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The viscous sac beckoned with silent screams—intoxicating, irresistible. A twisted, writhing mass flailed within his skull, struggling with the unspoken siren song. Luckily he felt no pain, for how could one feel without sanity, without physical connection, without a mind?
The thoughtless shell of a man lay motionless on the dry stone floor, blood seeping from his ears, eyes, mouth. The crimson streams ran with a life of their own, defying gravity, drawn to the squirming sac. As the first of the tainted lifeblood came within a foot of the grayish blob, it began to quiver—preparing.

A greasy appendage lurched forth, piercing the blistered exterior of the horrific creature in a spray of pus and black cream. With clumsy efficiency, the fleshy probe positioned itself in the lake of warm blood, sucking hungrily—as elephant’s trunk gathers water, devilish efficiency. With its task completed the limb twitched, went still, fell lifeless to the dry floor. No hole, wound, or scar marked where the appendage tore, just another blister. An abrupt buzzing began to emanate from within the vile casing, as if a thousand agitated wasps prepared for the final act.

As the humming reached a deafening climax it suddenly stopped—silence. A second elapsed, then another, another, another. As abruptly as it had quit it started again, only now a low droning. A bulge developed underneath the rotten skin—a jutting bone.
The bulge grew, became a black bubble, expanding to its maximum. Crossing its threshold the bubble burst, droning finally dissipated. From within the gaping wound ran a mass of dark bile, spilling thoughtlessly onto the floor.

Movement from within the splayed sac, as it began to rock. From the hole it came, crawling—pale and naked. It was glad to be free of the suffocating sac, of the stinging bile. It was glad to have been born, for this was a human child.
“And that,” said the gray haired woman, “Is where babies come from.” The little boy she had been speaking to just stared, tears welling in his little eyes. For that was not what he had expected.

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