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    New Philadelpheia, Attiki, Athens, Hellas - Greece
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    Jul. 06, 2008
I study Computer Science and Informatics at the University Of Piraeus, my thesis is on Licensed Shared Access in Wireless Communications, I (used to) volunteer at my town's pets rescue center, I go running, I read -books and poetry- comics, I (used to) geocache, I experiment in the kitchen, I go out with my man (or we stay inside), I watch movies (mainly sci-fi, fantasy, horror), I listen to music (from classical to black metal), I play games on Kong, I have little crystals in my kidneys trying to form stones, I wear glasses, I used to bite my nails but I've stopped long ago (yay!!!), now they look like a lethal weapon (!) and I'm totally into nail-art, I have harvested a sheep for real (but I hate its milk. Though, I love its feta cheese!), I love my man with all my heart (and other organs, and skin, and bones, and fat), he is the one and only for me ("relevant feels bomb":http://www.kongregate.com/games/Lionga/kongregate-avatar-creator-contest?level=269167) and ... some other things you wouldn't wanna know. :P Also I'm writing all this because I don't think anyone will ever bother reading it all. :3 ______________________________________________________________ ~_24 March 2016, 16:56 EET_~ I decided to keep chat logs that moved me in any way, good or bad, funny or sad, copying Lizzie's habit. Too bad I didn't start doing that earlier. :( ______________________________________________________________ ~_MAR 24 - 4:29PM_~ +SirButcher+: time to change music! ~_MAR 24 - 4:29PM_~ +SirButcher+: maybe that is my problem ^^ ~_MAR 24 - 4:30PM_~ +Avatarslayer666+: Change the music of your life! ~_MAR 24 - 4:30PM_~ +SirButcher+: no, the music of my life is consistent :D ______________________________________________________________ ~_MAR 28 - 4:23PM_~ +janethemad+: The only wrong way to play is by being rude ______________________________________________________________ ~_JUN 18 - 2:38PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: guys, lunch for today will be spaggetti a la carbonara. I can smell the gouda cheese melting in the oven... ~_JUN 18 - 2:38PM_~ +JRXSomething+: I'm hungry ~_JUN 18 - 2:38PM_~ +JRXSomething+: Maybe I can pretend to cook ~_JUN 18 - 2:38PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: even better, pretend to eat. this way you won't lose time pretending cooking. ~_JUN 18 - 2:39PM_~ +JRXSomething+: Hmm... I see where you're getting at ~_JUN 18 - 2:39PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: x-) ______________________________________________________________ ~_SEP 9 - 7:27PM_~ +Trenchcloak+: name for an orange dart frog . . . . ~_SEP 9 - 7:27PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: triklopotharos ~_SEP 9 - 7:27PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: :P ~_SEP 9 - 7:28PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: it means someone who likes to put their feet in someone's way causing them to fall face down ~_SEP 9 - 7:28PM_~ +toomucheffort+: I thought that was just an asshole ~_SEP 9 - 7:28PM_~ +Trenchcloak+: I think I'll be more boring and name it Tang to tempt people to lick it. ~_SEP 9 - 7:29PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: could be called an asshole but triklopotharos is a specific kind of asshole x-) ~_SEP 9 - 7:29PM_~ +toomucheffort+: triklopotharass ~_SEP 9 - 7:29PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ______________________________________________________________ ~_MAR 9 - 9:19PM_~ +jcahotshot+: gameback after4hr nap ~_MAR 9 - 9:20PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: you took a 4 hours nap? :( ~_MAR 9 - 9:20PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: :( cause i'm jealous ~_MAR 9 - 9:21PM_~ +jcahotshot+: then go watchn porn ~_MAR 9 - 9:21PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: porn gives you naps..? ~_MAR 9 - 9:21PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: is that what you were doing before your nap? :P ~_MAR 9 - 9:21PM_~ +gms57tr3+: porn gives naps? ~_MAR 9 - 9:22PM_~ +GillB10+: I love the way these chats can skip from one subject to another so quickly. lol :D ~_MAR 9 - 9:22PM_~ +jcahotshot+: was on pogo playing domincs ~_MAR 9 - 9:22PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: so how did you get naps then???? ______________________________________________________________ ~_MAR 18 - 5:00PM_~ +1didisafe+: ` ~_MAR 18 - 5:02PM_~ +FoufiDoom+: didi you made me think a couple of pixels of my screen died. ~_MAR 18 - 5:02PM_ +hellvin+: haha

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