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racefan12: That post just won the convo, gatherer

Ketsy: I’ve decided that I have a unique hatred for all that is beautiful in this world, and that I must go destroy it with liquid fire. I’ll see you guys when my quest is done, or I decide that liquor is really the best course of action.

TalonH: and then vegeta turns into a monkey

TalonH: and i was like, wut

Dfrancis: woooho i like long things

Sir_Fratley: I’m sure you do, D ;)

Dfrancis: no you don’t, nobody can understand the way i like it

DjStreamline: ohhhh, you mean you have an above average sized penis

DjStreamline: har. har.

ZombieLawngnome: i see gatherer is still on

gatherer818: still? I just logged on.

ZombieLawngnome: oh, i just logged on too, i thought you had no life, lol sorry

ZombieLawngnome: if only i liked cheesecake, that would sound orgasmic gatherer

PaladinTNU cries in emo corner

Someone: Dude, get out of my corner!

moses78 kisses frat

moses78: ;)

Sir_Fratley: XD moses78: you know you like it

Someone: His nipples make me laugh XD

Someone: I think I’m a masochist seriously

racefan12: ^

Karsten75: (serious business forum) My mom is an atheist and my dad was an agnostic and they could never agree on what religion not to bring me up in. xD

Ketsy: She’s simultaneously a female dog and an overly feminine man?

ham1lin: exactly my type^

Ketsy: Combine the two, and you have a herm werewolf

Ketsy: ham1lin: Your type is apparently “It breathes”

Musicgirl: Because Ketsy is good at that

vidmonsta: wait ketsy is good at what

Musicgirl: Sex

Musicgirl: ;)

Key_Bearer: Frat’s Manscape is growing?

moses78: let’s be friends

moses78: and have make up sex

moses78: ;)

Pushycat: Yes, I want to be friends. I prefer being friends.

Zirotecha: Frat HAS a boob.

Musicgirl: No he is my boob

AX19: oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh harder harder

racefan12: ^

Musicgirl: enters jizzes yells whore and leaves

DjStreamline: if you were smart, you’d keep your mouth shut, and be allowed to stay, but since you had to press the matter, now you’ll be removed.

DjStreamline: you can now kick your conscience in the face.

vann226: Your mother is my new fetish Gath

Sir_Fratley: Cut back on the swearing

Sir_Fratley: It’s bad for your speaking rights

Kowegi: I was going to play Skyrim across the street on the billboard, but nooo….

kngrgte: omg guys just brushed the hair of my pony

kngrgte: came twice

liberty_prime: I just tend to open my mouth and let my tongue do all the work.

darkmikasonfire: :-D anal is a fun word to say; like penispop.

mildlucidity: ^

moses78: You just won the Belly Full of Seamen Badge Belly Full of Seamen (completed) Badge earned easy – 5 points

WellKungFu: sounds like a brass garden gnome jerking off in a cowbell

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