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I’m just another random guy, wondering around in this world waiting for something revolutionary to happen. A cynic, pessimist, realist, and probably a bit of a misanthrope. I’m not going to tell you some weird BS like humanity is “corrupt”. Humanity isn’t corrupt, but just the majority of humanity being misguided.

I’ve talked to multiple people, and not one of them as made me deny my single belief: people are motivated by self-greed and only do what will ultimately benefit them in the long run. Little do they go out of their way to do something for somebody else. If people do something for somebody else, it is almost always because they are expecting something to come out of it in return.

When faced with a truly terrifying situation, I guarantee that the people who once considered me their friend wouldn’t even turn in my direction to check if I survive, and that applies to the people around them as well. People don’t give a crap about other people when the situation gets tough. The only exception I see to this is family, as family looks out for each other.

Some people like to put family and friends in the same category. I can’t do that. Whereas a family will always be there because they are bound by blood, friends won’t. Friends come and go, sometimes sooner then expected. People say true friends are people that will be there through the tough times. From what I’ve seen in my lifetime, finding someone like that is a godsend. Good luck.

If I were to shift from a pessimistic view on everything, talking about people in general, I believe the only way to make it in life is to find what you are good at and try to make a living off of it. If you try to do something that you weren’t meant to do, it won’t work out. That’s why there are prostitutes and strippers. That’s why there are criminals. And at the same time, that’s why there are doctors and lawyers. People have either found that something works out great for them, or that nothing else works out for them.

Of course, if something works out for you, you must be willing to exercise it as much as possible. The difference in skill between two people is usually the amount of effort both of them put in. It’s common sense. The more practice one has in doing something, the more skilled that one is. Yet, I fail to understand why people still become envious when someone else is given something they weren’t.

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