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Nov. 28, 2012
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    Jul. 02, 2011

qui nos morituri te salutant mortem
I am like a mirror, reflecting what you do.
If you come here happy, i smile right back at you.
If you come here angry and hating what you see, then I wont be happy and you’ll have to deal with me.

by request i mention tree_fiddy, FirstBloodKiller, carhart88079, and blebbeh
CottonCloudCat: kkdkdkkdkfjefjiejfieqjffeqo[ji[
JeniseS: english, please
JAN 18 – 5:55PM
CottonCloudCat: me? sorry
JAN 18 – 5:56PM
CottonCloudCat: my cat accadently typed on the keyboard
JeniseS: no problems. it’s just…i dont read gibberish
CottonCloudCat: lol

FirstBloodKiller: - JeniseS you know i love ya though…
JeniseS: i’m not too sure
JudyJap: to*
JeniseS: no, i meant “too”
JudyJap: Well then your a complete and total moron
JeniseS: ok, judy, i put you on my profile “too”
JudyJap: to*
FirstBloodKiller: Judy go back to first grade c;
JudyJap: Just learn english. goddd…

Kareela: mexico is in south america, i hope to visit someday

JAN 10 – 10:47PM
blebbeh: i don’t appreciate being around people who refuse to open their minds to anything

DebraR2: i am ****ing back
DebraR2: kong bot is a shit head
JeniseS: kongbot is a mirror
DebraR2: kongbot is a bitch
Ayrus: oooooh
Ayrus: haha, jen
Ayrus: took me way longer to realize what was said

Loki_lpt: Jen, I cannot wait till I find out what nursing home you are in
Loki_lpt: So I can tell them about you using the wifi after hours
DJ_Church: Singapore is in Japan, which is the capital of China

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