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    United States of America. Land of the strong police force and home of the overly gullible sheep.
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    Mar. 11, 2013
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Beware the feminist conspiracy!

Close the blinds to thwart the snipers. Lock your doors so that they can’t kill you and replace you with a female clone.

Did you know most women are actually psychic spies? It my seem odd at first, but consider how they’re always pissed and emotional. Know why? They’re constantly reading your mind, so when you think to yourself about how awesome men are you may as well tell them! They know everything you think, man!

You know, in most places the demographic of men to women is about 60/40, do you know how huge that is!!! It’s like, 20% more of the entire population devoted to women! That means that when they wage war, it’ll be a 3/2 pairing in which men are more likely to be defeated.

Think about it! Why did Joan of Arc disguise herself as a man? To kill entire armies of oppressive men of course! That was just the beginning too. Think about colonial times! You say it was the power hungry European king who tried to conquer the world? NO! It was a front for the queen to rise up against men and take their world from them! Was this motivated by equality? NO! Domination is the only thing on their minds, man!

Even today the feminist conspiracy can be seen under the guise of “industrialization”. Why did prices rise? Because Women made them rise. They alone changed the entire economy to where we now depend upon them for survival. Dual income families have become so normal now that inflation has skyrocketed to the point of where their demand in the labor force has set them on a concrete pedestal!

Men have been completely brainwashed into thinking that women are more tender and harmless than themselves. Women use that to their advantage ALL the time, especially when they have the same rights as men.

If you think about it long enough, I’m sure you can come up with times that women were able to abuse you with this dynamic too. It’s all part of the feminist conspiracy man.

Correlation EQUALS causation man, and only feminist mathematicians will say otherwise. Beware the conspiracy, for soon their final strike will come and all men will be turned to mere cattle to fuel their agenda. Men had tons of privileges back in history, and now they’re here to call upon that debt in full with blood as the required payment!

I have puppets and graphs to help explain my evidence if you need clarification.

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