\
Ericzander: i got your back maist. dont you hate when turdmonkeys say turdmonkey?
Ericzander: like geez. Can’t turdmonkeys use their own words? Or must they all just say turdmonkey.
Raelito: isorry maistnub
MadJedi: You’re saying it right now, turdmonkey.
Ericzander: turdmonkey so did you turdmonkey!
MadJedi: Damn turdmonkeys.
Ericzander: MJ… You are such a turdmonkey.
LouWeed: What is a turdmonkey?
MadJedi: urmum
Ericzander: MJ is a turdmonkey
MadJedi: osnap
Raelito: a turdmonkey
MadJedi: I’m hismum?
Ericzander: my mom MJ is a turdmonkey
racefan12: That escalated quickly
racefan12: guise eric should have a badge for like -54 points that he earns every time he makes fun of a comment in chat
Tragic Poptart Story:

gurl stops meking out n asks boi to get poptartz.

he dus.

den gurl teks deep breff. den gurl sais “be i am pregnent will u stay ma bf” n he seys “no”.

gurl is hertbrokn <///////3

gurl criez n runz awaii from boi wiffout eatin poptart n she has low blood suga so she fols

boi runs ova 2 her.

she ded.

he screems n frows poptart @ wol… a bootiful diomand ring wuz insyd.


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