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MaD Room-01’s lovable degenerate खิ৺खิ✧
add RoyalProtector25 he’s way better than me
total jojofag
(mostly) wholesome
weeb incarnate
frequent masturbator
local man unfixes everything
customer service:+91 9829675315, 8478432743
my totally nsfw discord server
wall of rip
taytweets 2016-2016
MaD Room-01
Jonathan371 2017-2017
tries hard to be cool but fails horribly
crying 24/7
it all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling do~wn
“underpail is 2hu 4 babbies”- me 2k17
tired of living
list of """"music"""" :
/a/non’s last message
hi diddly ho neighborino
only me
Caress me with your sweet lullaby~~
human music
my neighbor 2pac
destination nonon
rip psy
fmop fmop
teach world to fap
the dunker with the 7 scars
Fireflies – Owl City
ghosts over baghdad
rip #12134
[insert title of trending music here]
sawnik maynia!!!!!!
SiIvagunner is the only guy who can make rips for 1 hour
Rock Gear Solid V: The Phantom Stone
ra shi dooooooooooo
let the lolis hit the floor
shelter halation
it all returns to nothing
meaningless quotes
MagmaDeath: internettro11 is a pleb
Yagimaru: opinion means what you think and what you think is shit
0rava: irish: Just here to check on a bug report
0rava: TinyBox: I’m straight
InternetTro11: deep inside, i know you’re all decent people.
MysteryNarrator: With the right amount of good developers and less money-hungry ROBLOX devs, ROBLOX could be actually GOOD.
Player_Nathan: This chat is the definition of eternal damnation and suffering.

Player_Nathan: Humanity has really failed as a race.

Player_Nathan: I haven’t seen the Emoji Movie, but I could probably predict 99% of the entire movie.
Adrianthewarlock: assburgers syndrome
Elswordia: i just have no life
zombiekillah6: i am 9 yr old that LOVES. the fnaf story
InternetTro11: fnaf is shit
zombiekillah6: BASSICALL-
InternetTro11: your favorites are shit
zombiekillah6: (reports internet 9999999999 times)
Player_Nathan: Good things don’t happen intentionally, they happen by mistake.
theslothgamer2: anus
chulord: also i dont really mind furries
chulord: until they go YIFF YIFF xdddd WATCH MY HENTAI 24/7
DennisR00dman: I wish to become a futa loli
O_54: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.“the origins of life”
KomradeKazim: I’ll throw your ass in the furnace and send your ashes to your uncle, so he can molest that instead.
JarvisSystem: Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure.
pietrovitch: it looks like you just copied a random block of code of a website and now you’re trying to pretend you’re hackerboi 9000
SCREEECHH: What is the most brutal thing you can think of?
Rastapasta_: your face
Lupolucio22: wha is the difference between a cookie, and a jew?
InternetTro11: i dunno
Lupolucio22: the cooking time
Lupolucio22: two men are about to jump off a building, one is black the other is jew, who hits the ground first?
TheUltraTeacup: the black
InternetTro11: the black guy i think
Lupolucio22: yes because shit is heavier than ash
i sexually identify as a hate symbol
ever since i was a newflag i dreamed of being posted on 4chins and triggering libtards
people say to me being a hate symbol is impossible and i’m a retard but i don’t care, i’m beautiful
i’m having a well-trained NEET install internet hate machines, redpill dispensers, and a statue of Kek on my body
from now on i want you guys to call me “Tro11” and respect my right to shit on your opinions and eat chicken tendies
if you can’t accept me you’re a cuck and need to lurkmore
thank you for your cooperation

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