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well, maybe…
It was all a dream,
I used to read the Kong chat screen,
Talking to my friends all day long,
Bubbles, Ethen12, Fear, Arma, and Pots who was always toking on the bong.
I rocked caps lock ‘till I got bopped,
and you know Rachi would always say something witty –
to let me know that I was acting shitty.
Even when you had to be a ban fiend, Rachi, you always were the grandest queen.
Although Shelby is now the one on top,
I’ll never forget the times you spent with us while you were working at the potion and sword shop.
Bubbles and I were like a team,
I remember those days laughing at spider man memes,
now it all feels like a daydream.
Before I met her I ain’t ever heard of Ska,
but now I listen to it like it’s a part of my fundamental law.
Y’all remember Alexander M2?
Hell, you know I miss him too.
Even Pots changed my life in his own way,
‘cause to this day I still peep Black Sunday.
He even showed me what it means,
to rage against machines.
Fartjezus always knew how to please us,
he was the type of guy who was all anti-Semitic,
and then the next minute he’d be a Naruto fanatic,
and because of it we loved him like it was symptomatic.
One of my closest friends was named Fear,
and I think it’s clear that I wish he was still here.
I wonder if he remembers that folder,
that shit by now is probably just a smolder,
well maybe it’s time to come clean,
and admit that it was about as real as Wolverine.
I’m a bit stricken that me and him ain’t kicking it anymore,
but I know one day we’ll be chillin’ just like we did before.
Bob was the colourful anarchist,
preaching that pagan shit like he was the antichrist.
And don’t forget the Wombat,
I’m sure his music will one day make him a big cat.
It was a mistake not to mention cheesewoof,
I had a hard time remembering our friendship but all I had to do was look,
he was the goof named after bouffe,
and now I’m trying to piece back together our bond like a scrapbook,
but I know what we had back in the day was foolproof.
Despite claiming to be twelve, Hildalgo,
was always familiar with the likes of Henry David Thoreau.
Arma was among the first that I met,
and I’m upset that he’s gone,
but I know that our friendship isn’t over just yet.
Don’t be displeased,
you know I didn’t forget about The Freeze!
I don’t even know why I named myself after Mike,
but the name still sticks, and he’s like family anyways so it fits.
There’s so much more I want to say,
but for today and maybe forever I need to head my own way.
If I forgot to mention you, know that I ain’t dissin’,
I’m probably still reminiscing – about you and whole the CK crew.
Those times all went by too quick – It’s been more than five years now, and it brings me to tears, thinkin’ about how fast those years slipped by makes me sick.
Can’t imagine how I’ll feel 10, 15, or 30 from now.
I’m sure you’ll all be making it by somehow.
I might have grown up without friends,
but what I had with you all transcends – what could have been.
Life’s a bitch and then you die,
but the times I spent with y’all made me feel alive.

goodbye! ☮

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