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Once apon a time… I was born.

I’m also a rat thing?

Maybe a fish of a sort… well who cares?

I do?…

This is sad :(

I’ll just make something up, maybe?

I’m a dolphin that rides on flying unocorns while danceing on my TV set.

is that good enough? :)


just kidding i’m a rainbow sheep …

I can’t beleive you didn’t know that.

stupids… :)
ModernWarfare2 amazing stuff:
knifed a hacker :)
got hacked 4 revenge :(
killed another hacker :)
he wrote something on my screen:(
something that starts with a F :(
I have a pet cat,she’s a woman cat.
I had 4 dogs, they all died ….. :( .
My leg fell off when I was 7…JK :]
My brother died in a video game :l
He cussed a lot,lol I mean A LOT :)

..(My Favorites)
animal:GillaMonster..its a lizard _
plant: Uh?…A Coffe Bean Tree?
farm animal: RAINBOW SHEEP!!!!!!!
car brand: Ram
computer brand: hp
youtube show: Smosh
planet: Earth
ok.. end of that stuff

i killed a beaver with a grenade.
it was his foult 4 being there O.o …
R.I.P. cute little beaver.
now if it was justin beiver it’d b different.
and dont nag me if u r a beiber fan!

my best friend is Nyan Cat.
if u cant tell why,its bcuz we both own a
limited addition 70’s barbie doll. DUH!…
i’m sorry for yelling at you.
Just to let u know,my cat can beat the butter out of u.(NOT JOKING)
So all u zombies out there back off…
Did I ever mention I like to write/type?
I own a money factory…
I get the paper from trees in Antarctica.
Not many trees there though.
I cut the trees down with my karate-chopping action. My company isn’t doing so well.I had to put my factory in a secret place because the company wouldn’t allow it anywhere else.
I don’t get why though.
Um,well this is getting boring.

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