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old reg of the once known chatroom BC aka Bowser's Castle RIP BC we will miss you ;_; below are some old memories enjoy as you read them :') ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ some words from turd turdpurgason1: Even if it wasn't my "best friend" turdpurgason1: Help people when you can, man gabby100: what words to live by 03/07/15 23:23 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ koopashell: WHO AM I koopashell: ? koopashell: You don't know who I am? NikolaB18: nope koopashell: Time for you to get educated about me. koopashell: Now, this is a story all about how koopashell: My life got flipped-turned upside down koopashell: And I'd like to take a minute koopashell: Just sit right there koopashell: I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air NikolaB18: lol hornsolo: I whistled for a cab and when it came near NikolaB18: i dont care! koopashell: The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror hornsolo: if anything i could tell this cab was rare but i thought man forget it yo ho to Bel Air -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LucasG418: ttyl bye bye playing a game gerheart: what a coincidence. I'm also playing a game. this really is a small world gabby100: lol Rockymerric4: How do I change my name on Kongregate? Livzy: You cant koopashell: Woo, Mod party Rockymerric4: I know Tsuppo used to be Tsuppotron. koopashell: Rocky, make a new account Tsuppo: ^ Rockymerric4: So how do you change your name? Rockymerric4: Tsuppo? Livzy: She made a new account, obvi Tsuppo: I did... Things for it. Rockymerric4: Really? Tsuppo: Things ;.; Livzy: In extreme cases it might be able to be changed, like its inappropriate or something but usually you cant just change it. Unless you want lowercase or upper case Rockymerric4: England as a country kinda sucks lol Rockymerric4: USA is the big boss now lol koopashell: Tsuppo had to sleep with Greg Rockymerric4: livzy do you have a boyfriend? Rockymerric4: or girlfriend? Mousethecat: I'm at least interested in the argument. gabby100: liv is a girl Rockymerric4: she could be gay Tsuppo: Girls can have girlfriends. Rockymerric4: yeah Rockymerric4: it's not right gabby100: i know Rockymerric4: but it could happen gabby100: im just saying Livzy: I have a boyfriend, yes? Rockymerric4: cool Mousethecat: So....... Rockymerric4: no gabby100: Moo. Livzy: Yeah, so what was the point of that question? Rockymerric4: i was oging to ask If she wanted to be my girlfriend. Mousethecat: rofl Rockymerric4: But she has a boyfriend Tsuppo: LOL gabby100: oging? Livzy: You should try to get to know people first! gabby100: ooging? Mousethecat: Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. gabby100: ogling? Tsuppo: I was. Livzy: I actually met my boyfriend here on Kong too but we at least waited 6 months before getting to that xD Rockymerric4: wow haha Rockymerric4: maybe if you break up Rockymerric4: i could get some Rockymerric4: right? Tsuppo: xD Rockymerric4: haha gabby100: lol Mousethecat: I'm you'll be first in line. Mousethecat: I'm sure* Livzy: Rofl yeah, let me give you a ticket gabby100: what number? pokechikin: 927 Rockymerric4: lol Livzy: Bing! Next. natedawg221: Interesting point: If you avoid getting horny during the day, you are MUCH more productive. natedawg221: Hi Tsuppo c: Tsuppo: Hah xD natedawg221: Every time I found myself staring at a girl or like thinking about something sexual I pushed it out of my head.. I got a lot of work done AND had free time at the end of the day to watch fail videos with my roommate. natedawg221: Yesterday* Tsuppo: Nice lol NaoSouONight: Leaf, I just got off the phone. The cops called me. NaoSouONight: They told me to tell you that they are on their way to your house. leafsrock9: you dont now where i live im not that dumb gabby100: Run leaf run. NaoSouONight: I don't. NaoSouONight: The cops do. gabby100: the cops are gonna break your door gabby100: looking for ya Tsuppo: Then they're going to eat your dog and your sister! gabby100: did you know there's a flappy bird mmo now? SeanM64: what notsobadafterall: what gabby100: yep notsobadafterall: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loopyloom: how do u become a room owner? gerheart: xela's been the owner every time I've been here gerheart: you're nominated by the previous owner NaoSouONight: It is easy, loopy. gabby100: then going straight back to the village gerheart: if they want to give up the room koopashell: Looks like the quotes list was updated recently NaoSouONight: You just need to follow a few simple steps: loopyloom: good to know NaoSouONight: 1- Kiss a lot of ass. NaoSouONight: 2- Become a moderator NaoSouONight: From here, you can take two paths: gerheart: or you can be an admin and make a room for yourself NaoSouONight: Either kiss even more ass and have a room owner turn you into the new room owner koopashell: I can become a room owner right now koopashell: Watch this gabby100: No. NaoSouONight: Or kiss even more ass and have an admin make a room for you, NaoSouONight: Either way, have your lipstick ready. gerheart: pretty much to get anywhere on here the first step is to kiss a ton of ass koopashell: K+ bitches 1000thSon: hi fallenmedusa900: hi 1000thSon: good talk fallenmedusa900: ok fallenmedusa900: ive added you has friend 1000thSon: i've muted you gabby100: Well that escalated quickly deenay9: tsupo Tsuppo: Yarp? deenay9: can I have some candy? Tsuppo: No. deenay9: ok gerheart: yeah, son! gerheart: no candy for you! From_The_Shadoes: hi. i had to do something else. gerheart: something other than kong? unimaginable From_The_Shadoes: research paper. Tsuppo: Gasp! gerheart: the horror! gabby100: monkey see monkey do Tsuppo: Monkey bee, holy shit, run away! monkeybee123: Ahahah brandon0067: lol monkeybee123: *Flies after tsup* brandon0067: lol Tsuppo: That is a scary thought though. brandon0067: ^ Tsuppo: Like spider bee. monkeybee123: *Starts throwing faeces at tsup* brandon0067: ok that got out of hand real fast Tsuppo: *dies because roleplay* koopashell: also koopashell: joke koopashell: your head gerheart: ooh, good one Tsuppo: Hilarious. gabby100: better one gabby100: Your face. koopashell: desk koopashell: i win gerheart: why am I not surprised? Tsuppo: Is Nao running the UN now? NaoSouONight: Apparently. NaoSouONight: Arrest screamy! NaoSouONight: Execute him! Tsuppo: Noooo! Perple_Drahgone: Hey! Don't walk away I'm not done with you, you're not done with me Stop! We can't survive Will you die for me cause I'd die for you? I'm not insane cut out my heart with this razor blade Take this sacrifice You can feed on me Can I feed on… Perple_Drahgone: you gabby100: what did i walk into??? Tsuppo: wut gabby100: *just Tsuppo: I don't even know. gabby100: that's going on my profile anyway kegso: cause random shit on your profile is cool! gabby100: ^ gabby100: agreed kegso: why hell thar (reply) To kegso: what? kegso: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43wkqM27z2E (reply) To kegso: i hope it isnt star wars related.. kegso: nah check it out (reply) To kegso: my sister is LOVES friends.... To kegso: but i dont kegso: ok, but if you want to enjoy something star wars related, check out my lightsaber ;) (reply) kegso: gotta admit that was a good one (reply) To kegso: what was? To kegso: your joke or your lightsaber? kegso: well i'll have you know that my 'lightsaber' is extremely good (reply) kegso: Also a pretty good innuendo (reply) To kegso: ill take your word for it kegso: oh but you don't have to mademoiselle, hon hon hon. (reply) To kegso: you know thats going on my profile right? kegso: awe yiss, she definitely likes me if i'm going on the profile. (reply) kegso: Am i on it yet? (reply) kegso: i want to be on you (reply) kegso: i mean your ptofile* (reply) kegso: *profile (reply) kegso: Gab-gab? (reply) To kegso: im still editing my profile To kegso: and DONT call me that! kegso: why not? gab-gab. (reply) To kegso: *twitches eye* are you sure you want to continue saying that? kegso: i dunno? Will it diminish my chances of getting you to handle my lightsaber? (reply) lauz1098: jjjeeebbb: hey short stuff ha (reply) lauz1098: Excuse me. Tsuppo: LOL lauz1098: Who even is this?! KeithP50: hello3 gabby100: can i survive on berries fruit and vegs? Tsuppo: I like when kids find interesting ways to hit on me. gabby100: only? Tsuppo: Hey Keith lauz1098: It's too funny. Tsuppo: Yeah, Gabby, lots of people do it. KeithP50: how is the gamer world lauz1098: "Short stuff". Does that make me "shawty" now? gabby100: cool lauz1098: /shudder Tsuppo: Wouldn't know, I'm working :D Tsuppo: Go shawty, it's your berfday! gabby100: hey shawty its ya birthday lauz1098: omfg IridescentMelody: lol gabby100: XD Tsuppo: xD gabby100: omg Tsuppo: High five Gabby gabby100: *high fives* lauz1098: It's not my birthday til December. ;-; gabby100: and me Tsuppo: It's a song! IridescentMelody: mine is late too lauz1098: Ooh, snap! :D lauz1098: Yeah I know, haha. Tsuppo: /high five! deathlord3210:so i was just shaving my dog, and i had him on his back, when suddenly he stops fighting and just goes limp lauz1098: what deathlord3210: i was ****ing terrified, turns out, my sister had just handed him a noodle, and he was attempting to eat it deathlord3210: with little success gabby100: oh gabby100: i thought you killed it gabby100: thank goodness deathlord3210: yeah thank goodness, don't need that happening again gabby100: again? deathlord3210: I didn't say that, I have no idea what you're talking about lauz1098: That story was wild from start to finish. gabby100: i hear a bluff gabby100: death spill it! deathlord3210: gabs, i have no idea what you are talking about, I most certainly did not sacrifice my dog to the great goat satan, no sirrie gabby100: and THERES the truth lauz1098: Lol. lauz1098: Brb. deathlord3210: gabs, we need to talk about these delusions of yours gabby100: and you sir earn ya place on my profile gabby100: congrats turdpurgason1: who the **** do you think you are! turdpurgason1: lolzjkjk gabby100: thats cool turdpurgason1: Sounds like you're gonna have a pretty good summer. deathlord3210: I think I'm a highly trained first responder with ulterior motives, but th't's not what you REALLY want to know, now is it. turdpurgason1: Are the motives bewbs. deathlord3210: I admit nothing DarkMagix9989: lol gabby100: that a yes then? turdpurgason1: Or dongs deathlord3210: admit nothing gabby100: i didnt hear a no *singsong voice* deathlord3210: NOTHING, My ulterior is definitely not the sweet sweet smell of chlorine, and I am most certainly not an addict of any such materials NaoSouONight: kegso and his friends are going out to find girlfriends. NaoSouONight: The only way they can. jameshiplink: Well have fun gabby100: ah a gravedigger kegso: I've got a summerjob working at the graveyard, plok. gabby100: that explains it jameshiplink: ^ plokmn99: oh fun kegso: Nao, stop being such a funny **** NaoSouONight: I can't. NaoSouONight: It is my curse, to just blurt this berzerk. NaoSouONight: berserk* gabby100: just nao being himself LifeOnTop: kegso, you gave me the urge to call the next dead body i see a "stiffy" NaoSouONight: That was an eminem reference, btw. You unappreciative ****sticks. tdemeo1227: hello Livzy: Hai :3 kegso: I can just imagine it, the kids want nao to teach them karate but he yells 'i have no time you favela scum! I need to think up witty things about kegso!' KellyO15: Are you evil? JBirdman: so i have to ask, Evil ..are you cutter? you want to get that off your chest and get some help? AskMeIfImEvil: Is selling depressed people razors that have deliver drugs straight into your blood stream evil? ImSoDerby: AskHimIfImEvil gabby100: always some sucker who asks that q ImSoDerby: True JBirdman: i've never asked Evil that question, i know he's not KellyO15: hahaha AskMeIfImEvil: I'm going to say this one time because there's an unusual amount of people bugging me today KellyO15: take it easy gabby100: lol AskMeIfImEvil: If I don't answer your PM and if I don't respond to you in regular chat, repeating yourself isn't going to ****ing make me want to talk to you. AskMeIfImEvil: I can ****ing read. AskMeIfImEvil: And I've chosen to ****ing ignore you. JBirdman: type it louder gabby100: and there's the truth folks Makkoto: evil AskMeIfImEvil: Yes? Makkoto: are you evil? AskMeIfImEvil: lol Makkoto: xD AskMeIfImEvil: 10/10 did not expect that. Makkoto: thats notmal loopyloom: ? gabby100: notmal huh? Makkoto: normal* theawesome2123: Do you have an issue with the number? loopyloom: well, i earned these in like 5 seconds gabby100: nah you said not normal together turtle gabby100: a new word! loopyloom: hehe

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