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Music catch 2 Here's Walkthrough "Leaves in the Wind" Make Collect At least many catch them, i Recommended to upon 5,000 shapes i collected 6,279, "Gentle" : do not Miss(no hit red shapes) else Keep multiplier, "Letting Go" : at least multiplier make strength Increase!, i Recommended do not Miss(no hit Red Shapes), and need to Above 100x Multiplier as Very Possible Hard Badge Easy - Radar + Wave, do a small circle around the middle, pop out to grab yellows and purples when necessary. I hit 5 reds and still scored 8.5 million first try. NGU IDLE REBIRTH WTF PAGES , BOTTOM PARAGRAPH , A4FP HAS QUEST DROP , 3 AND 5 DONT APPARENTLY "i just wait for the time when the patch comes that makes fruit of guff beta of levels 2-14 not less useful than level 1" *did a bunch of surveys for x3 kreds on 2-16-20* (BLOCKS AND STICKERS ADDED WEEK OF 6-15-20 , bit buggy apparently in that they dont register BotD/take a while to) KONG UPDATED ON ABOUT 11-1-16 OR 11-2-16 AND RAISED LVL CAP IM IMMEDIATELY LVL 68.... wow I've been here a while best of 2009 quest gotten on 12-12-20 with Music Catch Gentle combo of 117x out of 100x Edgebee studios, makers of swords and potions 1+2, and critter forge shut down on 4-20-18.... rip Oct 23rd 2019 reached lvl 74 cuz Prizma Puzzle challenges BotD October 21st 2020 reached level 75 cuz of warper hard badge, i ALMOST couldve gotten it in exact change getting an easy badge but i had rated games before i realized how close i was Stop The Darkness tip The medium badge description is terrible advice. I have tried many times, but you should do wood/magic, then stone, then tech. A lot more efficient. ...Probably my "proudest" badge moment: Game "Wooden Path" Got Bridge to Somewhere "hard" (should be impossible) Badge Complete all 30 adventure mode levels You acquired this badge on Aug. 27, 2017 at 4:48 PM.... LEVEL A-18 IS NOOO MOORREE HOOORRRAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! ONLY TOOK ME 7 YEARS!!! Small note: Faraway: Puzzle Escape badge for all 18 notes went live 9-25-17, WEEKS after the first badge lvl 69 as of approximately 2-17-17 Got to lvl 70 in EXACT change (which is 46135 points) on 7-12-17 aprox. 4:30 P.M. (give or take a minute) thanks to "Animation Domination" "you learn something" easy badge. April 7th 2018, 8:35 AM got to lvl 72 EXACTLY (50470 points) by rating an "idle wizard" game on 9-30-18 at about 12:57 PM got 52050 pts, exactly 700 less than needed to get to lvl 73 lvl 73 on 12-9-18 roughly 5:00 pm with getting "worst hangover ever" badge in "cursed Dungeon" no more kongpanions/weekly log of BOTD as of 4-4-22 apparently... double death ... oh just that week apparently got all botd (5-1-23 - 5-7-23 ) damn first time all year? Got all badges weeks of (1-17-22 - 1-23-22) ( *2-14-22* 2-20-22) ( *3-14-22* - 3-27-22 ) (4422 4522 4822 4922 41022) ( 5-9-22 - 5-15-22 ) (6-6-22 - 6-12-22) (8-15-22 - 9-4-22) ( 11-14-22 - 11-20-22 ) ( 12-19-22 - 12-25-22 ) Got all badges weeks of ( 1-11-21 - 1-31-21 ) (2-8-21 - 2-21-21) (4-19-21 - 5-2-21) ( 5-24-21 - 5-30-21 ) ( 8-30-21 - 9-12-21 ) (10-25-21 - 10-31-21) ( 12-13-21 - 12-19-21 ) Got all badges weeks of (continuing off 12-2-19 - 1-12-20) (1-20-20 - 1-26-20 ) (2-10-20 - 2-16-20 ) ( 3-2-20 - 3-22-20 ) ( 4-6-20 - 6-7-20) (6-15-20 - 6-21-20) ( 7-20-20 - 8-30-20 ) ( 9-7-20 - 9-13-20 ) ( 9-21-20 - 10-11-20 - 10-18-20(?) (forgot to check, writing next day but think i did all) - 10-25-20 ) ( 11-16-20 - 12-6-20 ) Got all badges weeks of (continuing still off 9-10-18 - 4-7-19 ) (4-22-19 - 5-12-19) ( 5-20-19 - 6-2-19 ) (6-17-19 - 7-28-19 ) (8-12-19 - 8-18-19) (9-1-19 - 10-13-19) ( 10-21-19 - 11-3-19) ( 11-18-19 - 11-24-19 ) (12-2-19 - 1-5-20) Got all badges weeks of ( 1-8-18 - 1-21-18) (1-29-18 - 2-11-18) (2-19-18 - 2-25-18) (4-1-18 - 4-22-18 ) (5-7-18 - 5-13-18) ( 6-4-18 - 6-10-18) ( 6-25-18 - 7-1-18 ) ( 8-13-18 - 9-2-18) ( 9-10-18 - 1-6-19) (might be longest streak yet) Got all badges weeks of (1-9-17 - 1-15-17) (1-23-17 - 2-12-17) (3-20-17 - 3-26-17) (4-10-17 - 4-16-17) (5-1-17 - 5-7-17) (5-15-17 - 7-9-17) ( 7-31-17 - 8-6-17) ( 8-14-17 - 8-20-17) ( 9-4-17 - 9-10-17) ( 9-25-17 - 10-1-17) ( 10-23-17 - 10-29-17 ) (11-6-17 - 11-19-17) (12-11-17 - 12-17-17) Got all badges the weeks of (2-8-16 - 2-14-16) ( 3-7-16 - 3-20-16) (4-4-16 - 4-17-16) (4-25-16 - 5-8-16) (5-23-16 - 5-29-16) (7-11-16 - 7-24-16) ( 8-8-16 - 8-21-16) ( 9-19-16 - 9-25-16) (10-10-16 - 10-30-16) (11-14-16 - 12-4-16) (12-12-16 - 12-18-16) (12-26-16 - 1-1-17) GOT all badges week (1-11-15 - 1-25-15) 2-2-15 (-?) 2-8-15 (2-16-15 - 2-22-15) (3-9-15 - 3-15-15)(3-22-15 - 3-29-15) (4-13-15 - 4-19-15 ) got all BOTD for week of 3/2/14-3/9/14 and 5/18/14 5/25/14 8/10/14-8/17/14 (wasn't paying attention for a while between 2nd and 3rd time) 9/1/14 -9/7/14 10/5/14-10/12/14 10/13/14 -10/19/14 __________________________________________________________ mini quote wall (In BTD5 chat) (chloe4domo: i have them all perplexityfetch: Gotta catch'em all. chloe4domo: Bloonemon chloe4domo: my favorite bloonemon is the ZOMG since it is a legendary AUG 12 - 8:19PM perplexityfetch: Ah you like 'em black. chloe4domo: and girthy and long (: chloe4domo: and they hit hard ); genius11: .... you mean ;) chloe4domo: XD ) sporkitude: @a2b3c4 i'm now reading your name as "achoo! be free, c4!" like you have really explosive sneezes quince1987: Human beings are a never-ending source of wonder to me. frogguy123: I only ever had one cute chick start conversation with me and i ****ed it up cause i was only 2 beers deep and couldn't grow a pair of nuts frogguy123: theres a fine line between having enough alcohol to confidently talk to females...and falling over quince1987: Nice image: drunk guy confidently slurring his speech as he woos some girl...and then he falls over. quince1987: The path to success! frogguy123: whats an extreme sport no one really talks about? epeen: extreme ironing Storageheater: you laugh because im different, i laugh because you're all the same Storageheater: are you in a virtual reality simulation Storageheater: actually i saw an article the other day that said we have proof we're not, but a lot of facebook commenters knew it was wrong and disproved it there and then Storageheater: so i guess we probably still are Xentaros: Even if we are a simulation, that doesn't change much Xentaros: Seeing as no one has changed any programming or anything like that Storageheater: the only thing i'd want out of the "sim" theory is the idea that as you die you get to replay your life with godmode, just in your head, and lay inappropriately huge waste to all your trivially irritating enemies Xentaros: Sto, I think I'd use god mode to come back as a particularly bitter cat Storageheater: a 300 foot tall bitter cat Mister_Fister: I think i would want to be a Pigeon, but with human arms Mister_Fister: that is in addition to wings, not instead of Storageheater: when you say pigeon with human arms, would it be pigeon sized pigeon, humansized arms? Storageheater: cause that i would like to see Storageheater: swooping down, punching Mister_Fister: i was picturing ratioed arms, but i have been convicedotherwise genius11: what about a waffle with big arms Storageheater: i just don't think a waffle would get much done, even in a simulated godmode environment. It'd be a bit I Am Bread _______ Bloody fun day Some notes and tips: 1) You need to aim for golden eggs for the hard badge. I did it and when I got 100k, eggs were hatching each 12 turns, impossible without the eggs. 2) max life you can have is 40. 3) each soul counts for both skills of same color. 4) Strategy: kill all cuties red, blue and yellow, and avoid blackies at all costs. With time, eggs will hatch and create a big group of 20+ blackies. Use transform skill. If they get red, use harvest. If dont, use Vampiric Touch. Grab the eggs quickly and rush to biggest groups of yellow / blue. 5) While moving, dont care about normal eggs (-2 points) and use Jump if you go to a dead end of your big black group. Dont kill it until needed. 6) If you have black skills, use to grab eggs. 7) NEVER go for alone reds that are not in your route, as time passes will you level up, so its no good. If tips are useful, give it a + :O) Ok, so I got 100k easy with a small modification to Marvaddin's strategy. So read his first and instead of doing 4) on his, here is what I did (If you happen to be as unlucky as me). Yellow souls are always at a premium for me. So instead of saving Harvest for a large group of reds like he suggests, I used it to get yellows if they were in a large group. This allowed me to convert and use Vampiric Touch a lot faster on those large groups of black. Since these groups are pretty large and already give you 30+ health, there really is no point in saving harvest for them since you are maxed out at 40. My 100k came when there were 14 turns between hatchings, so it does take a little bit longer, but it pretty much makes this hard badge easy. Good luck and rate + if this helps. _________ Endless Migration For the medium badge, keep in mind that you can reset upgrades and rearrange them as you see fit to make some achievements (like Bourgeoisie and Flying Solo) easier to do. Sky Captain is by far the hardest of the achievements, but still doable with Poseidon's Blessing, Phoenix Pendant (which essentially gives you 3 extra lives on land) and some RNG luck. If someone want to get the medium badge,good luck,its very hard for a medium badge,but to do the two harder achievements in the game,you will need to do the best golden goose combo in the starting of the game,then,its just keep the flock alive and you get 1.000.000 points,for the Sky Captain achievement,try picking some stray geeses,and then,try playing the game as a bullet hell,because its very hard to stay alive for 180 seconds in the game,good luck to that pesky medium badge! _____ they took our candy A fun game, but terribly balanced. I found the optimal team to be 3 ninjas, and one cat to drive them into shuriken overdrive. All the rest of the classes are virtually worthless. The reason being that even with a high speed stat, and the speed upgrade maxed out, your rate of vertical movement is still WAY too slow. It makes all the straight-line firing classes, completely worthless. you just cannot manouevre fast enough to get in line with enemies to hit them, and then dodge their projectiles. Ninjas can do it all. they don't have to be directly opposite an enemy to hit them. And their special gives damage in all directions, which is essential for combatting enemies from behind, and the final boss. ___________ NGU idle if you equip all items on lvl 69, you get a secret achievement, btw for lvl 100 challenge x_261: lnfidelity's build: Basic Training, Fight Boss, Adventure highest zone with Gold Drop, Augmentation highest one I can afford Lv1, Wandoos MEH all energy 1:5 ratio from E to M Wandoos.When I unlock Time Machine, 5 Energy to 15 Magic TM. Then 65 lev… x_261: levels in Energy Buster. 4th Blood Ritual (400e12, I think). I get more Wandoos in my first rebirth, but after that one, it is 1 Energy Wandoo, 5 Magic Wandoo, 5 Energy TM, 15 Magic TM, 65 Energy Buster, 5 Energy Buster Upgrade, and 4 Blood Ritual … _______ Epic battle fantasy 2 Post 1 of 2: One of the ways to beat "Epic" mode is to obtain all the "passive" and "counter attack" Traits Counter attack, Counterattack X2, Air Support, Cat Master (Matt) Magic Counter (Naz) You can only get Air Support (as well as Secret Weapon, an upgrade of your Air support) after using Air Strike a lot in 1 wave, it appears as an option. Cat Master/Cat Tamer (Makes no-legs appear randomly) Is only obtainable after using no-legs a lot in 1 wave In the first wave (Cat town) Have Matt constantly use Air-Strike to attack, never make him swing once, have Naz attack with her melee. after you kill the boss you should have AirSupport/Secretweapon availble for Matt to choose (pick Air-Support) and Naz should have the option to pick "Mana Leech" which will allow you to drain mp from monsters with Naz's Melee attack. ____________ My Pet Protector How to get a hard badge? Start a combat guy with as much money as possible. At the first period of the game you should only work as a constructrion worker to get constitution/strength. Make sure you use atleast the 80gp holiday everytime. When you turn 15 start guarding and when you have spare money, train science and combat. When you eventually have like 100 cmbt def and 80 cmbt attack start adventuring. I followed this and cleared the game with 60 days left. :) keep this thread alive! __________ Castaway 2 TIP: at the begginning of the game collect iron and wood (wood can be found by killing snakes) craft 3 iron ores with 3 iron ores to get the iron ingot. craft 3 wood with 3 wood to get timber. craft together the timber with the ingot to get the nail bat. THen get 3 more ingots and combine them with alkahest to get iron globe. craft together the globe and the nail bat to get the vindicator. go to the shop and buy the peace baton for 250G. progress in the game untill you find the angels tear (not sure where it is though) and combine it with the peace baton to make the paladins mace. combine the mace and the vindicator to make the morningstar!!! (the strongest weapons in the game) _______________ Arachnophilia do not make web. instead, build square grid. ________ Pyro I finally aced Level 4! You MUST zoom in your brower so you can only see the top half of level 4 (ctrl+ & ctrl- zoom in & out, ctrl0 resets to normal). Count the bricks that run down the left side starting from the top. The 37th brick is actually 2 small bricks. In the brick on the right point your cursor in very upper left corner. The fireball will light the left torch on the way down then slingshot back up and over to the right, fall and light the other torch. _____________________________________ Versus Umbra After you reach paradox mode, you'll notice this Inventium multiplier. It goes up with kills, and resets when you get hit. Need some money to buy all those V6 upgrades? Need some weapon XP or just plain XP? Make your way the 'One Way Escape' level, the last on the second planet. Now throw a freeze bomb at the grinder, and run behind it. Let it go in front of you, and kill all those baddys for a ton of money- you never get hit, your multiplier goes up, and you get rich. ______________________________________________________ Royal Warfare Some units are best left unpromoted even though you are able to do so. Everyone of these units have a unique ability and each and every one of them may prove useful in certain situations. A good example would be the Rogue's Steal ability. If the stage enables a wave where you can hire more troops, you would use the rogue's to gather as much gold as you can to hire as much troops as you can. The Priest can also be left untouched due to his Enchant Weapon ability if you pair him with a warrior or a thief but they need to be kept close. _______________________________ Bot Arena 3 Challenge 2: Evasion. Try to run in a CIRCLE as much as possible, with some luck you will be successfull. Challenge 3. Bishop or Pawn first. Challenge 4. Notice the dragon's weapon has a minimum range of a least 1 bot. So if the shield sticks to it, it is not within range. Let your shield follow the dragon and make sure the shield is in range when approaching it with maximum shot distance for the sword. Challenge 5: Run along outer edge. Should be easy. Challenge 6: Keep the soldier between the medic and the commander. Easy as well. Challenge 7: 1 to 1. Wait. _____________________ Learn to fly 2 To add to AioriaRox's comment, it is very important that you have done the story mode first and gotten plenty of Bonus Points, because the hard badge will be impossible to get without MAXING OUT the top right 4 items in the bonus shop (feather, turbo, gas tank, anti-gravity), AS WELL AS the level 2 information meter. The level 2 information reader is what will tell you what your resistance is at. Lastly, For the $25,000 arcade, the angle for the cruise missile you need to maintain ~220 speed is resistance 52. Please + this comment so people can see it! ____________________________________ Talesworth Arena: Death Watch Repost. Answers to side quests: Gambler, shell person: The correct shell changes each time. You can also call a guard on the gambler and possibly get 150 gold during level 3. Brute harassing woman: Help her (+1 rune on level 9) or Call Guard ($$$$ now). Guards name: Lar. Thieves Guild: 1)Anya; 2)6 seconds; 3) different button each load; 4) Kill her! Rescue Dog: N N W S W E Crimson Brotherhood confronts you: 1)Admit killing Anya; 2)Accept position as new Mandrake (+3 Runes + $$$). Jynx's Riddle: Crimson Brotherhood. Scratching sound: 1) Investigate sound; 2)Encourage her (+2 runes) Herbs: 1)Investigate Ruins; 2)Charge through rubble;(take some damage?) 3)Dodge between legs. (+2 runes) Keep posting this Around lvl 7 - 700 gold for 3 runes (keep this amount in reserve until you have this encounter) Around lvl 8 - 825 gold for 3 runes (keep this amount in reserve until you have this encounter) Thanks for the comment! ______________________________ Shopping cart hero ITR13 gave perfect distance advice. Max red both bars, aim for the top left of the screen on the way up, and when falling keep the wheels horizontal, don't even look at the ground. As long as the first bounce is good you should skate right in to 650-700 ___________________________________________________________ Mission: lost in space 5. if a soldier is close to a ventilation grid, it better to keep him alert, for aliens may come out without being detected in last turn; 6. in lv12, kill all yellow tentacles and then the boss will turn into purple from red. If you cannot find one, it can be shown as an echo. When boss is in purple, hit it with bombs or flamethrower for 100hp. Purple and yellow tentacles will hit a soldier, if he is close to the tentacle and is moving away. So kill the tentacle or hit it into red before moving away, and if you have to move before killing it, do not stop halfway, the soldier may get hit for another time otherwise. After the boss turn into red, either move far away from it, or use walls as barrier, boss will splash acid to you otherwise; 7. strongly recommend to upgrade ammo in hard mode, otherwise it's impossible to kill an alien in 2 shoots; 8. magnetic bombs can block aliens and help soldier pass without staying in alert. Sprint and quickness program also help to beat the time limit _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ MINDSCAPE 1Candy Meadows: 260, 610, 1150, 2040 Robot Land: 620, 2010, 2960, 3610 Asylum: 110, 630, 1270, 2020 those should be your score after each level 2 Secret 1 in first level: You can walk where there is green grass. There is one drop off that has green grass to the left. Walk down there -> Bunny mask. ___________________________________________________________________ Road Of Fury To my fellow badge hunters: just buy the 2nd vehicle of the first tier, 1st and 2nd from tier 2 and then save for the last tier, when you get both of them, start spending your money on upgrading your last tier trucks until you unlock the third one. Have the laser maxed asap, also the healing. Get 2 or 3 UAVS and focus on damage upgrades, the last thing is hp only if you have spare money! ___________________________________________________________________ kingdom rush frontiers A few of the hidden achievements if you’re having trouble: The singing frog is at the lake of “Sape Oasis.” The mermaid appears in the upper left of “Buccaneer’s Den.” The SOS bottle appears in the river of “Snapvine Bridge.” The alien hunters can be found at the upper left of “Crimson Valley,” the upper right of “Snapvine Bridge,” and the upper middle of “Lost Jungle.” Dr. Walton is the monkey that appears in wave 6 of “Temple of Saqra.” Click the runes below: middle, left, right. Hope this helps. ________________________________________________________________ alice is dead ep 2 Things to Type on the computer monitor (seperated by commas) Help, Help Unlock, Help Logs, Help Lookup, Logs, Read Log 202, Read Log 203, Read Log 204, Read Log 205, Read Log 206, Read Log 207, Read Log 208, Read Log 209, List Inmates, Lookup Lewis, Lookup Mad Hatter, Lookup Rabbit, Lookup Alice, Lookup ImpendingRiot, Lookup Hyptosis, Lookup Mike, Lookup Andie, Unlock, Unlock Password, Unlock March, Oystercloud ___________________________________________________________________ shopping cart hero 2 _***Tips And Hints*** With the bat, hit the trees' leaves to get bonus points. Also, the style point add up. Not much, but they help. When you get to a good amount money each time, buy the helmet every time. One mess up can change your whole profit and the helmet saves you. Get perfect when launching... it gives a $1000 bonus... which adds up. -- And a couple things to add: The creator has to lower the price for stuff in the shop. I mean come on! 120k just for the Dumpster. -- Click + to keep alive ____________________________________________________________ vector stunt Hard Badge tip: as soon as you get to a part where many ramps in a row start appearing, do the "Kenevil:" as soon and as much as possible. (Do all 6 types of stunts, jumping ramps and rails to not touch ground) This will increase the multiplier x2->x3->x4->x5->x6->x10. Then, after you have it, go for only ramps. Don't go for rails, as you don't get as much air time for that, making it harder to anticipate the next ramp to keep air-born. Hope this helped; I know I lost my mind so much while failing to get 400,000 before realizing that there is a x10 multiplier. I managed to hit a Pilot mode for a multiplier of x20, and even grabbed a ruby for 100,000. :D ______________________________________________________________ shadowless (vote this one instead due to full completion) Pick upgrades based on the skill you get, not stats (you can get stats anywhere). Rogue - 30/50/75% chance to shoot two arrows. Warrior - 30/40/50% chance to stun with melee attack. Adventurer - Bat lvl 1/2/3 flies around killing enemies. Defender - absorb 15/50/70% of dmg as health when you block an attack. Bow with rogue + crit itemization seems to be the best. Crits do a wide range of dmg, i have seen up to x4 or maybe x5 dmg on a crit _________________________________________________ monster den book of dread DO DAMAGE REFLECTION ___________________________________________________________ COMMAND AND CONTROL- Badges are up! Special thanks to Precarious for suggesting the names. Here's how I beat the last level on "hard": Put a rocket on the slot directly below the helicopter and another rocket directly to the right of it. Put mortars everywhere else. Give your 2 rockets the $200 upgrade and the mortars the $300 upgrade. Before starting the mission, make sure your mortars have the aoe and fast-targeting upgrades. Fill every node, then upgrade strategically -- prioritize getting mortars to the $300 tier rather than doing them evenly. Good luck! ___________________________________ valithrian arc one :Here are some tips for the hard badge.1)Women are extremely overpowered in this game. A party of 1 Mirage Caster, 2 Magilancers and 1 Sorceress is all but unbeatable. 2) Hunting quests give far more experience but Errand quests give more gold so pick accordingly. 3) There is no need to do 5 star quests, the 4 star wolves quest is the best for xp although I warn you they will swarm you at the start which is a problem for weak parties. 4) As for the actual fame you're just going to have to buy, train and graduate people non-stop. It's a bit of a grind. And don't forget to enter the tournament for 300 fame(winning). + if this helps. rebuild: For hard badge hunters: First play on easy, reclaim the whole city, train up 5 survivors (4 of their skills up to 10) and give them the best equipment (YES, when you're playing on easy, you're probably gonna win anyway, so DO give gustav one of your women in exchange for 2x launchers - these give +4 attack and can be exchanged for 100 food from gustav). After you finish the game, click "keep playing", train your survivors and then "leave the city" choosing 5 best survivors. Events: ALLOW zombie cage fights, taking the escapee from the evil gang lowers your food, so don't do it; BAN the religious zombie book, DO NOT let the guy preach (the cult will destroy you if you allow it to grow). After restarting the game, it's easy even on seriously hard with your 5 maxed survivors. + so the others can see it. :) til cows tear us apart ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE / ENDINGS: (1) Visit the ghost planet, (2) Option 1 at Kasper, (3) Option 2 at Kasper, (4) Option 3 at Kasper (requires an FTL charge) (5) Option 4 at Kasper (requires 15 cows; choose hookers, marijuana, cooperate, trust Quanee, and nuke in the first 5 dialogue options) / RESCUES: (1) Cooperate in dialogue 3, (2) Buy the whiskey and use it in dialogue 5, (3) Buy the peyote and use it in dialogue 4, (4) None of the above. ** Rescue achievements are earned after dialogue 6. There's a priority to which you'll get, so choose to fight (or use the bile) in dialogue 3 if you don't want to get the first one. I hope that helps! slisseron,earofcorn,breadedalarm62- know of seamus PROTIPS: Sliding can easily kill everything except Spearmen. / The Black Captain is just a glorified Spearman. Jump over the wave and kill him. / Save your daggers for Brutes and Captains. / The [!] signs mark guards, the skull sign marks natural hazards. / You can double-jump whilst on a parachute. This is the only way to kill the Archer [!] boss. / If in doubt, go high. Falling is easier than jumping. / Assassins' daggers can kill their own guys. / There are many places you can only go by running backwards. / That Brute is *always* using his axe. / Captains will die mid-rush if you slide towards them. / If you see an armour powerup, go for it above all else. / Avoid the pendulums. If you can't do that, slide under them. / Stay in the middle. You'll have room to retreat, but won't be caught by surprise. / See a line of enemies? Throw daggers at them. / Parachutes are there for a reason; you'll probably need them. / You have three lives, so use them well. / + so everyone can see! Final tech armor*8 + Mustard Pro Medic + 2*Blue Potion + 3*Final tech protectors = Kraken is a cakewalk. got replied to by jacksepticeye febuary found out on 3-14-15 PI DAY theme hotel The solution to the elevators is entirely stupid, but it works: Build a three-level elevator, then an ordinary room above it, then another three-level elevator above that. Then build a three-level elevator in an adjacent column so that it links the two. Your guests will zig-zag their way up and down, but because the elevators come almost instantly, they don't complain about waiting. Upvote this and lets get it onto the top fivelvl 65 3-9-15 my quest is done best of 2014 quest FINALLY added 2-27-15 SPOILERS! Dont read if you don't want to spoil your exploration experience. Few things that might be bit unclear to all: Coin can be used to get the shopping cart without breaking the chain (which makes is useless, since you can cut it free with the metal cutters) How to get the priest to help you: Take picture of the childrens drawing at the shop and show it to priest. Shooting your friends at base will make them as baits, regardless of having hole in front of the door or not. Doing this awards you the governor achi. For the lone wolf, I found that I had to kill Bill with an axe without giving him any pain pills (pretty brutal). As for rest of the achi, find all ammo and gun, get the generator running, fix the fence and barrigade window and go hide below the hatch. winning team nonag black sword clone and either Bryce(powerd up batman rpoff) or power black last game badged of 2014: road fury 2 first game badged of 2015: strikeforce kitty 2 sequelitus GOT all badges week 1-11-15 - 1-18-15 - 1-25-14 - 2-2-15 (-?) 2-8-15 (2-16-15 - 2-22-15) got all BOTD for week of 3/2/14-3/9/14 and 5/18/14 5/25/14 8/10/14-8/17/14 (wasn't paying attention for a while between 2nd and 3rd time) 9/1/14 -9/7/14 10/5/14-10/12/14 10/13/14 -10/19/14 RIP MAC ???? – SUNDAY 1-18-15 20 Things to do Before You Die... 1) Look at see through glass and when someone is on the other side shout "OH MY GOD, I'M HIDEOUS!" 2) Bring a big chair into the elevator facing away from the door and when someone walks in, dramatically turn and say 'we've been expecting you.' 3) Walk up to someone, hand them a potato, look them in the eyes and deadpan 'with great power, comes great responsibility.' Walk away. 4) Call someone to tell them you can't talk right now. 5) Point at someone and shout "You're one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly. 6) Buy a donut and complain that there's a hole in it. 7) Put Mayonnaise in a bowl, freeze it, and tell your friend it's ice cream. 8) Put up a "Lost Dog" poster with a picture of a cat on it. 9) In a public toilet, pass a note under the door next to you saying, "They're onto us. We need to go." 10) Walk up to a random person and say, "Wow! You've changed, I still have your picture from five years ago." And hold up a picture of potato. 11) Call McDonalds asking for directions to Burger King. 12) Order a pizza 5 minutes before New Years, and when it comes, yell, "I ORDERED THIS THING A YEAR AGO! 13) Bring a desk on an elevator. When people try to get on ask if they have an appointment. 14) Go to an electronic store with a banana and say that you want to upgrade to an apple. 15) Call Pizza Hut and ask for the phone number to Domino's. 16) Hide a walk talkie in a bush and scare people that walk by. 17) Get on a crowded elevator with a bag in your hands, sigh and say "darn my snake got loose again". 18) When someone asks you if you know what time it is, say yes and walk away. 19) Dress up as a duck and throw bread at people and say,"HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!! HUH?!!!! 20) Go to a pet shop, point at an employee, and shout "I WANT THAT ONE MOMMY!!!" Artifact 1 Bold-faced -> Awesomo Artifact 2 Bride -> Uma Artifact 3 Betzita -> Dragon man (Ranged) Kakaroto -> Dragon man (Mele) Artifact 4 Cragman -> Tankman Artifact 5 Aran -> Iron lady Artifact 6 Warbler -> Grayson Artifact 7 Electro-rat, Fire, Plant, W-Turtle -> Monster level 2 Artifact 8 Pitman -> Notch Artifact 9 notZelda -> Hyrule Artifact 10 Shadow -> Gaiden Artifact 11 Depot boy -> Warrior brotherhood Artifact 12 Solidman -> Oldsolid Artifact 13 Pit -> Black Pit Artifact 14 Fox -> Flamefox Artifact 15 Bat -> Bryce Artifact 16 Brer, Plumber -> Mr. White Artifact 17 Hedgehog -> Gold Hedgehog Artifact 18 Come here!, Indigenous, Lightning-guy, Lizard, Tundra, Whiff -> Pupil of Shao Kahn Artifact 19 Metalman -> Tincanman Artifact 20 Darth Father -> Jedi Artifact 21 47 -> Reverend at the beginning, advance tech mysticism -> breeding -> cattle -> mysticism 2 -> cattle 2 - mysticism 3 before doing anything else. You'll want to reach 3000 BC with level 3 mysticism and level 3-4 cattle and only one point in everything else. 2) You should have some points saved when you reach 3000, so get Bread and put the rest in veterinary medicine. Advance vet medicine ASAP and keep pop maxed with stonebrick, putting a total of 3 points in polytheism when possible and getting the production techs. No points in fishing, weapons, or any additional farming tech, you don't need em. Try to get 7 points in vet med and 5 in stonebrickOnce you reach 2000, dump points in selection and head for city planning. Advanced levels of selection gives you insane food, so you can put two points in monotheism. Once you've got 25k guys in the pasture and the +% culture techs, focus exclusively on raising pop max and dumping points in bronze working. Finished with 4 points in bronze working, 4 in selection, 5 in city planning. Build the Mine and level 2 Smithy (in that order) when possible. Done correctly, you'll have more than 2.5 mil production points when you unlock pyramids and will finish with 25+ turns to spare and ~140k population. Theory Time!!!!! (Final) Ok, so first thing you need to notice is that Arthur, (the wimpy guy) has a fake arm. When they get into the mansion and start being chased, they eventually fall into a trap door. As they are falling, each of them pass up a mirror, and in the mirror, everyone's reflection represents something about themselves. Vivi's (the girl) reflection has no eyes, Arthur's is missing an arm, and Ben's (the dog) mirror completely shatters. Remember that. After Lewis (the skeleton/ghost) is awakened and sees Arthur pay attention to Arthur's level of fear. Before Lewis gets his hair, you notice that Arthur is obviously scared, but once Lewis gets his hair, Arthur looks utterly mortified. Take note to that. After Lewis starts chasing Arthur, it goes to Vivi and Ben raiding the fridge. Notice that when they are about to eat their sandwiches, Vivi has a reflection in the tile, but Ben doesn't. Also important to remember. Arthur now being chased, the others start running away in fear as well, but Ben stumbles across this mirror, playing a flashback and revealing their past. They were at this “mansion” (It’s really a cave XD) once before, but this is when Lewis was still alive. Before they even get into the cave, you should notice, (as if it’s not already apparent from the appearance of the cave) that it has a sign of death outside of it, representing that something inside of the cave, or the cave itself is dangerous. When they first get into the cave, Ben immediately looks wary of something. There are many facial expressions among the group. Fear, curiosity, wonder, but Ben is the only one looking as if he senses something isn't right. It’s as if he knows something is up with the cave. As they get further into the cave, they split up. Arthur goes with Lewis, and supposedly, Ben goes with Vivi. Notice before they split up, Ben is looking towards Arthur. As Lewis is standing at the cliff and looking down, you should see that in the bottom left of the screen, Vivi is there at the bottom of the pit since she went a different way, and is exploring. When the scene goes to Arthur, you'll notice a dark figure (Ben) is actually standing behind Arthur, and Arthur's arm is slowly turning green (the same color as the cave) and slowly spreads to his face. This is whatever’s inside the cave possessing Arthur. This is a personal opinion, but I think Arthur’s character in general (His jealousy, and somewhat unhappiness with his role in the group, along with him seeming to be a weak willed person, topped off with him giving off this impressionable vibe) makes it easier, and also gives whatever it is possessing him fuel to do what’s it’s doing. Whatever spirit is inside of the cave uses Arthur’s own personal feelings (Arthur doesn't really hate Lewis, but he obviously has some type of jealousy towards him, while looking up to him) and amplifies them to make Arthur push Lewis off the cliff. Since Vivi is at the bottom of the pit, she sees Lewis fall to his death. The next scene shows Lewis, now dead, resurrecting with his heart, and a pink stream from his heart goes to Vivi's eyes. This is her memories being erased. That explains why she has no eyes in the mirror because she doesn't remember when she saw Lewis die. She no longer knows of what she saw. Her memories being erased is Lewis's doing because he doesn't want her to have the scene of him dying in her head. He does this so she won't be in pain after literately watching her friend, or possibly, her significant other fall to his death. That also would explain why she looks so panicked when the pink stream goes to her eyes. She still has just seen her friend/possible significant other die, and she is now looking at her hands in despair, before her memory is erased. After that, it shows Arthur struggling with whatever is inside of him, feeling terrible, and on the verge of tears, after he pushed his friend off the cliff and to his death. I think that because of the type of character he is (Anxious, scares easily, panicky) he decides not to tell anyone about what happened (Which is why Vivi doesn’t know of what happened still). This also explains why Arthur expression goes from scared (before Lewis gets his hair), to absolutely mortified after Lewis gets his hair. This represents Arthur recognizing Lewis. Also, take note to the lyrics when Lewis is pointing at Arthur when he is first awakened. It saying, "Fuck, it's you I hate the most." This also explains why Arthur looks so confused at first. He has absolutely no clue why this ghost hates him, but once Lewis gets his hair back, and Arthur recognizes him, it becomes all too clear to Arthur who this ghost is, and it's motives, along with the reason behind them. Then if you pay attention, before the flashback is over, the scene switches to Ben's true form (A kitsune, or in other words, a demon fox spirit, or just a fox spirit. This goes back to Japanese folklore). This would explain why Ben looked so wary when he first came into the cave. Him being a Kitsune gives him the ability to sense the ominous presences in the cave. When whatever spirit it is in the cave started to possess Arthur, Ben was probably aware of it, which is why he followed Arthur instead of going with Vivi, and why he was standing behind Arthur so threateningly because he sensed the spirit, or whatever it was inside of Arthur. After Ben sees Arthur push Lewis off the cliff, Ben is now completely sure about his suspicions, and then takes action and bites off Arthur's arm to get rid of the spirit’s influence on Arthur (He bites off his arm because that is where the possession began). They then show Ben holding Arthur’s arm in his true form. I think the gang is already aware of Ben’s background, and he serves as this protector of his friends. The reason why he disguises himself is so he’ll be able to live everyday life with his friends, and people who don’t know what he truly is don’t panic as soon as they see him. This explains why Ben's reflection broke the mirror at first, and also explains why Arthur doesn't have an arm in his reflection and why he has a fake arm now. I think the reason why Ben is still portrayed as this dark character with red eyes after we see his true form is because they are trying to represent that he knows of what really happened. He knows what happened behind the scenes. He saw everything. After the flashback is over, we see Vivi trying to protect Arthur from Lewis (still unaware that the ghost is Lewis), and Lewis stops, since he obviously had feelings for her when he was alive, and still does now. She never really remembers who he is, and she's just genuinely curious of him. This explains why she doesn't put up much of a fight when Arthur pulls her away from Lewis. Arthur pulls Vivi away from because he knows (In his head) that Lewis is no longer the friend they once knew, and he tries to get Vivi away from him. I do feel as if Vivi feels some type connection with him as Lewis is extending his heart out to her, which is why she reaches back to him as she’s running away, along with her curiosity of him, and in ghost in general. After they escape, you then see Lewis opening the Locket, and revealing that it’s a picture of Him and Vivi. I think Lewis extending his heart/locket out to Vivi was his attempt to show her that it was him, and restore her memories, but of course, that doesn't happen. Lets rewind a bit. When they fall in the trap door, remember how Arthur fell first to Lewis's room? That doesn't make since because Vivi was at the bottom when the trap door appeared. Despite this being the case, Arthur is the first to land and the others are found somewhere else eating sandwiches. Obviously, some force pulled him down faster than the others. I'd like to bring back up a lyrical reference. When Lewis saw Arthur, he said "Fuck, it's you I hate the most." Yes, we all know that Lewis has a resentment for Arthur, and it's natural that he wouldn't but happy to see him, but that sounds as if he's mad because something went wrong. In other words, he didn't mean to have Arthur fall into his room. If you pay attention to the lyrics when Arthur first falls into his room and Lewis is first coming out of his coffin, it's as if Lewis is talking. More importantly, it sounds like he expected to be talking to Vivi: Try and hear me then I'm done,- (Initiating the conversation with her, and him telling her to listen to him) 'Cause I might just say this once- (Him referring to what he's about to tell here. It being him, and about his love) Seen this played out in my dream- (Referring to him looking forward to seeing and talking to Vivi) It doesn't matter- (Lewis being and adorable and hopeless loser with words XD) Time for givin' up the ghost (It's time for me to quit this after life stuff, and move on.) But then he notices it's Arthur, which leads him to say: Fuck, it's you I hate the most. I believe he meant to make Vivi fall first and into his room, which would have allowed him to give her the locket, restoring her memories, showing her that it's really him, and also giving him the chance to seek out his love for her (while the other two are eating sandwiches). Of course, Lewis discovers that the person who is before him is indeed Arthur, the person who killed him, which causes him to say what he says. When Lewis was falling to his death, he didn't see a possessed Arthur. He saw Arthur, the person who he thought was his friend. So now he has a hatred towards him and that is why he starts chasing him. If things would have gone the way Lewis originally planned (Vivi falling to his room, and him giving her the locket there), Vivi would have regained her memories, and found out it was Lewis right there, and Lewis could have passed on happily, and if not that, he could have at least probably of not tried to kill Arthur since Arthur would have never had a chance to trigger Lewis's anger XD. Coming back to the present, notice that mansion disappears as they’re driving away. In an attempt to get revenge on Arthur, and seek out his love for Vivi, Lewis uses his powers to stop the car (the pink electricity that made the car stop) right in front of the illusion of a mansion he created so that the gang would have no choice but to go inside either for help, or to investigate the creepy house. I'd like to point out another lyrical reference. The song in general is geared towards Lewis. Specifically, I'd like to focus on the chorus. Throughout the song we here, "This time I might just disappear." This referring to Lewis being on his last leg. He knows now it's all or nothing. The mansion disappearing symbolizes Lewis accepting his fate, which leads to believe he moved on while still bitter about his past…. Boom. Side Notes: Just a general observation. It's good to pay attention to the color of the characters, and also the cave. Arthur is yellow, Vivi is blue, Ben is red, Lewis is magenta, and the cave is green. Keeping that in mind will help you to pick up things I didn't find it necessary to mention such as Vivi's glasses being magenta, representing that they were probably a gift from Lewis, or Ben's glasses being yellow representing that he's probably Arthur's dog, or specifically linked with him somehow. Those, or even other little things that I didn't feel had much relevance and didn't need to be mentioned. I think the colors fit their respective characters fairly well, but the cave, specifically, I think fits the best. Green is the color of envy, which Arthur has towards Lewis in a sense. This probably helps to explain why he was targeted. Not only does Arthur seem to be the easiest character to posses, due to their personality, but it was also able to use Arthur's own personal feelings. One thing you should also notice is that Lewis's rage is focused, yet blind. Think of it as Lewis controlling everything in the mansion. I mean, he did create it and all. He's aiming it at Arthur (focused), but he is unintentionally putting his other friends in danger as well (blind). The sword swing at 1:06 could have killed his other two friends, although it was aimed at Arthur and same with the explosion at the end. ♪® any speedy vid snipeys in maybe christmas or house: hm i just found out that snipeyy has her own channel, and apparently was big enough to play with vanoss at one point (list vanoss dog swim bo2 vid) the crew house vid: 16:16 uh speedy g18 was in the build,13:17 look up g18: screw you guys staying there looking lonely peeking in, im in my personal plane being rich rocking out, your argument is invalid Portal sites: Level 1:Agame,Newgrounds,Armor games,Miniclip,Kongregate,King,Box10, Mindjolt,Free world group, Mofunzone Level2:Addictinggames,Ninja kiwi, notdoppler ,BubbleBox, Bored, crazymonkeygames,Arc ade bomb, Hallpass,Big fish games, ? got all BOTD for week of 3/2/14-3/9/14 and 5/18/14 5/25/14 8/10/14-8/17/14 (wasn't paying attention for a while between 2nd and 3rd time) 9/1/14 -9/7/14 10/5/14-10/12/14 10/13/14 -10/19/14 finally done the game, wow it was hard. Some tips: 1) always keep a melee unit with your mages/priests to stop teleporting undead from killing your ranged units. 2) Buy ordinary archers, they kill so many they level up quickly. 3) I found snipers and clerics much better than crossbow/monk. 4) Get 1 spy, attract enemy aggro and run around while letting your snipers do the lifting. 5) Target priorities (highest first): Teleporting undead/Bomb/Ghost/Ranged units/Ogre/Melee units. Hope it helps! Added a hotkeys to select all soldiers of a particular class: Q to select Warriors, W – Archers, E – Mages, R – Priests, T – Thieves. Hope it solves the problem. Also use tactical pause to issue orders without any rush. rengades If there's nothing in an inventory slot, it'll be filled by ammo for your equipped weapon. The best loadout (as of now): Armor class 1, tactical gloves, light boots, no backpack, no helmet (penalties are stronger than gains). Assault rifle is best gun (42 max dmg), SMG is #2 (40 max dmg). I just use one extra clip, 2 grenades + med kit for 2 chars, 3 grenades for the others. +1 if this is helped you out. http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/380539-upcoming-badges Got the final badge by waiting until the first rocket truck ran under the fin of the Baconator 2. When that happened i dropped my nuke in the side of the fin and included the truck in the blast radius, hope this helps lvl 62 feb-7-14 kongpanions made 1-13-14 ===[http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/genius11 genius11]=== Tries to stop fights and outright debates but ultimately gets sucked into them.if called a troll will calmy and intelligently debate how that's an outright lie... until a certain point and goes batshit crazy. likes puzzles and riddles and science. Known for some how accumulating -2200 comments. known to be friendly and even help give other players walkthroughs by playing the game firsthand like did with alienofmars Super Flags After completing World 1-6: Goomba Fortress, the Sticker Fest grounds in Decalburg will start to become cleaned up. As part of this, eight special flags will appear in the middle area, each with an achievement/goal written on them. If you reach a particular goal, that flag will unfurl. 1.Find all HP-Up Hearts (16 total, 100 HP max). 2.Collect every Sticker type in the world. 3.Make all Secret Doors appear (one in each stage, except W6-1). 4.Collect all Comet Pieces (get all regular and secret exits). 5.Spend 10,000 Coins. 6.Get a Perfect Bonus in 500 battles (complete battles without taking damage). 7.Perform 1,000 Excellent attacks (complete Timed Attacks properly). 8.Hit the Battle Spinner jackpot 50 times (three of the same icon). There are five locations where you can find Luigi, who in this game only makes cameo roles: 1.World 1-6: Goomba Fortress: Outside area by Heart/Save Blocks, in background as you cross bridge to boss tower 2.World 2-5: Drybake Stadium: Fourth level, in window along outside path 3.World 3-12: Whitecap Beach: First area, behind giant rock in background when riding Wiggler 4.World 4-5: Whiteout Valley: Third scene, riding chair lift in background 5.World 5-5: Rugged Road: Room with Hot Springs, look behind west wall When you spot Luigi in these areas, you can Paperize and he will turn to look at you. Press A to pull him out of the scene, at which point Luigi simply runs off the screen. If you grab him in all five locations, he will lead the parade at the end of the game. best level for farming is 3rd boss, witch boomerang max both hands and LAZOR Head geniusten s4meps YUUUUSSSHH http://www.puzzles.com/projects/logicproblems.html pandora epic battles quest location 50 zombies-right above deep forest/3rd warp place made Lucas(2random letters) and sur(random #) lvl up and get badge in tdp4 on 2-16-13 LVL UP ON JULY 20 12 LVL UP ON SEPT-2 1010 points left at sunday july 22nd 2:38 pm telll ally about fixation I feel like the game just broke the 4th wall, because when Katheryn is talking to Jack, she says "What if I was only a side-character in a much more complicated story than I could possibly comprehend?" Mind = blown. the bester game ever walkthroughere is the Walktrought take the lotion, touch the towel a crab come out ,go right until you reach the blue guy,take Wilson the ball, go back to the kid and the castle trow Wilson to the castle,take the arms,go back to the blue man give him the arms ,he give you a dinosaur joke ,take the joke to the girl in the stand ,take the ice cone, give it to the kid that is left ,take the cube,go left and take the cube into the crab,go rigth until you reach the sea you lose wilson here, dont touck the duck keep walking until he poop take it, go right, give it to the shark ,now you can pass ,go back to the jellyfish trow him the crab you recibe the dead jellyfish, go back to sunburned men give him the lotion and the jellyfish,he gives you a crowbar .go right until you reach the manhole,use the crowbar,now talk to the turtles until the game ends. MEDALS Good call-Start the game Armed and Dangerous-take the arms after destroying the castle Comedy Gold-After the blue man gives you the epic joke Fonz Whisperer-talk to fonz (the motorcycle man) enought times I Have Crabs!-Take the crab with the cube Sorry Wilson-Go to the sea with wilson beforo destroying the sandcastle(you have to restart the game) Afterlife Affection-go right until you found a ghost,talk to him (have to restart the game) Bob Buddy-Give the sunburned man the lotion and the jellyfish Eye for Value-take the duck poo before it touch the ground Snowcone Savior-give the kid the snowcone Talktative-talk to everithing in the game sand,sky water in each phase,characters,things before taken Dino Master-Finish the games Spoilers next(Secret Medals) Sea Spectacle-take the crab to the jellyfish Turtle Gropper-touch a turtle in the final stage Lonesome fury-touch the duck(have to restart the game) Temporal Paradox-die first withe the ghost and go back to the same black room touch you own ghost Hope that helped!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vincent Price vs THE JOKER Joker: "I'm the Clown Prince of Crime! I'm one Psychotic Killer! The only thing you're known for is that Voice-over in Thriller! Why you always so Serious? It's such a Disgrace! How's about you and I carve a little Smile on that Face!" Vincent Price: "You trying to be Funny? Cause you're Certainly Not SCARY! Just look up The Word! My Picture's in the Dictionary! I think it is Cute that you call yourself a Prince. Admit The Price is Right! You got Nothing on Vince!" 1/28/12 nlvld up 3/9/12 Jack the Ripper vs. The Zodiac Killer Julius Ceaser vs. The Dog Whisper Peter Griffin vs. Homer Simpson Superman vs. Bruce Lee Sherlock Holmes vs. Monk or any other detective/ cop Rocky vs. John Cena The King(Burger King's Mascot) vs. McDonalds clown Elvis vs. Michael Jackson Santa vs. Barack Obama Dr. Phil vs. Dr. House ninja Hood + Viking Armor + Mana Staff = BATTLE MAGE!! ... (useful for getting the hard badge) Bruno: I wanna Be a Billionare Fan: Can You Buy Me a Dress Whenever you become One? Bruno: No I Love You Just The Way You Are Fan: Awww (: Bruno: I jump In Front Of a Train For Ya {Fan gets Ran Over By a Train} Fan: H-Help!!! Bruno: Sorry I Can't Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything... PUZZLE 1:2 pigs, 1st(from left) helmet PUZZLE 2:3 pigs, high jump PUZZLE 3:3 pigs, 3rd helm+visor PUZZLE 4:3 pigs, high jump, double jump PUZZLE 5:1 pig, high jump, jump down PUZZLE 6:3 pigs, 2nd helm+lamp PUZZLE 7:1 pig, high jump, double jump, flight PUZZLE 8:5 pigs, 1st and 5th helm+visor, 2nd and 4th helm. You should always be left with 0 coins. Also, at the end of the puzzle you should have one unprotected pig. These all should be correct. Nice medium badge, BTW ;)Isaac Newton Vs Sheldon Cooper Isaac: We allready know who’s gonna win this, off course There’s a reason why my name is a measure of force So bring it on, you bitch, if i was you i withdraw The “science” that you can’t beat me is now called Newtons 4th law Sheldon: Knock, knock, knock … Isaac, you’re about to be beaten. You’re on my list of arch enemy’s, look! Right above Will Wheaton. There will be one day you become as intelligent as me But for now, just give up and go back under your tree Katy CHERRY RebeccaBLACK-BERRY PRUNEo Mars PLUMena gomez JusTIN-CAN Bieber Taylor SWIFFER Cole and Dylan BRUSSEL'S SPROUTS Miley CITRUS DOUGHnas Brothers ps i got all medals in your first quest quest but for some reasons not on profile 13 s 22 ep simpsons s 11 ep 6 s4 ep 10 s4 ep 6 s6 ep13 |Accuracy - |Every point improves accuracy. Accuracy is required to use some guns. - |- - |Defense - |Every point reduces 5% damage. You start at 0%. - |- - |Health - |Every point increases HP by 50 and medkit restoration by 15. You start at 100 HP and 30 medkit restoration. - |- - |Explosions - |Every point increases damage dealed by grenades. Explosives is required to use some guns. - |- - |Strength - |Strength is required to use most guns, it has no other effects. - |- - |Luck - |Every point increases the chance to score a critical hit.

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