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käka bajs annars kastar jag lingonsylt på dig.


First Name: Funky, Last Name: B
Birthday: 20th October 20:00 / 8pm(Swedish time)

Having a long profile can be a dream, that’s why I’m trying to make a somewhat long myself.

I am an unknown gender of the unknown species FunkyFreshians. I come from the unknown planet of FonkyFlesh in the distant unknown galaxy M’ikl’gonk’pö. My food is based on chocolate and pineapples. All who has Funky or Fresh in their name is actually related to some or someone on FonkyFlesh. When I was two I moved to the planet Barkos, slightly closer to your planet 34R7H. Here I started the company FunkyProductions. Its most popular content is THE CAKE, a cartoon developed by me and dingotail. dingotail, however, is doing his own project, One Beer, a story about Elorik getting kidnapped and all sorts of things. Bark, the main person of THE CAKE, also has many adventures whilst chasing his cake he bought in the beginning of the cartoon.

And no, I am not your distant cousin (but who knows?)

I am currently focused on making another company, FunkyStudios, focusing on game developing. There we will have hit games (hopefully) such as THE CAKE: THE GAME etc. I hope my name will grow bigger here on Kongregate as I am going to make games.

I like to get badges, but I don’t really plan to get all of them

Game of the day:

Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG

Interview: The Movie

Feel free to ask questions about me, gonna try to answer as many as I can here, therefore the name ‘Interview’.
I’ll have a few starter questions:

Q: Where do you live?
A: Well, my human alter ego lives on 34R7H, in the country so called ‘Sweden’. But the real me (Funkyfreshian) lives on Barkos somewhere, forgot the name of the place…

Q: What colors are your favorites?
A: Well duh. [Purple and green for those who doesn’t know]

Q: What gender do you like?
A: Next question, please.

Q: Is there a FunkyFreshA?
A: For some strange reason, no. This is a regular question, so I should make an alt with that name, you know, to make everyone happy.
UPDATE (28/09/2010): Now there is.
Q: Do you have any related here on Kongregate?
A: Yes, actually. We have YAY111 who is my brother, KatyPerry84 who is my sister (not the real Katy Perry) and then we have dingotail who is my friend. I may have more but I don’t know.

Q (from YAY111): What game do you hate the most here on Kongregate?
A: Hmm… To be honest, none at the moment. And if I have one, I need to find it in my brain somewhere.

Q (from FunkyFreshA): Do I excist?
A: No.
UPDATE (28/09/2010): Now you do.

Q (from KatyPerry84): sa vad?
A: Nevermind.

Q: What does the B stand for?
A: Find out.

Q (from zaktan78): Which are your 5 favourite games on Kongregate and what do you like about each? :D

A: Well, hmm… Let me think a bit…. Boy, this might need updates.
Ok, here it goes:
1. Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
3. Endless Migration
4. William and Sly
5. The Fancy Pants Adventure
Why: All games are epic :D

Q: Bananas are for monkeys?
A: Eat Gainomax instead.

Q (from FunkyFreshA): U WILL DIE, SUCKAH. U WILL DIE!!!
A: No u.

This is something. Nevermind it, I will just put random stuff here.


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