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my all time favorite SNES game has to be super mario world
my all time favorite ps2 game has to be crash bandicoot 2

So I found J dude... Here's his profile desc.

Our dear developers

*0rava:* The most that could be said about him is that he made Mutilate a doll. He has done some other games, mostly for game jams. Sgarden and the tentacle below could be fun testing.

*2DArray:* He made the game Fisher-Diver which has an excellent plot. In Fisher-Diver you hunt underwater creatures, but there is something left in the water. Collect all guffins and reveal the mystery! 2DArray has created some very popular games like Spewer and The Company of Myself. On 2DArray's wall of games there is also the less gameplay filled game You Find Yourself In A Room and the even less gameplay filled game Just Chatting.

*aardman:* If you have TV you have probably seen their clay animations Shaun The Sheep and Wallace and Gromit. Most of their games are based on those TV shows.

*ajazgames:* Ajazgames has made many point and click games. It is that type of games that blend in with the others by being almost completely the same. Ajaz games characterize mainly by the golden frames for the inventory slots.

*Appless:* He made the idle game electric rubber and some trivia. He also made the grindy candy whacker and no turning back.

*artlogicgames:* They are most known for the epic war games but have also made Bug War, Khronos and Monster Saga.

*Baldurans:* He is most known for his idle games but has also made the Warnet games and two nice puzzle games.

*Bennuk:* He makes short, original and minimalistic games.

*BerzerkStudio:* Made a bunch of long side-scrollers like Kick The Critter, GunBot, Sky Quest and Berzerk Ball. They made the gore filled Sands of the Coliseum where you cut limbs off your opponents.

*Blobzone:* Blobzone is the creator of many idle games. He has made some platformers and random number generators(simulators). He has also made Reach the toilet where you try to not poop yourself, Drop the Blob where you click on blocks to get the blob to the winning line and DodgeDotDodge where you avoid the objects for as long as possible.

*BoMToons:* Nick Pasto a.k.a. BoMToons has made many games and tend to colaborate with Luis. He fills his games with his own type of humour. They are mostly very hard fighting and point and click games. He made hits like Abobos big adventure, Portal Defenders and Chibi Knight.

*bontegames:* Bart Bonte seems to like making puzzle games with minimalism as theme. Most notably: Factory Balls, 'Duck, think outside the flock', 'Sugar, sugar' and What's inside the box.

*booblycCom:* They have created some tower defense games and are most known for Incursion. Booblyc has also made some physics games like Steampunk and Big Blocks Battle.

*brvasil:* Bravasil makes unity games with well-made graphics. They are mostly shooters but many are racing games which could be fun to spend some time on.

*CasualCollective:* They are known for their strategy games such as Desktop TD. They are also sponsoring games by other developers.

*ConArtists:* Known as the developer of the last stand games. They make realistic graphics and have worked with developers like joeybetz.

*Coolio_Niato:* Has mostly made rhythm-based games. Some where the cursor is turned into a spinning note and has to evade obstacles. Coolio Niato has made a bunch of puzzle games too. Most known is Light-Bot in which you queue commands that will steer a robot through a level. There are only a few games of this kind and Light-Bot is one of the hardest. I enjoyed < Enigma > which is another puzzle game. BloxBox is worth mentioning too. Then we have Super Xtreme 5 Minute Shoot Em Up which is a nice bullet hell game. Lastly, if you are like me who really like controlling a character with very slippery controls, especially in a platformer, then I strongly recommend I HATE ICE LEVELS. It has just the perfect difficulty for us, namely extremely hard!

*Crescentyr:* They made Bround which is kinda original. They have also made Sneaky Stanley, Rullo and Hexallin which are puzzle games.

*Darkmoonfire:* I highly recommend the game Shadow. In Shadow you search for birds and gain powerups in a dark environment. It is a short platformer. Toy Drop and Spacejam are also worth to test.

*DJStatika:* He makes mostly fighting games. DJStatika has also made Crunchball 3000 which is a football game and Yepi's Journey which is a vertically scrolling launch game.

*DystralEuphorie:* Has made a great quantity of unity games. Many of his submissions are removed old versions. Instead of updating his games, DystralEuphorie tends to upload a new game as an updated version. Many of them are first-person explorers. Some with an eerie athmosphere. If you have played one of them you have got a picture of how they all are like. You walk around in a world with beautiful graphics and blindly search for the place that gets you to the next checkpoint. Some other kinds of his games worth mentioning: Urban Ball, DragonFly Racer, Humpty Dumpty, Fairy Maze, 3D Difference, Xöpy and Tsily.

*EdgebeeStudios:* They have made Critter Forge which is an RPG where you train your pet in combat. EdgebeeStudios has also made Sorcery Quest and Swords & Potions.

*EffingGames:* He made the "awesome" games Effing Worms and Stick Figure Badminton.

*Enagamess:* Enagames has made a lot of games. With a lot I mean enough to get a layout problem to uccur with the pages of games being too many. Most of their games are either point and click adventures or item search. Excellent graphics which is nice for this kind of games. I am not sure if Enagames actually makes games or just acts as a third-party entity uploading the games which are on their site.

*esthetix:* Esthetix makes point and click games. The lot of them are very similar to each other. They are well made, not very long, pretty hard, feature voice acting, have good graphics and have a plenty of jokes.

*EvgenyKarataev:* He has made many physics games and is most known for Wake Up the Box. He has also made I Know Art which is a quiz and I Know Art 2 where you puzzle together famous paintings.

*EvilDog:* EvilDog makes very scary games with gore and such. They are usually hard and involves zombies. That is not the type I like. My favourite game by this person is Z-Rox, an original masterpiece.

*ExperaGameStudio:* They make point and click games for those who do not like to spend most of the time clicking everywhere searching for new items, because all objects possible to interact with are marked. They fill their games with humour. Not my type though.

*ExploreWellcome:* ExploreWellcome has three games here on kong. They are part of Wellcome Collection in London.

*FlyAnvil:* FlyAnvil is most known for their decision series and insectonator, which have well made graphics.

*FrozenTorch:* FrozenTorch a.k.a. violatorgames made Legend of the Void and Rise Of Champions which are well-made turn based RPG fighter games.

*gameinabottle:* This team likes to make long games, it seems. They are most known for their GemCraft tower defense games.

*gamer70008000:* Gamer70008000 clearly prioritize quantity over quality in their games, which are so bad that they are good. I enjoyed playing them.

*gamesdevelopers:* There is something mystical about this person. The games on gamesdevelopers' profile are all sponsored by A to Z online games. On A to Z online games' website there are games almost identical to those on gamesdevelopers' profile. It could be a change of main character or bubble instead of candy. I have wondered if this person either is A to Z online games' publisher who has taken games on their site and changed some minor details so they can upload them on other sites with links to their site instead of the original sponsor, or if it is a publisher outside A to Z online games who have got their games in exchange for shared ad revenue and a link to their site in each game which has got some small modifications.

*GazThomas:* Creator of many classical, like Box Clever, Red Remover and 3 Slices. My favourite game by GazThomas is Scriball where you guide a ball to the exit with a line that follows your cursor. You can play the game three times with bouncier balls which make it harder.

*Gibton:* He has made some puzzle games together with Edvent. I liked Sequence.

*GPStudios:* GPStudios has made their bunny invasion and wasted youth. Wasted youth was going to be one game with the full story but got split into two parts because of its length. It is just that part two never came out. The game got quite a fan base which met delay after delay until it eventually got canceled. GPStudios is generous with jokes and makes well polished games.

*GregoryWeir:* Gregory makes games with well thought out plots and stories. They are usually weird and with unlockable notes. In the notes you can read about his thoughts throughout the developement. My favourite game by GregoryWeir is Beneath the Waves. I also recommend testing Looming and The Day.

*HeroInteractive:* They made bubble shooter thingies and some defense games. Better games they made are StarShine, Pixel 2, Dead Metal and Microbe Kombat.

*HotAirRaccoon:* He made Get Off My Lawn, Endless Migration and Kids Vs. Ice Cream.

*HyperHippoGames:* Most known for a certain idle game. They are nothing for action games and instead make puzzle/idle/RPG games. Too bad I cannot play most of them since they are made in unity.

*Hyptosis:* Hyptosis makes point and click games with a very special art style. If you like his style you may enjoy Hood and Kingdom of Liars. Too bad the Kingdom of Liars series was left unfinished with a cliffhanger, and Hood 2 is very frightening at a point. Many of his games hide references to his other games.

*IriySoft:* They started off making terrain driving games. The games you would find now by IriySoft are well polished with a way too grindy upgrading system. That is what people like so I guess their fame is well deserved. Well-known games: Tequila Zombies, Road Of Fury, Battalion Commander and Cursed Treasure.

*JackAstral:* JackAstral, also known as 08jackt, has made many games. He has made simulators, tower defense games, platformers, battle games and sandbox games. Now he mostly makes silly interactive stories.

*Jayisgames:* Jayisgames is most known for their reviews. They have also made many text walkthroughs. On kongregate, Jayisgames stands out by being the leader in points and probably fans too. Four games are made under their name. A point and click game, a platformer, a dice game and a ball throwing game.

*Jiggmin:* Known for having created Platform Racing, Jiggmin has managed to get some of his later games badged. His badged games that work are Effing Meteors and Neverending Light. Neverending Light is a scary game with a well made story. Then there is Rolley-Ball in which you control the tilting of a platform to control a ball through each level.

*Jimp:* Jimp draws kongpanions! He works as an artist and has done the graphics in many bigger flash games.

*Jindo:* Jindo seems to have left kongregate, and started making other kinds of games instead. He is known for his very hard platformers. Jindo usually puts some plinky music in his games. I recommend testing Rainbow Block since it is a kinda original idea.

*jmtb02:* Legend says that if it were not for his elephant games, the world of online gaming would be filled with tedious grinders. Jmtb02 has got quite famous for his many games. He is an administrator on Kongregate and knows Greg in person. Yet his better games are sponsored by Armor games.

*jocmania:* Jocmania makes hard games, often with a too tall game screen. The games are super generic.

*joeybetz:* Creator of the crush the castle games and the sushi cat games.

*JuiceTin:* JuiceTin made the Raze series, including Strike Force Heroes. The games are science fiction themed platform shooters where you fight against aliens and zombies.

*JuicyBeast:* JuicyBeast makes games with the same art scheme. They are known for their scrollers Feed the King, Knightmare Tower and especially the Burrito Bison series.

*kChamp:* KChamp is most known for having made ShellShock Live. Some original ideas are Shrink, Shaper and EenieBounce.

*keybol:* Keybol has made many games. They all differ from point and click adventures to jump and bop platformers. He made the famous Belial games and the Pretentious Game series.

*knfescapegame:* Knfescapegame has made a lot of point and click games. They are hard, have the text written in bad english and have good graphics. I admire knfescapegame's dedication.

*kupo707:* Matt, also known as kupo707, made the EBF games which have too catchy music to be played with the sound on. He earlier made flash movies called Black Mages.

*lavaflame2:* He started off making avoiding games and now submits idle games. For Three was kinda fun. You try to score in basket but you play with yourself. Another game is A Quest for Light.

*LiSchSsudios:* He made the play-worthy Interactive Bob games. I recommend the second one.

*Louissi:* Louissi may have not been very active on Kongregate, and he may not be in the future, because he has moved on to make bigger games. He has made scuba, which is one of my favourite games. In scuba you collect resources and craft new and better equipment which are like upgrades and when you have got the best set you can craft the motor which you need to win. Louissi usually finds some catchy music to put in his games. His games are all very well made.

*LovattoStudio:* They have made some 3D games, like Zig Zag where you click to turn direction so you do not fall off the way. They have made a circular pong game where you play with one pad and have a 360 degree edge to keep the ball inside, and they have made a flag game.

*lucidrine:* They made Valthirian Arc 2. They have also made 'Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy' and some item searching games.

*mafagames:* Another one with enough games to overlap the 'games by...' text. Mafagames submits games for kids where you start off with fully optimized features without upgrades and such. Despite this, most games are very hard. The games differ from each other very much and can be a fun change from all highly rated grinders.

*MARTINIRosso:* MARTINIRosso has made many games which have in common that they have well made animations. Some games have a bit too intense graphics. You would probably want a fast computer when playing them. He made some hit games, like Dangerous adventure, StrikeForce Kitty and MadBurger.

*MateuszSkutnik:* Mateusz has submitted exactly onehundred games on kongregate now. He may have left it at that, since he moved on to other platforms. You can find out about his new projects on his blog, where he also links to his weekly drawings. Mateusz is known for his hard point and click games, especially Submachine, where you explore the past in a weird and creepy underground envirounment. Other games I recommend are the Daymare series and Labyrinth.

*nerdook:* Nerdook has many games here on kongregate and most of them are badged, but he has moved on to making games on steam instead. Nerdook tends to choose super generic genres and make games somewhat different to them, so the games are pretty original. The games made by nerdook are not too hard, have the same art style and a decent amount of humour.

*niklec:* Niklec submits the same types of games over and over again. They are jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, item searching, memory and girly caretake/dressup games (or whatever to call them). I gotta give this guy credits for the detailed game descriptions. So many similar games but niklec manages to come up with something new to write every time.

*Ninjakiwi:* They made the fabulous bloons games, and are quite famous not only for that but also for other games like Hotcorn, Meeblings and SAS.

*Nitrome:* Nitrome is one of the biggest flash games producers, or at least was. Now they do not make as much games as they used to. If you are in my age, you probably remember playing games like Icebreaker and Final Ninja Zero on school breaks. Nitrome has made many unique games and I give them an A in originality. I liked Mutiny very much, and I have played Flipside even more.

*Nsrgames:* Nsrgames makes point and click games. End of story.

*nutcasenightmare:* Behold, because he is the creator of :the game:, probably the most gore filled game on the web! Other than :the game:, the game where you kill yourself over and over again in, nutcasenightmare has also made Gap Monsters in which you kill small and cute monsters instead. It is a puzzle game with quite original and hard gameplay.

*PaulHTML5:* He makes a big variety of small games. Many themed after known games like minecraft and tetris. An original game is Coil, where you ring the good orbs and avoid ringing the bad ones.

*pitergames:* They make games filled with humour and are mostly known for their Trollface Quest games. Pitergames is now known as PPLLAAYY and is a pretty big sponsor. They have also made many physics games. Air Hockey 2x2, POPA, Spitter and Aachoo could be fun. I liked FuryFury.

*pixeljamgames:* Pixeljam is my favourite game developing team. They make low frequent retro-style games. I recommend to test Dino Run! It has nice physics.

*platon_skedow:* Platon_skedow made Christmas Meetings. Christmas Meetings is a game in which you connect groups of figures of at least five of a kind. When they are connected, they get removed. You can only move one figure per turn and every turn five new figures pop up. The game ends when there is no place for any new figures to pop up in. Platon_skedow also made some war games.

*QRious:* Legend and creator of Everybody Edits. QRious, more known as Benjaminsen, is the reason for why I still am on kong, because he made Everybody Edits. He is not the owner anymore, and it seems like he wants to forget about the game. He made a list of all his projects he has worked on, and Everybody Edits was nowhere on that list. Apart from Everybody Edits, Benjaminsen has made a plenty of games, like Untangle, Lines and, well, other broken games.

*R2Games:* R2Games makes bigger MMO games with very well made graphics. When I say 'free to play and pay to win' I am pretty sure most of you get a picture of the type of games. The games are plotted in a fantasy world where your goal is to work yourself up to glory by fighting enemies. I got drowned into Yitien some years ago which has this east asia theme. I wonder how many they are in the RealitySquaredGames team. I mean it takes quite some effort to make so many well polished games.

*Reflexive:* Reflexive has left kong, but contributed with a plenty of games during their time here. Reflexive is most known for making Music Catch. They have also made some real-time strategy games about aeroplanes landing and lifting with much traffic directed by you, and one about taking passengers between different places in a taxi.

*Remivision:* He makes puzzle games. Wooden Path and Shields of Gemland for example, which are two of my favourite games. You should also test Fish Need Water if you like a good physics game.

*saybox:* I remember playing Pingy the Ping Idle RPG some years ago and losing my savefile after getting 20.000.000 dollars. The game was fun back then, but the many idle games which have popped up lately have made it a bit dull. Apart from Pingy the Ping Idle RPG, saybox has also made Coin Collector and the Leaving Your Room series. Other than that, saybox has made some trivia and puzzle games. Nothing for you who do not like brutal puzzles and well hidden secrets.

*scriptwelder:* He makes hard point and click games mostly. The deep sleep trilogy is nice but perhaps too scary. 400 years is quite known where you just walk in the same direction all the time and overcome obstacles in a puzzle adventure until you get on top of the volcano. Scriptwelder is also the author of the worst games ever made.

*SeanCooper:* He made wOne, a nice little game where you control a wheel and get to the exit. WOne 2 is much harder. Sean also made the war themed Shadez and Boxhead games.

*SelfishDream:* SelfishDream makes adventure games with intense graphics. The main features in the games are all horrific and abstract artworks. Some games are hard and other seem broken. Unkindled Serenity could be interesting.

*SkaterFly:* He made Pingy the Ping Idle RPG together with Renegade. I highly recommend testing Blob Drop!

*SophieHoulden:* Sophie has made The Linear RPG which really just is a line you are running forth and back along while leveling up. There is a story but it is pretty bad. Sophie has also made some retro style platformers and a bunch of Unity games.

*suntemple33:* Suntemple33 seems to prioritize animations before gameplay. Their games are monotonous. Element Puzzle is not as dull though. It is a puzzle game where you lead an element shifting object to the exit.

*SuperFlashBros:* They have worked together with people like Joey Betz and Antony Lavelle, and have many games sponsored by armor games. They started off making some animations about blue rabbit and his friends. Later they published BR's Climate Chaos. It was the first game about blue rabbit and it took me years to complete. BR stands for blue rabbit. TentaDrill is another game I recommend to test. They also made some games about a zebra named James.

*SwaiN:* For some reason, this guy decided to change the account he uses as main account from theswain to SwaiN. He made Blockhead; stories about the every day happening of someone as smart as a seagull. He also caused the ching chong beautiful apocalypse.

*Tanoku:* The first two games by Tanoku are worth testing because of their originality. Jelly Towers is kinda original too. Tanoku has made some 'aim and launch' physics games too.

*targaciej:* They make minimalistic yet original puzzle games. Most of them are fairly easy and short.

*TerryCavanagh:* He made small pixelated games like Hexagon, Don't Look Back and ChatChat. Most of his games are published under his other account TerryCavanagh_B. Then he made super hexagon and some v's.

*TimeBlog:* This guy made seedling. I like seedling. Seedling could be very hard for new players, but I who have played it several times find it easy to complete. Other games are in example Hollow and Dromad.

*ToffeeGames:* They have made well polished games. A physics game, a manager game and a tower defense game.

*TogeProductions:* They made the infectonator games and are most known for Infectonator : World Dominator, which I remember having played much. Other than that they have made super generic games like Must-a-Mine (clicker/idle) and Days 2 Die (zombie platform shooting thingy).

*top10newgames:* They make point and click games.

*ttursas:* Ttursas is most known for his perfect balance games. He makes physics games.

*Tukkun:* He makes crap games. Despite this, Anti-Idle is still popular and also still gets updated. A true 'kongregator' knows what Anti-Idle: The Game is. It has many features with big variety in gameplay. The game has many goals which all could be accomplished but the game is so long that it would take lifetimes.

*turboNuke:* TurboNuke is the team of LongAnimals and robotJAM. I decided to only include turboNuke on this list even if LongAnimals has made some games on his own. They mostly make racing games, or other games with much physics involved. Cyclomaniacs for example.

*undefined:* Prepare yourself for an adventure in Arkandia in his combat adventure games! Arkandia is always filled with evil and it is your job to keep it under control. His games fit the completionist.

*VasantJ:* VasantJ makes games with similar layouts and well thought out jokes and story. You probably already know this if you are a badge hunter since his Medieval Cop series is the series with most badged games.

*Weasel:* Weasel made the Thing Thing games which are pure platform combat. Many of his games are stupid side-scrollers or have much gore involved.

*WixGames:* He makes arcade games. Most notably Duck Life in which you play small arcade games to train a duck.

*WootraGames:* They made Ectology, a spooky game where you catch orbs in to research them. They also made Sleepy Santa, where you help santa to find the unordinary things around his home. They have made some war games too. WootraGames makes games with well made graphics.

*Zillix:* He has made adventure games. Most of them are pixelated platformers for ludum dare.

I try to include the creators of the games. Some big sponsors are left out like ArmorGames and FreeWorldGroup because I cannot find enough games they have actually made. I have only included developers who have made at least three different online games, so some big single game developers have been left out intentionally. Of course there are more people that would fit on this list, but frankly, I cannot include everybody. While making this list I got introduced to a whole market of game distributing. Authors selling games cheap. Publishers buying the games to sponsor their site. Other publishers changing minor details so they can publish the games with their sponsor instead. I could probably write about it all but that would be a story for another time. Personelly I prefer low rated games before high rated games because I think they are better.

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