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If you’re a moderator reading this, and don’t have a single specific ban weapon chosen yet, please contact me. I’m now offering arms dealer services, for lack of a better reference, open to the public but mostly for mods and admins. Just give me some details about what you want (Colors, description, a picture or video, attachments and modifications, and so on) and I’ll do what I can. Thanks!

Name: Lost to history, answers to Gamer.
Age: Unknown, claims to be in his mid 20’s
Gender: Male
Race: Seemingly Caucasian, but displays inhuman capabilities and intelligence
Outfit: Typically a red jacket, pair of jeans, and black sneakers
Human backstory: Born somewhere in Tokyo, May of 1985. Exact date and location unconfirmed. Became an American citizen January 1st, 2002. Rose to fame due to successful inventions and technological breakthroughs began mid-October, 2004. Since then, he has created many revolutionary machines that are slowly bringing the world from the brink of nuclear world war. __________________ REAL Backstory: Born in another galaxy, on a planet orbiting the star known to humans as Sirius. Was the leader of a highly advanced inhuman civilization until world was destroyed due to largely unknown causes. Managed to escape extinction, but is now the only member of his species alive, besides his adopted son, Chris, whom he found dying on his way to escape the Apocalypse. ______ Escape pod launched during World War II, but took about 25 years to reach its final destination: Earth, the only known planet besides his home capable of supporting life as his people knew it. Crash landed somewhere not far from Japan’s eastern coast, but was separated from Chris, who was presumed to be him. Eventually, the two were reunited and finally settled down on the continent that they heard was called “The United States of America” for its prosperous bussinesses and technologic superiority and opportunity. There, he began slowly introducing the apparently dominant species, the “Human Race,” to the technology of his home, which his civillization fondly called “Ormenus.” One day he plans to confess to his original birthplace, and thus put an end to the Computer Age; this new era in human history, he decided, would be referred to as the “Shuttle Age” due to the fact that with his technology, the human race would be capable of colonizing distant galaxies. Although he is making much progress in that regard, however, Gamer realizes he has only just begun if he ever intends to begin the Shuttle Age. Not only is the world peace concept so far out of reach, he’ll probably never achieve it at any point in the next hundred years, but the FBI are beginning to grow suspicious of how much he really knows, and are debating whether it is worth the risk of losing an unknown amount of technology to conduct a full investigation on him…..

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