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Note to Friends: My husband (Kongregate name ‘Dabomby’), is currently using my account to play ‘Incremental Epic Hero!’, in case you see him online! :)

Note to Admins: This is 1 of 2 Main accounts (shared IP), and not an alt. account. This is listed as the alt. account, which may be due to use of my Credit/Debit cards on the other account.

APOLOGIES ATM!! & Check feed!
My apologies to my friends for not being able to respond to my messages, and for not being able to respond in chat (or for the poor typing when I do!). This is due to several bad months atm ,with severe pain. I’m hoping I’ll be able to remove this note before too much longer!! (July 2014 – Still hoping…!)

Note Dec 2014: AAA – my apologies for not being around in chat. I left as I felt the problems might be solved more easily without me there, and I’m very sorry to come back to find that’s not the case.
I had intended to be back online before I was, but was taken into hospital at the start of Oct. and had Liver and Renal failure, so spent the entire month in Hospital. It’s a slow recovery, but am hoping – when I can chat – that I’ll be able to find all of you, somewhere!
A massive thanks to my husband J, who kept my Shiny Kongpanion madness going while I was away!

Note (Feb 2013): Still in very bad pain, so I’m finding it difficult to use the laptop. I have been back on Kong, but am finding typing difficult most of the time, so my apologies to everyone in Chat if I have to go suddenly, and to my friends waiting for message replies – I will do them asap!

Note (Dec 2013 – current day): Currently using changed profile pic. – but plan to change it back at some point! Hands improving gradually – still online on point and click games!

USERNAME: (& r/l nickname!)
Icklem stands for ‘Ickle m’: Ickle = little, m = short for my first name, which is Em.

I live in England, UK on the SW coast, with my husband who is American (he’s also a Kongregate user).

I am disabled, so have to use a laptop, which causes problems with some games :(
My medication (including opiates) also causes me memory problems – so my apologies if I forget your rl name etc!

I’m an easy going, and genuine person. I like having a chat, and will always help out if I can!
I am NOT looking for dating though, as I’m very happily married!! :)

Mainly into any sort of Puzzle games, and ‘Point and Click’ adventures. Includes Escape, & Horror type games!
Like to collect Badges!
Also really like ‘Pandemic 2’ – although the Impossible badge is driving me mad!!
Update: 8th Feb 15.
Finally got the badge! Thanks to my bro Oski for the Victory dance lol.
My 1st Impossible badge – ‘Pandemic 2’!

Can normally be found in chat room A.A.A. ヽʕຈᴥຈʔノ – or occasionally in ‘Difference Engine’ RIP.
During 2015, also in ‘Project Restoration – Room 1’ (Game chat).

Let me know what else you want me to add here I guess!
(Other than a better (and up to date!) profile pic that is!)

Avatar Notes:
2014 to Present day: Picture back to Eye & Tear Avatar again.
Sept 2014: Avatar changed for month – in support of ‘Spinal Cord Injury Awareness’.
Apr. 2012 to Sept. 2014: Eye & Tear Avatar used.
Apr. 2010 to Apr. 2014: Normal photo (cropped to face only).
(Doesn’t display properly on site, & is now very old!)

Carpe Diem.

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