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    where i want to be
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free rider 2 ??? map its so cool try it -1i 42 -1i 18 -1i -u 1s -u 1s 18 2g 18 34 -42 -34 -42 -26 18 -1i 18,2g -42 2g -9c 1i -92 1i -3o,1i -8o 26 -8o 2g -8o,-2g -3o -2g -92 -1i -8o -1i -42,-1i -84 -2g -84,-1i -3e -1i -2g -k -2g,-1i -3e -k -2g,k -2g 1i -2g 1i -3e k -2g,0 -u 0 -a a 0 1s 0,a -u a -a 0 0 -1i 0,a -a 0 -a a -k,-1i 42 -1i 7g -u 7g -k 7g -k 84 -1i 84 -1i bi -1i j2 0 pk 0 11e -26 148 -5u 172 -ak 180 -jc 19i -k0 1g4 -hq 1ge -hq 1k6,1s 42 1s 76 1s 7g u 7g u 84 u 7g 1s 84 1s bi 1s f0 1s j2 k pk k 11o -18 14s -50 17m -aa 18k -d4 19s -de 1fq -g8 1ge -g8 1ji -g8 1mc,-k 7g -1i 84 -1i 7g,1s 84 1s 7g,1s 84 u 84,-hq 1ji -hq 1mm -hq 1ts -hq 24o,1s 42 1s 18,0 -k a -a,a 0 a -a,0 0 0 -a,-g8 23q -b8 23q -a0 23q,-hq 23q -hq 286 -ec 286 -bs 286 -bs 2e4 -bs 2lk -m6 2lk -m6 13a -m6 130,-a0 286 -a0 2e4 -a0 2la -a0 2pm,-a0 286 -68 286 -4m 286 -4m 1qo -4m 1os -4m 1ia -4c 1ge -42 1ge -34 1f6 -26 1ei -a 1e8 1s 1e8 42 1f6 50 1i0 68 1le 6i 1o8 6s 1r2 6s 24o 6s 2a2 li 2a2,-i4 29e -i4 2am,-i4 2ac -h6 2am,-hg 2ac -gs 29o,-g8 2ac -g8 2ba,-g8 29o -g8 2a2,-fk 29e -fk 2b0,-em 29e -em 2ba,-de 2ba -de 2dg -e2 2c8,-de 2d6 -cq 2c8,-f0 22i -e2 22i -em 21u -f0 22s -ec 236,-d4 228 -do 22s,-do 21u -d4 22s,-bs 228 -cq 22s -bs 23g,-b8 21u -b8 23g,-b8 21u -bi 228 -bi 236 -au 23g,-ak 22i -ak 23q,-ak 22s -aa 22i -ak 236,-aa 22i -au 22s,-aa 22s -9c 22s -9c 21u -aa 228 -aa 22s -aa 23g -9m 23g,-2q 28g -2q 2jo -2q 2pc -2q 2rs -7g 2rs -92 2rs -g8 2rs -o2 2rs,-4m 2jo -4m 2p2 -4m 2pm -6i 2pm -7q 2pm -92 2pm -g8 2pm,-j2 2ci -j2 2dq,-j2 2dg -ie 2d6 -jm 2d6,-jc 2d6 -j2 2dg -j2 2eo,-i4 2cs -i4 2ee -i4 2f2,-i4 2ee -hg 2ee -hg 2f2,-gs 2ee -fk 2ee -fu 2d6 -gs 2ee -fa 2g0,-fa 2f2 -f0 2dg -em 2ee -em 2d6,-a0 28g -a0 23g,-2q 28g -2q 1uq -2q 1qo -2q 1ik -1i 1h2 k 1ge 2q 1h2 3e 1ik 3o 1kg 3o 1m2 1i 1p6,3e 1lo 1s 1os,1i 1os 1i 23q 1i 2fm li 2g0,76 1r2 6s 1r2,ka 2m8 18u 2m8 18u 2hs,18u 2m8 ka 2m8 18u 2m8,ka 2m8 ka 2i6,-no 2ng -g8 2pm,-no 13a -no qs,-m6 13a -m6 qs -m6 pa,-m6 qs -m6 pu,-no r6 -no pa -n4 de -kk 84 -hg 5a -ec 34 -b8 0 -a0 -42 -aa -7g -do -7g -pa -76,-9c u -7q -1s -7g -50 -7g -ak -gs -ak,-ka -aa -ka -fa -10q -fa -10q -aa -10q -8o -10q -8e -16e -8e -1g4 -8e -1g4 -2q,-p0 -76 -10q -76,-10g -76 -16o -76 -1es -76 -1es -4m -1es -1i -1es 8e -1du em -130 ec -uu ec -uu au -pa b8 -ne ku,-1g4 -34 -1g4 -1i -1g4 8e -1g4 f0 -1ge hg -13a hg,-g8 1m2 -g8 23q,-no 13a -no 2ng,-9c u -ka f0 -ka mq -m6 pk,-13k hg -v8 hg -v8 gi -v8 fk -se fk -tc 2s6 -ne 2rs -tc 2sg -tc 2rs -tc 2sg,-v8 gi -10q hg,-v8 fk -13k hg,-4m 2kc -4c 286#16o 2ee 15q 2fm 15g 2fm 14i 2fm 13u 2gk 13u 2hs 15g 2ig 16e 2i6 16o 2gk 15g 2ga,14i 2fc 13k 2dq,16e 2gk 17c 2g0,15q 2ga 14s 2gu 14s 2hs 15q 2hs 164 2h8,17m 2h8 18a 2gu,17c 2i6 18k 2j4,16o 2j4 16o 2kc,156 2j4 13u 2jo,13u 2i6 122 2i6,130 2gk 10q 2ga,12m 2fc v8 2d6,-tm -bi -tm -aa -t2 -9m -rq -92 -q8 -92 -oc -a0 -oc -bi -pa -c6 -qs -c6 -t2 -c6,-tm -bs -tm -bi,-rg -c6 -tc -au,-qs -bs -t2 -a0,-qi -bs -t2 -au,-qs -bs -ua -a0,-rq -bs -t2 -ak,-pa -b8 -s4 -bi,-pu -cg -s4 -9c,-q8 -b8 -r6 -ak,-p0 -b8 -rg -9c,-pa -au -r6 -9c,-pa -ak -r6 -9c,-pa -ak -s4 -9m,-s4 -b8 -se -au,-pk -c6 -rq -a0#B -j2 d4 15,B -j2 do v,B -k0 em 15,B -ka fk b8,B -ka hg b8,B -ka jm b8,B -ka mg b8,B -m6 pk v,B -se 2rs 12,B -s4 2rs r,B -rq 2rs ad,B -rg 2rs b8,B -qs 2rs b8,B -r6 2s6 i,B -rq 2s6 b8,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -tc 2q0 2q,B -se 2s6 b8,B -so 2s6 b8,B -8o -7g 99,B -8e -8e 8e,B -8e -9c 8e,T -12m -7q,T -12c -7q,T -12c -84,T -12m -84,T -130 -84,T -130 -7q,T -130 -7g,T -12c -7g,T -12m -7g,T -122 -7g,T -122 -76,T -12c -76,T -12m -76,T -130 -76,T -13a -76,T -13a -7g,T -13a -7q,T -13a -84,T -13a -8e,T -130 -8e,T -12m -8e,T -130 -8e,T -12m -8e,T -12c -8e,T -122 -8e,T -122 -84,T -122 -7q,T -11e -7q,T -11o -7q,T -114 -7q,T -10q -76,T -10q -7q,T -10q -7g,T -10q -84,T -10q -8e,O -s4 -bi,O -q8 -b8,O -qi -c6,O -qs -bi,O -pk -cg,O -se -c6,O -tm -au,B -m6 1es av,B -no 1fg b8,B -m6 1fg av,B -m6 1go b1,B -no 1h2 b8,B -no 1hm b8,B -no 1pq b8,B -m6 1q4 b8,B -no 1sa b8,B -no 1u6 b8,B -m6 1s0 b8,B -m6 1ts b8,B -m6 1vo b8,B -no 1vo b8,B -no 2dq b8,B -m6 2dg b8,B -no 2f2 b8,B -m6 2fc b8,B -m6 2gu b8,B -no 2ga b8,B -no 2hs b8,B -no 2je b8,B -m6 2i6 b8,B -m6 2jo b8,B -m6 2la b8,B -no 2l0 b8,B -no 2mi at,B -no 2ng b8,T 172 2km,T 172 2km,T 16e 2km,T 13u 2l0,T 130 2lk,T 14i 2lk,T 16o 2la,T 18a 2lu,T 18a 2lu,T 17c 2lu,T 15q 2lk,T 14s 2lk,T 148 2lu,T 12c 2lk,T 114 2lk,T vs 2la,T uk 2la,T so 2la,T s4 2lk,T rq 2lk,T q8 2la,T oc 2lk,T o2 2lu,T li 2la,T li 2la,T mg 2l0,T n4 2l0,S 15g 2qk,S 17m 2te,S 17m 2sq,S 17m 2ri,S 17m 2ri,S 17m 2ri,S 17m 2rs,S 17m 2s6,S 17m 2sg,S 17m 2te,S 17m 2sg,S 17m 2rs,S 17m 2rs,S 17m 2qu,S 17c 2qu,S 17c 2qu,S 172 2qu,S 16o 2qu,S 16e 2qu,S 16e 2t4,S 16e 2sq,S 16e 2s6,S 16e 2s6,S 16e 2ri,S 16e 2qu,S 16e 2qu,S 164 2qu,S 15g 2qu,S 15g 2r8,S 15g 2r8,S 15g 2r8,S 15g 2rs,S 15g 2rs,S 15g 2sg,S 15g 2sq,S 15g 2t4,S 122 2qk,S 12c 2qu,S 122 2ri,S 12c 2s6,S 12m 2sg,S 130 2sq,S 13k 2sq,S 148 2sg,S 148 2rs,S 13u 2rs,S 13u 2ri,S 148 2qu,S 13k 2qk,S 13k 2qk,S 13k 2qk,S 13a 2qk,S 12c 2qk,S 130 2qk,S 12c 2qk,S 122 2qk,S 130 2qk,S 130 2qk,S 10q 2r8,S 10g 2r8,S 106 2rs,S 106 2rs,S vs 2s6,S 106 2sq,S 10g 2sq,S 10q 2sq,S 10q 2sq,S 106 2sq,S 106 2sq,S 106 2sq,S 114 2sq,S 114 2sq,S 114 2sg,S 114 2s6,S 114 2rs,S 114 2ri,S 114 2qa,S 114 2q0,S 114 2q0,S 10q 2qu,S 10q 2qk,S 10q 2pm,S 10q 2p2,S ua 2sq,S t2 2q0,S uu 2sg,S uu 2sg,S uk 2sg,S tm 2s6,S tc 2rs,S tc 2ri,S t2 2r8,S t2 2qk,S t2 2pm,S tc 2pc,S tm 2pc,S u0 2pc,S uk 2pc,S uu 2pc,S v8 2pc,S v8 2pm,S v8 2q0,S uu 2qa,S uu 2qa,S uk 2qk,S uk 2qk,S uk 2qk,S u0 2qk,S u0 2qk,S tm 2qk,S qi 2ri,S q8 2ri,S pu 2ri,S pk 2r8,S pk 2qu,S pk 2qa,S pk 2q0,S pu 2pm,S q8 2pm,S qs 2pm,S qs 2qa,S qi 2qk,S qs 2qk,S pu 2qk,S om 2q0,S o2 2pm,S o2 2q0,S o2 2qa,S oc 2q0,S o2 2qk,S o2 2qu,S mq 2pc,S m6 2qk,S m6 2q0,S m6 2pc,S m6 2oo,S n4 2o4,S mg 2o4,S m6 2o4,B -2q 2oe b8,B -2q 2pm b8,B -2q 2qk b8,B -4c 2r8 b8,B -34 2r8 b8,B -4m 2o4 r,B -2q 2nq b8,B -2q 2la b8,B -2q 2lk b8,B -2q 2ms b8,B -4m 2ms b8,B -4m 2la b8,B -2q 2m8 b8,B -4m 2m8 b8,B -4m 2ng b8,B -2q 2n6 b8,B -4c 2rs b8,B -3o 2s6 b8,B -34 2rs b8,B -4m 2pm 2q,T -h6 1ge,T -hq 1ge,T -hg 1ge,T -gs 1ge,T -g8 1ge,T -gi 1ge,T -hg 1ge ************************************** -18 1i 18 1i,k a 0 a -a a -1i k -2q u -4m 18 -5u 1i -de 4c -ie aa -ie bi -ie hg -jc an4 -jc arq -jc auu -jc b6o -jc b98 -jc bfg -jc biu,a a k a,-ie hg -ie gs,-jc auu -jc ar6,-jm auu -jm aqs,-j2 aqs -j2 auu,-io aqs -io auu,-k0 aqs -k0 auu,-jc auu -jc b3u -jc b6e -jc av8 -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu -jc b6o -jc auu,-ls bpg -h6 bpg,-ka bpg -ka bo8,-k0 bpg -k0 bo8,-jm bpg -jm bo8,-jc bpg -jc bo8,-j2 bpg -j2 bo8,-io bpg -io bo8,-ie bpg -ie bo8,-kk bpg -kk bo8,-ku bpg -ku bnu,-i4 bpg -i4 bnu -i4 bn0,-i4 bos -ku bos#-o2 ble -oc ble -oc bm2 -o2 bm2 -o2 bmc -oc bmc,-ne bl4 -ne bmc,-n4 bm2 -mq bm2 -mq blo -n4 blo -n4 bmc -mq bmc,-mg bm2 -m6 bm2 -m6 blo -mg blo -mg bm2 -mg bmc -m6 bmc,-ls blo -ls bmc,-ls blo -li blo -li bm2 -ls bm2,-o2 bn0 -o2 bnk -oc bnk,-o2 bn0 -oc bn0 -oc bna -o2 bna,-ne bn0 -n4 bn0 -no bn0 -no bnk -n4 bnk -n4 bn0,-mq bnk -mg bnk -mg bn0 -mq bn0 -mq bnk,-ls bmm -ls bnk -m6 bnk -m6 bn0 -ls bn0 -ls bmm#B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85,B -a k 85

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