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Chat Room Quotes: 1) lhvinny: c-c-c-c-combo breaker!
2) Lurkenstein: Is there a reason you want to say cockwaffle?
3) Divreus: If peace was widespread, we would all probably combine into one nation. And if that particular nation happened to fail in any way, we’d all be screwed.
4) Divreus: Div? –
dazim666: im here but im playing –
Divreus: o wait, I am Div…
5) TheKink1: Jask calling people Noobs is like dividing by Zero
6) Channeller: Wasn’t bad till the keyboard stopped =P
7) lhvinny: gotten those badges too :) –
lhvinny: the walrus at the end scared me –
lhvinny: or whatever it was
8) Lurkenstein : Dont. hes just a hat.
9) manofgun: how do i explain being tied up in a good way to a girl? –
Lurkenstein: Uh –
joenero13: say its a school project
10) prettypotofglue: i want waffles now, and not the cock kind.
11) Lurkenstein: yup. Im a care bear
12) thisismysecndacc: gah.. i fell on my chair and now i feel ive been raped XD
13) TheGoldenHammer: The schmooglepie should’ve added some random coconuts to the narwhal.
14) TheKink1: Who here is English? – Ryuk1: the initial reaction is WTF – TheKink1: Quick question. – Ryuk1: english as in british? – TheKink1: No. – TheKink1: English as in English. – Ryuk1: or, just english speaking?
15) Chaosblade6: I can’t believe some one who is intelligent enough to use a computer could have such horrible grammar and sound so idiotic…
16) Ryuk1: just a fun fact, forging sleep for 24 hours is about 3 shots of whiskey
17) jaskaran2000: stop makin me type innappropriate language – jaskaran2000: plz stop – thisismysecndacc: its your own fault – thisismysecndacc: its your choice you cant blame me
18) dazim666: wait is gir a chick or a guy
19) prettypotofglue: black guy, you cant win your name back >:3
20) Ares_: yay for concussion!
21) SonicOkami: actually just the skills of a basic dog will do
22) TheH21: “You set a high score in Just Chatting”
23) collusion: i’ve been up for 58 hours – collusion: same – terrag511: … – TheH21: I still have your pants, mind you – terrag511: same advice as always
24) Chaosblade6: I can’t find the mute button… the blood is pooling in my eyes from the idiocy…
25) Chaosblade6: Cursing a moderator is the internet equal of being blasphemous to god… The mods click is a lightning bolt… sending thousands of volts through your pathetic internet life…
26) Fnar3221: You appear to be a wee bit immature, apathetic to cultural/societal norms and a have a tinge of passive-aggressive behavior. My perspective of course.
27) Chaosblade6: probably the most hilarious key to not work is the “f” key…
28) GraveHorizon: Newb = Lack of experience, Noob = Lack of skill.
29) CaptainCoolGuy: Neutral (good, evil, or true) were all insane.
30) Tsuppotron7000: Aw man I’m so high from this deer I smoked. Shiiit.
Aquras: /facepalm.
31) Tsuppotron7000: I give good butt rubs.
Tabaschritar: I give expert-level neck rubs.
32) Storageheater: I used to live near a town called Bare. It had a Bare Ladies’ Methodist Church meeting, and the Bare Boys’ Brigade
33) justin14714: Hey I just met you , and girl you look crazy What brands your makeup? Crayola maybe.
34) AquaDraco: I still say Linux is a penguin. >:(
35) Divreus: Just go around smelling things, I’m sure you’ll find a candle.

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