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All the pretty Girls stand up!

All the girls who look bitter on Myspace stay indoors.
I mean it, stay indoors, ’tis not a joke.

One thing most people SHOULD like is
cheese :P

Murder time FUN TIME

You never know when it will happen

anything can be a weapon

I’m surprised you’ve made it this far on this lame profile, most people can’t handle the stupidity and insanity that radiates from this profile, I’m astounded that even I can handle it.

pls people, stop using ‘gay’ as an insult. :(
Most gays are proud to be gay, so it wont affect them.
Super Effective

Are you still reading this? Damn, you’re very interested in this strange profile. Stop reading this, I actually don’t feel like typing anything else.

Y u no listen? Don’t continue reading this text.

Here’s pics 2 make u stop reading for a bit

Chicken Wangz

and vidz

Got Milk?

Should be amusing

The end of a extremely vacuous profile

Beatrix_Lulamoon: Leedle leedle leedle lee
Beatrix_Lulamoon: We do weed illegally

BellaLecruz: Black coffee is disgusting.
BellaLecruz: I’ve already downed it.
Fooby_Revenge: She downed something black
Fooby_Revenge: ;)

mvm900: there’s a hell of a lot of irony when you don’t use grammar and call someone stupid.

Goku1905: U know men take women as to how they are shaped Goku1905: Aria is shape like the common letter l

PinkiePieBrony: This game is terrible
PinkiePieBrony: ****ing mexicans everywhere
PinkiePieBrony: on american servers speaking spanish
forker111: xD Appreciate the diversity.
PinkiePieBrony: No
PinkiePieBrony: it’s annoying when I join a server
forker111: xD
PinkiePieBrony: labeled us east
PinkiePieBrony: and say “hi”
PinkiePieBrony: and get “habla espeniol” back
PinkiePieBrony: So **** all these mexicans
PinkiePieBrony: they should go back to trying to sneak back across the border
PinkiePieBrony: like the wetbacks they are
forker111: At least your game loads. ._.
PinkiePieBrony: I’d rather it didn’t after this latest update
PinkiePieBrony: they can buff blazer all ****ing day but they cant make a mute/ignore function
ScPower: Blazers weren’t buffed in the update.
PinkiePieBrony: They always say that
PinkiePieBrony: and they always do more damage each update
PinkiePieBrony: blazer’s are retardedly op
ScPower: Either that or you don’t know how to deal with them.
PinkiePieBrony: I do
PinkiePieBrony: sit back and rail gun them
PinkiePieBrony: doesn’t mean shit on shuttle bay when you’re trying to capture a point and a single blazer kills your whole team
ScPower: I don’t even see that many Blazers now.
PinkiePieBrony: That’s because no one can afford them
EndlessRise: RANKED UP
PinkiePieBrony: if it was a free class I guarentee this game would be blazerfall tournament again
PinkiePieBrony: rise talk to me when you make lieutenant
freemanjames77: yall some hoes
EndlessRise: I hate the Blazer..
PinkiePieBrony: James
ScPower: Lol I am a General.
PinkiePieBrony: shut your whoremouth
freemanjames77: what
PinkiePieBrony: Shut your whore mouth
PinkiePieBrony: you little bitch
ScPower: D:
freemanjames77: i **** yo momma hoe ass nigga heartless felon will be at yo neck stop talkin shit bitch ass nigga
PinkiePieBrony: was that even a coherent sentence
PinkiePieBrony: listen here little pleb
PinkiePieBrony: you may think you’re gangster
forker111: ?
PinkiePieBrony: but your likely the biggest wigger on the block
PinkiePieBrony: so watch your tongue before I have to put you in your place
herobrinecave123: Shut the **** up pinkie acting all black
PinkiePieBrony: Uh
PinkiePieBrony: I’m not acting black
DeondraH1: kevin
PinkiePieBrony: you’re retarded herobrine
freemanjames77: what
PinkiePieBrony: aight I’m out
PinkiePieBrony: this place is cancer anyway

XxLEBANONxX: i touch small children for pleasure
Iomar: o.O
XxLEBANONxX: got a problem with that?
Iomar: yes its discrimination
Iomar: Just the small ones
Iomar: x shakes head x
XxLEBANONxX: would u like to be touched?
qazzaq123: none of that plz Leb
XxLEBANONxX: yes mod

forker111: Anyone know a good server where at least one other person speaks English?

AlecDay000016: puts clothes baqck on

Fooby_Revenge: Vll
Fooby_Revenge: Vall*
Vallintino: Foby
Fooby_Revenge: I got pics. ;)
Vallintino: oh dam
Vallintino: r they hawt
Fooby_Revenge: Yiz
Sywn: Fooby
Vallintino: r u a hawt gril foobi
Fooby_Revenge: yes im a hawt grill
Vallintino: fooby
Vallintino: fappin rite now
Fooby_Revenge: Woona is right next 2 me
Vallintino: srsly
Vallintino: tell her i said
Fooby_Revenge: On skype
Vallintino: im vallintino
Vallintino: <3
DinkDumper: Its bad manners to share pics given in confidence u guiz
DinkDumper: The ass WAS fat tho.
Vallintino: ik dink
Sywn: That was a fine ass
Vallintino: it was something you just wanna jiggle up and down

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