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    Aug. 09, 2010

Level 65 (36560pts) on Jan 20, 2015. Around 2700th user.
Level 70 (46135pts) on Feb 13, 2017. Around 1400th user.
Level 71 (48265pts) on Jul 18, 2017. Around 1225th user.
Level 72 (50470pts) on Jan 22, 2018. Around 1100th user.
Level 73 (52750pts) on May 01, 2018. Around 940th user.
Level 74 (55105pts) on Dec 19, 2018. Around 850th user.
Level 75 (57535pts) on Jul 24, 2019. Around 750th user.

When you see jhztfs or fsfd1100 in other sites, that’s probably me.

I’m also in Steam.

The 666th badge (not including mobile) is from Doodle Devil

The 1000th badge (not including mobile) is from Snail

The 1337th badge (not including mobile) requires “elite” rank

I got level 65 and a quest medal at the same time

The 2000th badge (including mobile) is the medium from Achievement Unlocked 3

Got 20 hard badges in a row …twice

There is my alt that earns medium badges without anything else

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