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Feb. 13, 2016
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smexy-ass formatting done by some nerd called nUKEGIRL12, idk.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: I’m fookin’ crazy m8.

MORE DESCRIPTIVE NONSENSE: ever wondered how this dumbass tastes? smaken er som baken!

“Stupid.” – people that can type “Nobhead” – brainisdead “o3o” – Swyn


KaisarDragon: Lurk mode: activated.

itsn0tme: Poke mode: Engage.

itsn0tme: pokes furiously

moses78: keep poking me like that and you’re gonna make me cuuu………

moses78: and i just jizzed in my pants


Moomoomoomoo: Grass then beer, you’re in the clear. Beer then grass, you’ll be on your ass.


moomoomoomoo: it is isn’t it its?

moomoomoomoo: holy shit that was weird sentence


KaisarDragon: Dude in China buys 99 iPhones. Arranges them in a heart on the ground. Proposes to girlfriend in front of a ring of random onlookers. She says nope.

KaisarDragon: Looks like he’s got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.


moomoomoomoo: been mates with this girl for a few years, but the last few times ive seen her ive totally been getting vibes like shes into me

moomoomoomoo: and i never ever think that either xD

moomoomoomoo: not sure what to do now XD

itsn0tme: Duuuude

BobDylan: make a moomoomoomoove


Uexkull: i think its misspelled joffrey

Musicgirl: ^

Musicgirl: Psychotic dickface.

Uexkull: he has to be a dickface, he doesn’t have one anywhere else


moses78: just remember, religion and political beliefs are like penises. great to have. but don’t go waving them in kids faces


kassuhei: why would you want to read anyones profile on this site? were all crazy without reading it


aquasaurious: Everything’s nicer when the coffee is fresher


KaisarDragon: I’m playing now. Samurai Canabalt? …

KaisarDragon: Ok, so I hate this vanderbuilt lord and I want to lamp him and his kids and his grandma …

KaisarDragon: So my 2 hit combo is ok, but going for 3 will send me through the enemy where he’ll promptly stab my ass for my hubris.

KaisarDragon: Ok, I pressed W and all lampin’ hell broke loose. Then I fancy pants’d juggled him long after he died just because lamp these edward scissorhands hydralisk lovechilds.

KaisarDragon: Ha ha, look at this large gap I created to stop you. And I’m all “Yer mom has a large gap” I didn’t even need to double jump to get across. Lord Voldemort is a dumb sumbitch


filecabinet_guy: kai, so cute!

filecabinet_guy: if that were 18, i’d fap to it


Itsuyame: im addicted to roasted daesh kebab

Itsuyame: if you know what i mean

Itsuyame: wink wink ~

filecabinet_guy: did….itsu just make a dirty joke?

Itsuyame: wink wink ~


In reference to ( ͠° ͟ʖ °)

Kjpatu: what is with the retaded as booty face smurf



ryantpanther: real legends never die

ryantpanther: they only reppsawn


((Bonk, after dunkin’ some lil’ nerd who was defiling IP)):

TheLinkToThePast: We’re a plateau, not a landfill. K? k world collectively faints

just chatting #01 xdddd

Matthew21210: You ain’t gotta trigger me wondroid, I’m already a loose cannon.




AkatsukixReenuh: i dont want a 3some

AkatsukixReenuh: i want to **** a girl.

AkatsukixReenuh: and only her.

AkatsukixReenuh: lmao.

AkatsukixReenuh: with no one watching.

AkatsukixReenuh: just me and the girl


AkatsukixReenuh: just .. if i was, IF, IFFFFF, i was ever to “play” with a girl, i would be very picky and the girl would have to be a 10.


AkatsukixReenuh: i cant sexy talk with its

AkatsukixReenuh: i hate him

AkatsukixReenuh: he hates me

AkatsukixReenuh: does not work well.

AkatsukixReenuh: i CAN however, sexy talk with itsu


hicute67289: gross no dont go to redtube

Itsuyame: XD

AkatsukixReenuh: no hi, go to redtube

AkatsukixReenuh: its educational.


AkatsukixReenuh: Feeling it is the best part.


Itsuyame: who doesnt likes nipples tho?


AkatsukixReenuh: she likes americans caucasian ppl though.

AkatsukixReenuh: they know how to tip.


itsn0tme: this just in: renzor into ALL the kinky shit

AkatsukixReenuh: this just in? I thought everyone been knew..


itsn0tme: currently nergasming over some dumb video

AkatsukixReenuh: tentacles?

AkatsukixReenuh: and anime?

AkatsukixReenuh: xD

itsn0tme: simply the best.

AkatsukixReenuh: lmfao.

AkatsukixReenuh: its lowkey how every girl wants it

AkatsukixReenuh: lololololol jk.

itsn0tme: THE DEED IS DONE.

AkatsukixReenuh: lmfaoooooooooooo

AkatsukixReenuh: you forgot the just kidding part D:

itsn0tme: that never happened c:

AkatsukixReenuh: i was referring to getting things shoved in every hole anyways


AkatsukixReenuh: no anal or i will do it to you. 10 times harder with a 10 times bigger dick.


Sywn: 10 pm tonight you must sacrafice not to the devil

AkatsukixReenuh: no

AkatsukixReenuh: i do what i want

AkatsukixReenuh: the devil can eat my ass.

AkatsukixReenuh: peace out.

Sywn: k he probs would

Sywn: seeing as i am him ;D


AkatsukixReenuh: i dont know anything. _


Itsuyame: #FratlieWantsToLayOnMeConfirmed

TurkeyPie: something something I’ve got 12 inches for you though
AkatsukixReenuh: turk
AkatsukixReenuh: give me
AkatsukixReenuh: hya and nyaa~~~



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