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Aug. 12, 2018
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Female, I’ve got blue eyes. Everything else is subject to change…and often does, depending on my mood. Regarding age…the first Sputnik and I were both launched in the same year…google it youngling!

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.” – Robert Frost

A discussion in the Bushwacker’2 chat room the day we were told that almost all chat rooms were going away.

Jul 2 – 11:28PM forgingaheart: okay i need to go for now, i’m plotting an overthrow of admins for the day after i am demodded….of course
Jul 2 – 11:29PM Zingman886: oh that’s right you were a mod here weren’t you
forgingaheart: technically still am
Jul 2 – 11:30PM joethunder2: for time being
forgingaheart: at least until the room disappears from what i gather
Zingman886: technically? they eff it up so you still have powers?
forgingaheart: yep
Zingman886: ah
Jul 2 – 11:31PM Zingman886: so they removed the M not the powers — not surprised
forgingaheart: the funny thing is i have still never banned anyone, so on the last day i might ask for volunteers
forgingaheart: okay see ya’ll later
joethunder2: bye forg
forgingaheart: oh zing, i think that is going on my profile page
Jul 2 – 11:32PM Zingman886: lol sure?

Definition: Sensitive subject… I guess the noun’s feelings are easily upset by the verb.

lidbot: i would so love to be a drama queen…but don’t like a lot of attention

Regarding the laggggg in so many games: RobRx: remember! whomevers lag gets closest to the wall, wins!

NewWorldFool: I agree with him (Tornasuk) wholeheartedly. Like I said, fire has been solving problems since forever.
llabeno: except global warming not really helping there is it ?
tornasuk: that’s the sun throwing Molotov’s at the liberals

caranddriver: And if misbehaving, do it responsibly.

tirrene: is the past tense of tweet “twote”?

Fode0100: I’m dumb xD
forgingaheart: If you are judging yourself to be a certain way, isn’t it hypocritical to ask others not to judge you that same way?

TNTM: like I said, you can’t control what other people do unless you kidnap them and keep them chained up in your basement
TNTM: and I still don’t have a basement!

One-liners Regarding Trolls:

Papapreach: your not fun… in a battle of wits u came without ammo

Tola: Seldom do you see somebody on such distant terms with their own excrement.

PantherVoodoo: I’ve resigned myself to keep my commentary to myself…UNTIL some suitably obvious target presented itself

Some people are their own worse enemy:
Rebelfire____: wow I been permeant banned 83 times only making me stronger
Spicepoet: stronger smelling perhaps, but apparently not a lot smarter.
Rebelfire____: I can report u spice for calling me smelly u have to be nice
spacedock: how do u get permabanned
Rebelfire____: it easy space want to know the easiest?
Spicepoet: lol please feel free =) after they laugh and send me a thank you for trying to diffuse the situation, i’ll get a nice gold star. they’re pretty.
forgingaheart: and shiny
Spicepoet: they are at that foreheart.
zippyrn: spacedock – by being a fartwarbling titwrench
zippyrn: rebel however appears to be a twitbadger
forgingaheart: zippy I think I’m going to have to add that to my profile
zippyrn: what fartwarbling titwrench ?
Spicepoet: well it is Fartwarbler season, get out the binoculars.
forgingaheart: I’m not sure it is possible for him/her/it to behave if he/she/it has been pemabanned that many times
forgingaheart: still I’m adding zippy’s stuff to my profile
Spicepoet: well i try to be nice. it’s my nature. then turd get flushed down the toilet when they start to stink too much.

Regarding Life:

APR 17 – 10:30PM
aikidon: Yeah, grandparenting is completely different than parenting. I tell friends parenting is a life sentence, with the benefit of grandparenting, if you are lucky.
DuckandLion: I love being a grandmother… best thing in life :)

On last day as a Mod July 22 2020 after having to sneak back into my own room by nefarious means:

Jul 22 – 3:49PM forgingaheart: ah and there i am

AngelParasit: hi forg :3
Jul 22 – 3:50PM phagras: You still have your mod flag
forgingaheart: i still have it on my profile page too
Jul 22 – 3:51PM Shadowsil2: hi forg, may your M burn bright!
Jul 22 – 3:54PM AngelParasit: i am off, play nicely :D
Shadowsil2: bye angel
1didisafe: M as for Mother.. forgin is like a mother chicken, collecting all her little chicks home :) they can’t take the M from you, forgin.. it is a part of you. once M..always M..
Jul 22 – 3:56PM forgingaheart: well just remember to wipe your feet wash you hands and stop pestering your little sister LOL
forgingaheart: and thanks didi
Jul 22 – 3:57PM 1didisafe: lol forgin. hugs
forgingaheart: unfortunately right now we have a lot of the baby chicks scattered all over

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